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Stories based off artworks that inspire.

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TheCrazyAsian and I tied on a competition years and years ago. So, now, I must feature his story on my page, FOREVER!

A few things about myself

My favorite pony is Fluttershy.

My favorite emote on the site is :pinkiesmile: and I use it often.

A few of my favorite artists include Cold-Blooded Twilight, Evehly, VectorVito, and more.

I listen to all sorts of music, and am into many, many different types of things.

I'll add more things to this as I think of them.

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2899895 Lovely. If you ever need someone to talk/chat with, I'm all ears:heart:

Lol I don't mind having u 4 a friend.:twilightsmile:

Hi, I just happened to wonder around and spotted your bio. Anyways, I just wanted to say hi and that I love your bio pic(and maybe be friends):heart:.

Wow! That’s a big snake! :rainbowderp:

  • Viewing 1,914 - 1,918 of 1,918
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