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You'll only see the fabulous stories in this marvelous group! So add a story in here you think it's just simply marvelous!

Stay fabulous darlings!

The simply divine folder is stories that gotten into the popular not the featured box, and marvelous folder is where stories from the featured box go.

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392096 At least, you have yours published. Even if you have been ariund for much longer than I have.

I'm still struggling to get my story up for moderation.

392095 The only story I have: 'Crystalline'

392070 Ah, so it was the quality of the story all along. Just the way I thought.

A story can be about a character, regardless of in which person it is in, first, second or third, or even purely narrative.

Right now, I guess the question is what story it is. We need to have something to get an idea as to how good the story is, at leastit is how I think it is.


I was asking if it was good enough, not the centering, though it's not first-person. Though Rarity is central to the plot, there are others who have their say and moments.

356796 Are you asking if the story is good enough, or the Rarity centering?

Hey I have story that revolves around my OC and Rarity switching bodies to live the other ponies lives, can I add it to the library??

I am currently writing a story centering on Rarity... do you think it's good enough to add to the library?:raritystarry:

344136 i think i going to enjoy this. :twilightsmile:


Well, you know, I was creating 'Library' groups before it was popular. :pinkiehappy: (Though, admittedly, I only created one.)


Damn, I'm trailblazing this week, aren't I? :rainbowlaugh:

You started this outbreak you monster! :raritydespair:

:trollestia:good idea, Flint.



I do think there should be a submission folder- I'll go add one. We should review the stories, and decide whether they get in or not.

Call me hipster, but I started the trend of creating spin-off groups for Twilight's Library.. :coolphoto:


annnnd done:scootangel:


Submission folder? And I could be an admin.

Need one? If you don't mind...
*points to self* :scootangel:

On it....this is why I need admins:twilightblush:

I think you should make that a bit clear on the description of the group. :twilightsheepish:

Awesome. I can't wait to get my hands on some of Rarity's reading material.:pinkiehappy:

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