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Discord Devotee, Princess Worshipper, Mane Six Enthusiast, and somehow Sombra's Submissive.

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A Riveting Documentary About Flim and Flam's Current Shill

I love Discord! I have no OTP, per se. I'm happy to ship him with anyone and I love reading stories about his friendships as well. I adore pretty much everyone in FiM, but he's my absolute favorite forever. No one will ever steal his place in my heart. I love the trickster archetype, I love creative animation, I love humor, and I love sympathizing with antagonists (though that doesn't mean I try to excuse their behavior.) Discord has a lot of depth and I love his unique design. I also love amazing voice acting.

Cheese Sandwich is my favorite supporting character (it goes beyond pairing him with Pinkie, though I do love me some CheesePie.) I just want more! I identify with him and he seems so full of potential; I can't help feeling inspired. He fills me with warm fuzzies! It also helps that we know Pinkie Pie so well, since I can extrapolate from his differences in behavior and history to gain viable speculation.

Anyway, the entire Mane Six must be covered with hugs and kisses; always! They're such wonderful, well-developed, fantastic ladies. I've never been more proud to have my gender represented in a cartoon. I relate to each of them in different ways, based on their individual strengths and weaknesses. I could go on and on, but that's the gist of it!

I can't pick a favorite pony otherwise, since I love a lot of ponies. I'm also working under the delightful tutelage of Flim and Flam in sales. Pfft. Although, I don't think I could willingly cheat someone.

While I do feel that G4 is the best animated MLP yet, I've been a fan ever since G1. Pretty ponies with brush-able hair for the win! I'm waiting for a Discord toy and I'll be so sad if they never make one.

I have a group for Trenderhoof, if you want to join. I mostly talk to myself in the forums there. I am that pathetic. <3

I also have a number of stories in the works, but I'm easily distracted, sometimes depressed, and almost always a slow writer (I am my own worst enemy.) My blog posts are full of pompous over-analysis. I get carried away really easily, as you can see. Incidentally, yes, I'm a woman, and I am probably older than you are. Probably.

I try to be reasonable and relatively polite, but you'll know if you've upset me. I don't hold onto grudges for very long though. Life is too short for that. So is my memory.

P.S. I like Sombra, but I'm afraid of stairs. The Good King Sombra has best windows. I'll shut up now.


Rarity WTF Despair Emoticon paired with Flim Flam art · 7:55pm Jun 19th, 2014

(\:raritydespair:/) So simple it's brilliant?

[ color=#bbbbbb](\[/color ]:raritydespair:[ color=#bbbbbb]/)[/color ] Just remove the extra spaces. The face should translate into the text code when copied.

To keep this less empty, here's some more Flim and Flam pics. Warning: there are some spoilers further down! :derpytongue2:

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1517416 Just here checking.
Please be back soon.

I guess I just had to stop by and see how you are doing.
Now I have to agree with what was said by most of the people who posted resently.

We all miss you, but each for our very own reasons.
If and when you read this, please come back, would you!

Stop disappearing, Yildun. :fluttercry: You have a reason to come back. It's this.

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