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Jet Howitzer

If you close your eyes, it's like nothing's ever changed.

Jet Howitzer's Inspiration Sources

Crowley: There are few people on this site who don't know who Crowley is. He was, and still is, a constant source of inspiration for me to write. I like damn near everything this guy has written, and I occasionally head to his page just to reread some of his stuff. This guy is probably one of the most influential authors that I know of, simply because he's the one who really got me to start writing.

Kiroberos: Another great author, and another source of inspiration for me. I love the story he has, and it's another one that I occasionally revisit just to read again. While not as large an influence as Crowley, I still enjoy reading his story, Memory Pending.

Hivemind: This glorious bastard was also an influence for me to get into writing stories for the fandom. Setting Her Heart Aflutter isn't my favorite story on the whole site, but it is certainly up there in my top favorites, hence its space in the boxes down below.

SFC Ponycron: This guy... Of all the people whose work I love, this guy probably has earned the best spot within my heart. His second person story, Truth or Dare, is what gave me the inspiration to start Rising Sun (And the Nameless Romance Series as a whole) and Fireflies. Go by and pay him a visit. Tell him Jet sent you.

gmoneywalker: This magnificent writer wrote The Next in Line, and is, in fact, still writing it. Probably one of the best Rarity stories I've read in quite a while. He does good work, and I'm using his story to actively influence work on Fireflies. Swing by and let him know what you think, and be sure to tell him that I sent you. And gmoney, if you're reading this, be sure to keep up the good work.

More to come, so stay tuned!

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Hello? Author here? *searches along with everypony else*

If I could continue his unfinished stories, I would. I, however, lack his talent with such creative writing.

I was a few years late of reading your stories, and I'd like to say that they were some of the best I have read in my time of joining FimFiction. If you're done with this, I'd like to thank you for giving us your time by writing these brilliant stories, and I hope you have a great life.
One last AVANTE! for old times sake?

will you be updating any story or are you done?

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