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"Get me my damned crown."

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It's available right now. I've merged the sequel and made it part of the original again, and deleted the sequel. That's why you can't find it. Also, I did a blog about such an action. I'm sure you're not the only individual that missed that, though.

So now, it's just "The best Troller In ALL Of Equestria".

Saw a sequel to your trollestia multiverse fic pop up but now it's "missing". Any idea when it will be available again?


oh damn
you're still on this site? you were always one of my fav authors from back in the day.
so glad you're still writing stuff, though. I now have more stuff to catch up on wooo!

btw have a nice day!

  • Viewing 1,876 - 1,880 of 1,880
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