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And the winner is... · 3:31am Jan 21st, 2013

With 16 votes Cheerilee is next for my story. I got the start of it in the works as we speak and it maybe done tonight or tomorrow pending migraines and 9 other stories I'm currently beating with a shovel. 12 if you are counting collabs.

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cotton eyed joe

Man, I remember when I used to read the shit out of this guy's stories, mainly the 'slave' stories where the anon takes the Elements hostage.

I don't even know why he was banned - was it because he was making multiple accounts to fave his stories, or am I thinking of somebody else?

Regardless, I wish this guy wasn't banned, because I honestly enjoyed his content.

He is where he belongs
in 4chan
on the street call /mlp
on the hotel call greentext

  • Viewing 306 - 310 of 310
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