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The Psychopath


Steamlord: The Ink Mechanic read by Spore Harvest · 8:19pm October 10th

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Stories shaping up the World of Psycho

Stories featured on the front page

  • A shooting nightmare A man, who wants a little thing for himself, finds that he gets too much. by The Psychopath 19,878 words · 8,172 views · 656 likes · 56 dislikes
  • From man to mare A man who likes to live alone will see things in a different perspective then the ones "he&quot by The Psychopath 31,735 words · 8,836 views · 499 likes · 41 dislikes
  • Steamlord A man decides to leave his destroyed world for a new one. He goes slightly off course... by The Psychopath 47,698 words · 7,522 views · 416 likes · 24 dislikes
  • The true Psychopath The Psychopath, a pony who has strange powers is going to come back because of Twilight Sparkle. by The Psychopath 31,497 words · 4,102 views · 221 likes · 13 dislikes
  • My last shadow A young filly begins to relearn of her past life as dreams and memories begin to intertwine in her mind while everypony rejects and chases her away by The Psychopath 45,624 words · 1,620 views · 97 likes · 10 dislikes

Stories featured on the front page 2

  • Deer Me: Black Snow Gregary ends up in the hospital and is put into an artificial coma. Now he's the son of reindeer royalty and overhears something about betrothal for an alliance with a Crystal Kingdom. Good thing it's not him and he isn't in denial. by The Psychopath 73,139 words · 4,638 views · 423 likes · 46 dislikes
  • Deer Me: Adwanee Sands Stelimus has become the new king of the Tundran Deer, but things aren't going smoothly, especially after meeting a group of diplomats from a desert kingdom that claim to know about the 'Black Snow'. by The Psychopath 51,489 words · 1,077 views · 96 likes · 6 dislikes

Breezy is life. Breezy is eternal.

I adopted the name of my most beloved creation and have gone about spreading the word of the Illogic. Tell me, are Illogic and chaos the same thing?

Authors I'm helping out (and am proud to do so):
NixWorld (A great artist as well)

Current profile pic made by HoodwinkedTales

Why you not wan' become breezy?


I am part of the Gray Lantern Corps:

[(from Stalin the Stallion)]:

I am Lawful Good

(Thanks to Art Inspired that I could make this.)

I am slightly insane, as many of you can guess from my avatar pics. Nurhurhur.... I also have an incredible imagination and can get three more ideas after I just started one. I will never make any sexual content, EVER! Do not ask me to make it.Do not plead me to make it. Do not beg me to make it. Any of these demands, and I'll run you over with my flame-thrower tank.I absolutely hate mary-sues, so you won't be seeing any stories like that stay up if the main character turned out to be one.

And for a final note, to all those who are new here, WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF ILLOGIC! The Psychopath welcomes all! To enter, all you need to do is give your sanity. A meager bargain for the greatest of lives.

I've grown attached to my psychotic character, so I'm donning his name. WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF ILLOGIC! THE ONLY PRICE TO PAY TO ENTER IS YOUR SANITY!(formerly,Silverdragon)

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No. I love the teeny weeny breezies (And I've been meaning to clean this page up). Because Trixie is not best pony.

Trigglypuff. Do i get a cookie for finding the bottom of your page? Do you like breezies? Why is Trixie not number 1 on your list? I mean Luna’s cool, but she’s not Trixie. :raritywink:


Thank you. I worked on the best way to make him look happy and crazy without exaggerating on the crazy. It's Stalin the Stallion that finalized the idea, but he got the hat wrong.

I love your oc very psychotic.

Oh, you already know,

As I am saying this is going to be good.

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How I feel

This is, apparently, my preference of ponies:
1 Princess Luna
2 Twilight Sparkle
2 Rainbow Dash
2 Fluttershy
2 Rarity
2 Applejack
2 Pinkie Pie
2 Spike
2 Princess Celestia
2 Princess Cadence
2 Queen Chrysalis
2 Discord
2 Nightmare Moon
2 Apple Bloom
2 Lyra
2 Rose Luck
2 Trixie
2 King Sombra
2 Fleur de Lys
20 Shining Armor
20 Sweetie Belle
20 Scootaloo
20 Cheerilee
20 Big Macintosh
20 Bon Bon
20 Octavia
20 Snowflake / Horsepower
28 Vinyl Scratch
29 Berry Punch
30 Colgate
31 Granny Smith
31 Flim
31 Flam
31 Diamond Tiara
31 Silver Spoon
31 Pipsqueak
31 Iron Will
31 Derpy
31 Dr. Whooves
31 Carrot Top
31 Soarin'
31 Spitfire
31 Braeburn
31 Caramel
31 Babs Seed
46 Zecora
46 Cloud Chaser
46 Flitter
46 Gilda
46 Lightning Dust
46 Photo Finish
46 Hoity Toity
46 Fancy Pants
46 Prince Blueblood
55 Twist

The pictures made for me by artists and other people

This is The Psychopath

Thank Stalin the Stallion for this perfect look. It was exactly what I was looking for too!

And here's Silver!

Still Stalin.

Here's Abstract the dark, sole survivor of the crystallion race and a unique amongst them in many ways.

By Mix-Up:
Stelimus as an adult

Psycho dressed as Stelimus:

By Ryuku the uncreative :trollestia::

Done by Query:

Done by Genbu:

The Genbu drawing colored by jjamess10:

Genbu drew potato Psyho and Heart Break (Who is Jet_Black1980's character):

Genbu: Peter Dinklage Peter Dinklage Peter Dinklage.

Genbu: Got in touch with the life he had as an artist from the Renaissance and drew a portion of Psycho as a human. He even added a few things to my idea and made it better! (They always do that! *kicks truck away*):

Silver and one perception of the Giga Sparkle by Genbu:

Done by CloudedMoon:

Done by JadeSugarSweet101

Done by Jet_Black1980:

Done by kadlawuvswubs. This is how Psycho sees the world around him:

This is the Ivamora by Samaru163:

The Nyum-Bunet, also made by Samaru

The Nyum-Bunet by Genbu:

Here's a fire ejge by Samaru:

Samaru did Psycho with Games Master and Festivities:

He also did Psycho:

First impressions by Samaru( The one on the left is Shadow Pony, while the one on the right is Destitute and his pet eyeball)

Silver on a scorpius, teaching it what 'fer. I really need to make a list.

And here is the white changeling/unknown pondering the mysteries of life.

Psycho startling Sociopath.

Rosy trembling in a corner:

The sclera and the pupils were mixed up.

"Cotton Candy":.

Samaru: Twilight, Silver, and Silver's daughter Amber Jewel:

Silver and the Serpent (by Samaru163):

Psycho greeting Aurora:

Done by DragoEclipse:(Silver, Cyclon, and Amber Jewel from my stories "From man to mare")

Made by Dark Sparkle

Done by Tineid:

Done by GX98:

Colmanta, a being of the Kan-Motak.

A certain character to appear in one of my stories at a later date. Done by WakerofWinds(click on it for full-size image):

Waker considers it a failure, but I think it's pretty well done for a first try.