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I am an artist (hence my profile pic) and I am restarting my acc. Okay? Okay.

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Oh? A new being for the Illogic?:pinkiecrazy:

Its me again wanna go out:rainbowhuh:

3675 You are welcome. I am, on occasion, full of good advice. If you need an editor, or something, let me know.

2834 Thank you for sending me that.

If you are looking for ideas and motivation, just read the other works posted on here. If you real a story, and find it really intriguing, than think about why it intrigues you, and use that as your basis. I don't claim to be the best writer, but I know that good inspiration is sometimes hard to come by. If you are anything like me, god save you if so, than you will find yourself thinking about your story, or stories, all the time. This is a good thing, and it will help you to write. IF you find that you can't focus on it for a good amount of time, than scrap the idea, and find something new.
... I do seem to be rambling some. Anyway, just find something that inspires you, and write what comes to mind. If it doesn't make sense at first, don't worry. When I started Rising Sun, my first story, I had only a small idea of what I wanted, and I ended up scrapping the first few chapters to improve the whole thing.

Just write to have fun, rather than to please the community.

  • Viewing 1 - 6 of 6
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