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And the winner is... · 3:31am Jan 21st, 2013

With 16 votes Cheerilee is next for my story. I got the start of it in the works as we speak and it maybe done tonight or tomorrow pending migraines and 9 other stories I'm currently beating with a shovel. 12 if you are counting collabs.

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So to all those who have read his stories and stuff like that. I actually was able to contact RapeTrainExpress and ask him about Stealing Harmony
and he told me that he didn't have anything save and that he had moved on from that phase.
I was devastated but accepted his new motivation and I just wish him luck in whatever he will do and for him to make it.

Going down memory lane, RIP to a king

Does anyone know what site this author moved to I really enjoy is stories it's sad he got banned as I really like to read stealing harmony instead of being caught on a cliffhanger.

Same boat m8
I looking fo the rest. Any chance that you have it.
I remember he was able to pull twilight

  • Viewing 309 - 313 of 313
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