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Hi, i'm Genbu and i like to draw ponies. (Why does this start to feel like a AA meeting....) Anyway english is not my first language so please excuse my bad english or at least try to ignore it.


They are watching... · 8:00pm Nov 2nd, 2013

i just realised that i have now 10 guys that are watching me .... TEN!
This is getting creepy ... where are all of you coming from? Why are you watching me ?! GAAAAAH!

no seriously you guys are awsome!

and as a token of my gratitude i will show you my very first pony related thing i've ever made ... whether you like it or not!

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If you are interested in my Pictures look at my DevinatArt Account.
That's it... there is nothing else to see here...

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Downvoting me doesn't prevent Genbu from having disappeared, foo!

Your downvotes only makes a sandwich tastier!

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