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Creatures Mortals and Gods of the Markaina universe

Some creatures myths and Characters :moustache: prepare to be zapped with KNOWLEDGE also Gantu....

Chaos humans and demons
Chaos humans are men and woman who were consumed in chaos over a thousand millennium depression on the moon Omega these humans are blessed with super chaos magic making them lack in technology but make up in large groups and strong magic along with the chaos demons
has for the demons of chaos they been here since chaos entered the Morgana-alt universe

Blood Thirster: [champion]
A 30-foot tall winged demon champion that feasts on blood and war itself this creature can take on hole armies
has long has this creature attacks it gains more strength and health best option is to stay clear or let the big gun handle these daemons of Khorne
"We are Chaos!! Chaos is strong!!"
Cultist is a basic unit for the chaos army armed with simple iron sword and shield and fitted with light armor makes these people the most fastest units on the battle field also weakest
if needed to Cultist troops can be trained in the way of stealth making them more deadly
Chaos Space Marine:
"Death to the false Emperor!"
Chaos marines are the main bulk of the Chaos army these men are armed with enchanted sword that can cut thru the toughest armor and a shield that can take any hit there also equipped with daggers bow with iron piercing arrows
chaos marines have many upgrades from spiked shields to enchanted armor crossbow that has semi fire
chaos marines also can be trained in the way of chaos magic
Raptor Squad:
"Raptors..to the hunt."
Raptor Squads are chaos marines equipped with a enchanted armor that lets that fly for a short amount of time letting them go around hills for great ambushes
fitted with semi auto iron piercing crossbow these units are great snipers and can assassinate any one from 1 and a half miles away
Khorne Berzerker Squad:
If you ever see a Khorne Berzerker Squad fuck it and run
these bad ass marines are demons in armor whoservice of Khorne the Blood God. Fused to their armor, and utterly without fear, they are incredibly strong in close combat, where they hack everything to pieces with their chainaxes
these creatures can be upgraded to have bigger chainaxes or use chaos magic
Horror Squad:
These demons are four armed fire throwing creatures
from the warp of hell these things fire balls can penetrate thru any armor or bring down any wall if needed they can also be sent back into hell to heal and come right back from the ground
if needed Horror Squads can upgrade there own magic to use chaos ice spells that consist of burning ice that can melt your face off
Possessed Squad:
"We are filled with the power of Chaos!"
Possessed Squads are like upgraded Khorne Berzerker Squads these creatures are fused into there armor and can feel no pain making them almost invincible on the battlefield these demons can also breath daemon fire that can melt any armor off
when upgraded these creatures fire breath range is increased to 10 yards longer
Possessed Squad can also upgrade there claws to have crossbows or swords
hell hound:
hell hounds are common demon in hell these creatures can have 1 to 3 heads and can breath all sorts of fire from white armor piercing fire to normal red flamethrower fire
Chaos Wyverns:
The Chaos Wyvern is a dragon with the body of a serpent, the head of a dragon with wings of a bat two legs and a tail that can penetrate thru any armor and is completely red with two large horns
they also breath red/yellowish fire that turn into large fire balls
Anthropomorphic Dragon:
"Your hatred towardssss me issss tasssssttyyy"
Anthropomorphic Dragons are close cousins to the Draconequus species these creatures are combinations of human and dragon parts they can have fingers and feet or talon claws with there forearms and wings
these creatures can feed of hate from anything and use that power to breath burning chocolate milk
Hydras is a three headed creature that can gain 3 more when a head gets cut off they also have large wings strong enough to blow and move a giant rhino tank right off its tracks
it also has a large tail with a sharp point that has the same poison has a manticore
Hydras can breath blue fire that can inflict pain for hours or breath green gas that can kill anything that has life in it
Demons were originally actually giant red trolls with two giant horns that could do great magic these ancient creatures were created when the void chaos was first seen in the dormant-f galaxy aka hell
these creatures were the first to cause chaos and also the first to ever feed off chaos
when feeding off chaos there magic increases so much that it can destroy two hole galaxies if they do not use the magic properly so in the year 90 C.T most of the orignal demons were either banished dormant-f or killed off
Nightmares are dark angels that are invisible to the mortals and like there name causes nightmares when enemies are sleeping
these creatures are not battle creatures but they do gather fears from important people that needs to be assassinated
Devil: [champion]
"someone called the devil?"
The devil is one of the only champion in the chaos army originally made to kill alphex and silent knight this creature takes a form of a giant red man in a nice black tuxedo with two horns
this creature cant be seen to the mortal eyes unless the devil wants himself to be seen
the devil dose not do much on the battlefield most of the time the devil is turning men and women to chaos or assassinating important people
a gnome is a spirit that is powerful in alchemy and renaissance magic and also eats humans
gnomes are told to instinct due to one never been found in a thousand eons these creatures are said now to live underground to keep alive from any evil spirits or demons
"so good to see you massteerr!"
Goblins are mischievous creatures usually assistants to chaos champions these creatures can cut thru human flesh with there claws and also us elemental magic most of the time fire
Goblins are not really combat used but sometimes there they can be turned into giant troll like creatures if needed in battle
"what? never seen a hippogriff?"
Hippogriff was created when an alicorn and a griffin mated and the out come was a horse and a griffin type creature
not to many of these beasts exist and most are banished to dormant-f to live with the chaos demons
these creatures also are good inventors they were original people who invented magic powered suits
Qilin: [champion]
"I am the master of demons and chaos"
Qilins are demon champions there made up of dragon, lion, deer, ox body parts
these creatures were here before the chaos came but somehow were infected with it becoming powerful and wise demons
Qilins being wise with great knowledge decided to lock themselves in caves to protect there knowledge of chaos from other demons
some Qilins do go in battle with there powerful chaos magic and there sharp lion claws that are usually enchanted to cut thru anything
these creatures were also the beasts who gave birth to the Draconequus
Greyheart: [champion]
"I'm so hot and emo ):"
Notes: this is only a prototype tell me what you think greyheart! :) no serusly ):<
Greyhearts are champions of seduction and stealth are the best assassins in the chaos army
these creatures use there chaos powers to disguise themselves has a dream girl or man to the target and the seduce them usually to bed were then they assassinate there target
they also have a stone heart (which is why there named greyheart) so they cant be killed easy you need to chop them in chunks if you want to kill them
greyhearts are not front line fighters there only assassins equipped with light enchanted fire daggers which burn skin on contact and also there equipped with smoke bombs
okay that is the chaos army for now Ill add more later :moustache: dragons

Dragons/Bird type dragons
Dragons are the oldest creatures ever recorded in the history of the morkain universe they been here before the chaos ever appeared here and are 1 of 5 races that were originally there before time itself
these creatures are mostly Wyverns which is a dragon with the body of a serpent, the head of a dragon (shaped like a crocodile), wings of a bat, two legs, and a long, barbed tail
while dragons are very epic with magic and power there also the most species with knowledge of everything

Yian Kut-Ku:
Yian Kut-Ku are fire breathing Bird Wyverns compared to other dragons the Yian Kut-Ku is a small species of dragon/bird type creatures
Yian Kut-Ku actually looks like a chicken it also acts like one too
due to the size of the Yian Kut-Ku's ears these creatures are hard to sneak up on usually when they hear a footstep the fire off a red fire ball to warn anyone that's coming to back the fuck up
Yian Kut-Ku were reported to live in Forest and Hills, Jungle, Swamp, Old Volcanos and Tide Islands
Gypceros are medium sized Bird Wyverns
these creatures were reported to shoot out poison gas it was also reported that they charge like a turkey
Gypceros are also fast dodging creatures able to dodge bullets without getting one hit which seems imposable with its large sized body
Gypceros are reported to live in Jungle, Swamp,Old Swamp,Old Jungle,Forest and Hills
Red dragon: [champion] [elder dragon]
"do you require my knowledge and power?"
Red dragons are common dragons that can be found anywhere people call them wyrms [European dragon] there also champions
they have four thick legs and powerful legs and claws with the talons of an eagle they also have two large bat like wings and a barbed serpent tail
red dragons are one of the most knowledgeable in combat and history they been around before chaos ever came there also the third of the dragon species to arrive to Morgana-B galaxy before the chaos arrived
thought read dragons sleep for thousands of eons there still able to keep up with all the knowledge that happens due to there big brains they can learn and remember anything in an instant
Red dragons are skilled warriors on the battlefield usually using there dragon magic they learned over eons they can also breath dark red fire if needed to kill more then one opponent
Red dragons are super rare to find even thought there are a lot of them alive and are reported to be sleeping in volcanic areas
Cephadromes are Piscine Wyverns [ancestors of aquatic fishes] that swim in deserts these creatures can only survive in the desert for some reason
Cephadromes are not really useful but they do hold storage for dragons under the deserts
Cephalos are baby Cephadrome there mildly aggressive and can chomp half your torso off
Plesioth "
"SSSSSS get in my belly SSSSSS"
Plesioths are Piscine Wyverns unlike the Cephadrome the Plesioth lives in water but is able to hunt on landed if wanted or needed to
Plesioths head are shaped like a shark great for hunting and there scales are super tough they are able to deflect swords and magic ect
Plesioths have only been reported to live in the ocean some have been spotted living in lakes too
"come out come out were ever you are! SSSSSS"
Khezu are a rare breed of fly Wyverns these dragons stay inside ice cold caves that are dark
Khezu use a layer of fat to keep them warm inside the cave this layer of fat is also used to deflect swords but can easily be penetrated with a fire spell Khezu also have regressed but there sense of smell is 20,000,000% more stronger then a dogs nose these dragons are also able to make babies from both male and female
when breeding Khezu stick there babies inside body which is then eaten by the babies inside the body
most people dont make it to Khezu to live but there have been 5 reports of Khezu living in dark caves
Basarios is a small rocky wyvern that lives in volcanic swamp areas
even tho these dragons are small there really tough to kill there rocky bodies make them hard to penetrate even magic cant do much
Basarios also are good at stealth there rocky body help them keep hidden from bigger dragons or other threats
Basarios are reported to live in volcanic swamps only some times they travel outside there swamp to reproduce

Great Gods Gods Guardians and demi gods and semi gods and Hybrid Guardian

This is were all the OP creatures from the Holy army and holy creatures will go will go for now :moustache::moustache::moustache:
Hybrid Guardian
Info There have only been 6 Hybrid Guardians ever created these creature are shape shifting super mega ultra powered with the powers of every creature and being and are the only creature that have ever been able to go face to face with a Greater God
there also the creators of the Guardian order and the watcher of the Holy knights [Holy humans] and Humans

Truman: [OP Hybrid Guardian]
"My powers will purge any evil!"
Truman the second Hybrid Guardian is the most venerable person in history he was the creator of the great Omega city
and founder of the Guardian magic training
Truman is also the founder of black magic which cancels out white magic
His main powers are the power of wisdom and the power of forgery
he also locked away the evil chaos
"Chaos is strong in me"

Greater Gods
Info: Gods are only known has mythical creature that exist in the great beyond but in Guardian history Gods are fathers and mothers or grandfathers and so on of Guardians that had great mega powers that was far more powerful then Guardians and demons combined
when the rise of the greater God chaos came a mighty war broke out that caused most Gods to die but the 4 main Gods Omega Alpha Titan and Wrath sent there sons Alphex Wrath [the second] Furry and Morgana to another universe
[Markaina universe] were the grew up with the Hybrid Guardians Justus and Truman

Demi gods

My Oc?!?!?

NOPE just The OC Justus when hes in pony form mwuhahahah!!

if you cant see his cutie mark here is a closer look!

okay so this is how my Oc looks when his soul is in armor

and when hes out of the armor hes a dragon soul like this

Now his same aged brother Omnix is different from him

hes stuck in a body but can transform into a dragon


THIS GUY HAD A AWESOME IDEA IT MADE ME... · 12:22am Jun 24th, 2012

vsdubstep: inb4 demon facepalming
The Roman Cat: whao make that a fic now
Burritoburger: MAGICCCC
vsdubstep: she always does that
vsdubstep: unless she's afk
vsdubstep: the facepalm
demonshadow: *facepalm*
phokingazn: huh
The Roman Cat: >.(\
alphex: that fic info gave me a raging boner
The Roman Cat: wow
vsdubstep: wait
vsdubstep: the idea itself gave alphex a boner
vsdubstep: hokkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkay then

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Numbers Below



thanks to MR. iloveportalz0r


he likes to get on my nerves :P

The elements [prototype]

this is were I'm posting all the elements from the races and if you want to know what this is ill soon have the myth up

Element of magic
race: Alicorns
number count: 12
1 Fey magic

2 elemental magic

3 white magic

4 black magic

5 gray magic

6 red magic

7 amber magic

8 green magic

9 blue magic

10 violet magic

11 prism magic

12 bardic magic


the alicorns creators of the magic elements created it from there most powerful of magic when using these elements on the battlefield your magic is increased by 20,000,000,000,000,000,000.99% and all spells will be learned in a instant

elements of disaster
race: TItans
number count:9
1 hurricanes

2 tornados

3 volcano eruption

4 earthquake

5 typhoon

6 tsunamis

7 wild fires

8 thunder storms

9 meteor comments


The titans were given the order to make the elements of disaster so they gathered there most powerful natural disasters and what they came up with was 9 elements
when all used on the battlefield the terrain and nature is on your side all powers such has water fire ect become more stronger and more larger then before

elements of elementals
race: elemental gryphons
number count:6

1 fire

2 ice

3 wind

4 water

5 earth

6 grass


although elemental gryphons were extinct they were given the task of making one of the most important elements and that was the elemental elements these were made from the purest of elements found from most of every planets at the time
when all used on the battlefield you are given the power of all elements in the area are stronger and when combined with the elements of disaster elements are given mega powers beyond imagination then being used by itself

elements of disharmony
race the chaos demons
number count: 8

1 lust

2 gluttony

3 greed

4 sloth

5 acedia

6 wrath

7 envy

8 pride

the elements of disharmony is the 2nd most important elements ever made these were made by the demons to help balance out the elements of harmony without these all elements will not work properly
when worn the elements will cause the most nicest people to start acting with greed lust sloth ect but it all depends on which one your wearing if you wearing all then all of them take affect
but when used in battlefield is requires the elements of harmony to cause the most epic explosion of power ever known to the hole galactic powers

elements of harmony
race the demi gods and the guardians
number count: 8

1 magic

2 kindess

3 laughter

4 loyalty

5 honesty

6 generosity

7 balance

8 love


the elements of harmony is the main and the most powerful of all elements these were made by demi gods and the guardian leaders it took 5 eons to make and another 5 eons to find the right person to wield the most powerful relics in the history of New moon and all galactic powers in the end three were able to hold the power and one was able to wield all powers at once
element of space
race ursa omegas
number count: 8

1 stars

2 eclipse

3 black holes


back when ours omegas existed they were given the task to make one powerful element out of the stars and the moon what they came up with was 3 powerful elements those were eclipse stars and black holes
when in battle an eclipse is started on the planet and the user of the elements can use fire that has the same power and brightness has stars the user can also use mina black holes to suck anything into hell

elements of fury
race brutes, titans, omégas, gaias, demi god's, chaos demons, guardians
number count: 7

1 gaias

2 omegas

3 titans

4 brutes

5 demi god's

6 guardians

7 chaos demons


the elements of fury is a hard element to make so what they did was gather the most strongest creatures in the galaxy and put has much of there powers had they could into these elements ending is half a galaxy broken these elements are classified has 3rd most strongest of all elements
when is combat all powers form creatures in the elements are unleashed into your body making you a powerful beast that cant die and when combined with the elemental elements you become a elemental titan beast

element is corruption
race dark corruption angels of chaos army
number count: 1 [special element relic]

1 corruption


the element is corruption is a special relic used too corrupt and kill anything
when used with all other elements the element of corruption gives all elements 20+ more power by corrupting near by enemies and giving there power to the elements

element of pure power [ relic element]
race alphex [Demi god] and Justus [tier 900+ guardian]
number count: 2

1 alpha

2 omega


these elements are a special relic made after the lost moons omega and alpha
when used the elements of space are 63% more power and 20% faster with recovering after using any elements

Morkain Fleet [gen 1 only]

This is were generation one of the Morkaina fleet goes!
[note][What do you think greyheart?]
Spaceship Type: Dreadnought
Weapons: 4 M.A.C Cannons armed with 10 50 mm close range cannons and 350 Neptune torpedo tubes
Info: The largest ships built in any fleet, Dreadnoughts often carry resources to carry out many different mission profiles simultaneously, this includes combat, troop transportation, and limited carrier operations.

Spaceship Type: Battleship
Weapons: 2 M.A.C Cannons with 200 Neptune torpedo tubes and 10 heavy C.R.M.A.C [Close Range Magnetic Accelerator Cannon]
Info: Battleships are large ships that are dedicated to combat. This dedication usually comes at the cost of other systems, such as hanger space and non-combat systems.

Spaceship Type: Battle cruiser
Weapons: Armed with 2 M.A.C Cannon and 90 50 mm close range cannons
Info: the term battle cruiser is heavily used to designate a ship that is between the capabilities of a normal cruiser and a battleship. Many fleets determine this class by placing the weapons of a battleship on a cruiser hull, this can either make a very fast, but weakly armored battleship or a very slow, but heavily armed cruiser. This term is the equivalent of a Cruiser using the Battle ship type, which means that a Battle Battle cruiser is not possible.

Spaceship Type: Cruiser
Weapons: 1 M.A.C Cannon 400 Neptune torpedo tubes with two heavy 50 mm close range cannons and A.C.G [Anti Cruiser Gun]
Info: A cruiser is often considered to be the standard ship in a fleet, even if it is not the most common ship in a fleet. These ships will most likely have a good balance of weapons, defensive systems, and additional systems that allow them to perform many diverse missions.

Spaceship type: Destroyer
Weapons: 4 M.A.C Cannon with 120 Neptune torpedo with 69 close range 50 mm cannon and 20 long range 90 mm auto cannon
Info: With a ship the size of a Destroyer, more missions are possible and a ship's ability to inflict and suffer damage begin to increase dramatically. While still no match for cruisers or anything larger, destroyers have more versatility then frigates or smaller vessels.

Planets Moons and stars of Morkaina universe [coming soon!]

Planet Name:
Species Type:
Planet Age:

Power point!!

Asshole powers: 20000

Faith in world: 10

Spelling: -20

Intelligence: 120

Swag: 100

Swagery: 1000

LOL powers: 2902345

Faith in brony ways: 33000000