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Greetings, darlings!

This is Rarity's Gem Chest for those who did not get it the first time. This sparkling group is dedicated to treasuring and archiving the hidden gems of FIMFiction! All the great stories, those that go unnoticed anyway (this includes stories that have never been featured, new or updated), deserve a place in our special box of wonders. So go now! Search the site! Find as many precious gems as possible so that we may deliver them to the bored and word-hungry!

Have fun!

Please note that in the forums there are two posts, made by Jet Howitzer, that will be able to assist you in the use of this group. One of these posts is for reviews of stories within the group, and the other is the general guidelines for what is, and what is not, a story that should be added to the group.

Any story that is found to be far from a lacking of recognition will be removed.


Please, oh please, take a look at both of the threads listed below, as they list the qualifications needed to have a story recognized as a hidden gem. We've been getting a lot of submissions lately regarding problems with people not taking note of them.

Important Threads!

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((Of course, a group such as this is in dire need of administrators to keep things in top shape! If you would like to apply for an administrating position, please message me through FIMFiction about it. Your application must contain an estimation of how active you are, reasons for wanting to be an administrator, and (optional) any experience you have had in the past as either an administrator or as a person with a higher position of control. The same applies if you wish to become a contributor.))

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Greetings, andy and all Ponies and others.
I am new here.

Hello, I'm not sure if this group is still active, but i have 3 recommendations:

Rocinante, Pony of La Manecha
Rocinante, The Best Knight Ever
Rocinante and the Return of Chivalry
by Charliemane

If you've read Don Quixote or even if you're just familiar with it you'll love these stories, they're very well written and it breaks my heart they have so few readers, give them a try, you'll enjoy them.

Then by those very requirements, I'll have to request you remove Beauty Is Where You Find It. It's been featured (briefly) at least three times that I've seen, and violates them because of that.
I'd have spoken up sooner, but one thing drives out another - sometimes with a 1 Wood, other times with an 18-wheeler.

I recommend"Peace Fighter"by Code Name One The Author is passionate about his writing, and the story is complex enough to keep you reading.

Spike the Knight
an action adventure featuring Spike as the main protagonist

mmm... I'd like to try something here...

I'd like to try and see if my story's worthy of being one of Rarity's gems.

"Her Candidates"

It's basically a story inspired by lost, really... High School Journalism club winds up in Equestria after their plane breaks in half. Putting their investigative skills to the test and searching for a way home, the humans discover that the inexplicable plane crash may not be the only mystery in Equestria.

It's an Adventure and Human tag. I formerly had the Dark tag up, but I removed it. And really I'm beginning to wonder If I should put up an Alternate Universe tag.

Anyway, let me know if the story qualifies or not. I wouldn't mind whether it does or it doesn't. but I'd love it if it did qualify.

The story's never been featured, and it has more likes than dislikes, and the comments I've recieved are pretty story related. I wouldn't count'em as "positive comments" or "praise". but the few who DO comment tend to quote lines from the story alot, which I find flattering. :p


Neither I nor Howitzer has found the time to "search" for stories, as real life seems to be poking its way into our schedules, but it's great to see your support! :twilightsmile:

I wanted to give a shout out to those of you who help this group! Thanks a ton for searching high and low for these good reads that I doubt I would have found alone. Keep up the great work! :ajsmug:


Determining if a story is gem or not can be quite tricky. Of course, being "hidden gems" they must have never been featured, new or updated. You must also present proper reasoning as to why you think the story deserves more attention than it does now (But that is usually left up to the group members to decide :eeyup:)

i have a story that i thinks good but not got much attention, but the author's last update was 16th of june, if he has stopped writing it's a shame.

How do we decide if a story belongs? Are there any requirements we should be looking for?

I like the idea of this group. I'll be sure to recommend any stories that are fit for this group :pinkiehappy:


Not many, except finding stories! :twilightblush:

Comment posted by Hivemind deleted Jan 5th, 2013

This is a good cause. Any suggestions?

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