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Lord of Nothing

I'm pretty uninteresting. I also can't write or draw, but I do both anyway.


You live a relatively normal life in the town of Colorado Springs, working up at the local Target and battling the ocasional bout of snow. However, all of that changes when Queen Chrysalis, a villain from a show you have base knowledge of thanks to the internet, winds up outside your apartment. What could possibly go wrong?

Secret final (unfinished) chapter: Part I, Chapter VII - Setting Boundaries


Featured (or at least put in the box at the top of the site) on December 14th, 2014!

Big thanks to my pre-readers/editors

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 198 )

This pleases me. I demand, respectfully, that you provide me with more.

3683305 Hooray it pleases me, or hooray I demand more?


Hooray to both of those, but also "Hooray, people still have an interest in the story".

3683361 I couldn't not have an interest in this story. It's one of the best pony on Earth stories that I've read, and it even has my favorite 'villain' starring as the pony of interest.


That comment makes me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. Here, take this watch; you deserve it.

3683434 Oh, thank you. Seriously, though, when you said you were going to redo this story, I was apprehensive about how well it would stack up with the original. Now that I'm seeing it in action (Is that really the best phrasing?) I'm quite pleased. Fo' realz, broski, keep it up at this level of quality and I'll probably (Most definitely) add it to my list of top ten faves. Which, in internet currency, is worth less than half an internet cookie.

3683434 (3683447 ) HAHAHAHA! I lied! I put it up there now, so I'll be able to find it with greater ease! My deception has led to your untimely demise (I hope you're not actually deceased.) and my rise to power shall be all the swifter for it!


Half an internet cookie?! That's like...ONE HALF MORE THAN I ALREADY HAVE!

Seriously though; when you say "level of quality", what do you mean? Is there a certain thing I should keep doing, and, if so, what? I'd just like to know because, you know, you're somewhat well-known, and I like to learn from the best when I can.

3683486 It's just an overall level of 'goodity.' You make good, but not overwhelming, use of description. The human is believable, and has a realistic viewpoint on life, if a bit pessimistic.

There could be any number of perfectly reasonable things that continued to keep the two of you from having a healthy friendship, but you assume it's just because she's an ass, and would not find it hard to believe if she thought the same (only about you).

That, for instance, is a very well written, and well executed example. He's making an assumption about the world, and it's one that we all make with stunning regularity.

A small smile works itself onto your face when you think about not only the coming warmth, but how crazy it is that someone like yourself somehow managed to make it from the parking lot, then up three flights with nothing more than two damp socks, a moist pair of pants, and an unfortunately soaked shirt; in other words, a much better end result than practically every other snowstorm you've lived through.

Another great example. You simply have a good thing going with your use of realistic wit, and accurate depictions of the personality of a person in the MC's position. However you go about writing this story, keep it up.

I look forward to more, and I certainly hope to see it soon.
(Somewhat well known... Pish posh!)

3683552 Fuck... I done oopsed. *Looks around for a moment* LIVE! LIVE I SAY! *punches your chest violently* Don't you give up on me now, you wank! I'll TELL you when you can fuckin' die, and it's not now!

i love this story, im looking forward to what you have planned!

Awesome, so am I!

Thanks, man. That all really makes me feel better about myself as some dude who writes every now and then.

Oh, and, before I forget: *dies twice*

I am greatly enjoying the rewrite of this fanfic, it does not feel rushed and it makes you feel like the romance between the changling and the human will work out.

looking forward for more chapters to come so, hears to a good read and looking forward to another chapter.

So...a reboot? Interesting. I do believe you've refined your writing style since you started.

Wait, prologue? ...
Oh, okay, not as a separate story. Kinda odd, but whatever. ;)
Keep going! ;)

Yep, it's the same story, but it's being rebooted/rewritten.

First, thank you for clearing up my JAWS scene. It was a severe momentary lapse of reason. Second, I'm glad you're enjoying the reboots/rewrites. I also like to believe I've gotten better at writing.

Thank you very much. It makes me extremely happy to hear that you're liking this.

3683648 Dies TWICE!? Fuck it, the first time I'll take the blame for, but you're on your own, now.

Lord of nothing? More like lord of cheap dinners.

4205599 I have a question, would it make sense to get rid of the old stuff or delete the old chapters and just put the new ones in them?

It's kind of like looking through multiple realities...do continue!

4291363 that also made me giggle. Two giggles in a row deserve a reward. *presents cookie* Your reward kind sir!


Yep, I'm all alive and stuff, and operating at a much faster pace than before.



4291363 I know you're rebooting your stories, but if you follow them, it's kind of like looking through different worlds. Don't mind me...just my imagination creating paradoxes that are not there.:twilightsmile:

Well, that surprised the hell outta me.

4291866 well for a second there I thought he died again, but it turns out he got knocked the buck out.


Oh, yeah, he didn't. Also, Anon wouldn't have died again, because this is a rewrite; Anon would've just died period.


Yeah, it really would have.


Correction; now the Chrysalis domination begins.

Interesting, Chrysalis was apparently crying before, but now she's acting confident. Fun times!
Keep going! ;)

Great to see your still here and alive, but now its time to see what have come up with in this rewrite...

All I can say now is this is gunna be good.


I sure hope it's good!


Get your mind out of the gutter, silly! That kind of domination doesn't come until later!


Nothing's showing up, but I'll take your word for it!

Not sure what I missed, but I like what I'm reading.:pinkiehappy: Please continue.:trollestia:


Glad to hear it! There were about twelve or so old chapters, and they were up until about a week or so ago, but someone convinced me to delete them. I've got them all on GDocs if you'd like to see how amateur I really am!

4386009 Nah. You did what you had to do. Plus I like the ride I'm on:pinkiehappy:.
For My Queen!:moustache:

Quick! Make another chapter! I need to read more!

Also great idea.


Thank you! There used to be about 30,000+ words more, but all was deleted for the sale of looking pretty to strangers such as yourself. O still have it all somewhere, if memory serves me right.

Also, hope you're ready; next chapter's just about done, save for the editing!

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