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I am a super-genius inventor extraordinaire. I also occasionally write fan fiction about ponies.

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Namaste, things about myself:

I am your author... and you...
All of you are my beloved readers.

I live in some crazy backwards town somewhere in Japan. It's called Penguin Village. My only real friend there is this cute little girl that I created, and she won't stop annoying me. She also pre-reads many of my works, and I couldn't do this without her. I think I'll name her Arale or something.

First things first. I don't draw. I can only, and will only ever write as a form of creative art. When I do try to draw anything at all, it always comes out looking like complete doodoo.

I am a fairly well known and outspoken advocate of creative freedom. I'm not necessarily into just anything, but with that said, let it be known that I have always believed in individuals being allowed to fictitiously draw and/or write without restraint. At the same time, nobody should ever allow themselves to be confused with the difference between what is fiction, and what is reality. Making this mistake can lead to terrible, and irreversible outcomes. Remember that all stories on this site aren't real in the slightest, and they should not be interpreted in any other way.

My favorite pony is Fluttershy.

My favorite emote on the site is :pinkiesmile: and I use it often.

I am the creator of the Button Mash Group.

I am also the current and proud owner of the Boobies and even more Boobies Group. (NSFW)

Finally, I am currently an admin and the newest Rule Keeper of the Foalcon Group. (NSFW)

Allow me to clear the air. I love, love, love Ponybooru, and I'm only mildly trying to tolerate Derpibooru. I don't even feel like linking you to Derpibooru. I link people to Derpibooru plenty via my blogs of pony pictures. In my opinion, Ponybooru is much better.

A few of my favorite artists include Cold-Blooded Twilight, Ampderg, VectorVito, Evehly, MidnightDancer (aka) Squigglz, Conicer, HeartsCharm, and more.

My favorite shows other than My Little Pony are things like Dragon Ball Z, Cowboy Bebop, all sorts of anime, nearly any of the older classic cartoons, and much, much more.

I'm also a very active video gamer.

Did I forget to mention? My childhood favorite iconic fictional hero is Sonic the Hedgehog. I've been playing Sonic's games for as long as I can remember! I honestly haven't really posted any crossover stories involving Sonic's world, but perhaps someday soon that'll change. I also simply can't help but to adore the chao of Sonic's world.

I listen to all sorts of music, and am into many, many different types of things.








My writing process:
I don't have one. It happens when it happens.:ajsmug:

TheCrazyAsian and I tied on a competition years and years ago. So, now, I must feature his story on my page, FOREVER!

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I've recently gotten a new job, so that's good. I'll get my first paycheck in about 2 weeks. I just wish that prices for everything would stop going up, and that things around the world remained more copasetic more often.

If you happen to live on the West Coast or in Las Vegas, this is a copy paste I wrote for SoCal but it applies to all of the West Coast and Vegas:

Want an Easy Part Time Night Job that Pays $30-35+ an Hour? Thistle Health Inc. Needs More Delivery Drivers!

Hello, my name is Bryan, and I work around 16 hours a week delivering healthy food all over SoCal in the middle of the night. I’ve noticed my routes having more stops lately and that’s because Thistle keeps growing as more people discover our delicious food delivery! (Sometimes us drivers get extra food and it really is super healthy and yummy.).

Our SoCal homebase is right off the 710 in Long Beach and we have shifts ranging from 4 hrs to 7 hrs from San Diego to Santa Barbara between the hours of 7pm and 7am, depending on the route. We especially need more people for 3am to 7am in LA right now! Routes will usually have around 18 to 35 bags but the short ones average low 20s and long ones high 20s. Pay is $20/hr plus 56¢/mile plus a few other bonuses and customer tips and averages out to around $30 an hour to $35 an hour (or more) depending on if you’re doing short compact routes (LA, OC) or long spread-out ones (Inland Empire, Ventura, etc.).

Unlike Amazon you actually have time to take bathroom and food breaks, and we have rescue drivers in case you get lost or your car breaks down or you’re just running behind so it isn’t a high stress job at all. It’s food not people, so you don’t have to spend time and money keeping your ride immaculate; I’m not going to lie; my car is a fucking mess. And it’s at night so other than at the very start or end of certain shifts, THERE IS NO TRAFFIC!!!! Seriously, I was a Lyft driver for three years and over 5,000 rides, and not having to constantly dodge cars and pedestrians and take an hour to go ten bumper-to-bumper miles while barely making minimum wage is so fucking nice.

This is honestly far and away the best job I’ve ever had, and as an actor, they are super flexible with working my shift schedule around any late night or early morning gigs that come up. The dispatch crew are all chill and head dispatcher Lanze is super relaxed and cool. We take our job getting healthy food to people seriously, but we don’t stress about it. You can listen to music or podcasts or sit in silence, and if you have a friend or partner or relative you enjoy hanging out with, y’all can do it together as a duo. All in all, it pays well, is flexible, and other than very occasional tricky deliveries to overly complex apartment complexes or bad reception when delivering to hippies and bougie fucks way up in the canyons, it’s honestly quite easy.

Shifts are Sunday and Wednesday evenings and Monday and Thursday early mornings. Here’s a sample of what my schedule looks like; I live in Van Nuys:

Sunday: 7pm to ~10:30pm South Bay
11pm to Monday 5 or 6am Santa Barbara (sometimes you finish a good bit early.)
Don’t do Wednesday shift anymore because of acting
Thursday: Midnight to 5 or 6am Thousand Oaks, Moorepark, Malibu, etc.

So yeah, if this sounds like something you’re interested in doing between 4 and 20 hours per week, here are the requirements:

Have a working car of some sort. I drive a little 1999 CNG Honda Civic that has barely any trunk space because of the Compressed Natural Gas tank and I’m fine. You can stack the bags; the food containers are sturdy. Just know you’re going to put a lot of miles on it and use your own car insurance. (Thistle does cover workers comp stuff though if anything happens to you.)

Have a smartphone. So you can see where you’re delivering food to. Weirdly enough I actually find Apple Maps works best though I still use Waze to get home afterwards.

Don’t be a dumbass. Don’t excessively speed, ask for a rescue if you are too tired to safely drive, don’t steal the food you’re delivering, etc. I don’t think they particularly care if you do drugs off the clock just obviously don’t be tripping while driving. I will say my legally-prescribed ADHD meds help me stay awake though.

Pass a background check, I think? I don’t remember the details just that the onboarding process was pretty simple.

And that’s pretty much it. We use an app called OnFleet for deliveries/routes and PayCom for shift and pay stuff. Get paid every two weeks; pretty straightforward. Unless you’re extremely frugal it probably shouldn’t be your only source of income, but if you’re about that multiple streams of income gig economy lifestyle, it’s perfect.

So yeah if this sounds like something you’d be interested in, text Thistle Dispatch at (562) 222-4925 and tell them Bryan Chandler (that’s me) sent you and you’re interested in being a delivery driver. Then go apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/thistle.co/981aa768-385e-43af-82c7-1e404330828a and they’ll schedule an interview. If driving’s not your thing, you can see what other positions are open at https://www.thistle.co/careers/ . Hope to see you in Long Beach picking up deliveries soon!

Ok things are getting kinda bad and I'm becoming a little bit nervous. I thought I'd have another job going by now...

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