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You know it's true.

Fabulosity for the win! Hoof-five anyone?


Who do you ship her with? I ship her with Spike and Applejack ^w^ ♥♥♥

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In my headcanon, Rarity is Married to my OC Saturn "Rai-Jin" Lightning
Sooo, yeah. Sorry Spike ^^‘

Ship Rarity with Myself, I love her:heart::raritywink::heart::raritywink:

379293 I would help her with that

Rarity is perfect, and could probably get away with treason, considering the Royal Guard consists of mostly stallions!

Rarity and Long Horn :duck: Long Horn is MY OC grey coat blue hooves black and red hair but has a tiny horn but has a party hat to cover it up. im not the only 1 that thinks rarity is the best and cutiest ponyever people need to know wats up or ill

RARITY IS MY FAV ALL DAY:raritycry::raritywink::duck:

Rarity is the best of the Mane Six. But that is obvious.

This group knows what's up :duck:

I can dig it, for real :raritystarry:

Who do you ship her with? I ship her with Spike and Applejack ^w^ ♥♥♥

:raritystarry: :heart: :yay: or agreeing on Spike.

I actually thought about writing a fic that has rarity as a main character.

Just a little slice of life one shot really...

Haven't decided if I am going to go through with it though.

Any pony who's as passionate about their work as Rarity is alright in my books. :raritywink:

I carry a Rarity plushie with me everywhere I go XD

Rarity IS best pony! My whole room is dedicated to her! Posters, bedsheets, dressers, mirror, rug, sewing machine, dresses I make with that sewing machine, etc. Have all been Rari-fied!

does anybody else carry a rarity on them at all times :duck:.

I agree with the group's title.

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