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I adopted the name of my beloved creation and have been spreading the word of the Illogic since. Tell me, are Illogic and chaos the same thing? https://www.patreon.com/WorldofIllogic


Sombra wants vengeance against the princesses, but he can't reach Cadance just yet. He needs a plan, but first, he needs a position of power, and he decides to take Celestia's place by stealing and enchanting her crown. Now he'll look like her when he puts it on...somewhat.

Enhanced eyebrows came as a bonus.

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This story is a sequel to Took things too far

No matter which way you take and no matter the mistake, there is no way to switch back.

Chrysalis, after being captured by the blue-purple hive, is given a perfect opportunity to exact her vengeance on Thorax and his 'abstergo changelings'. However, the queens are not as blind and vengeance-hungry as Chrysalis is. They're wary of the traitors to their own species, but they're moreso wary of those surrounding them.

With the discovery of a changeling hive, others have begun to surface as well, but queens all have their own goals and agendas, many with conflicting interests. With the increasing threat of changeling hives at each other's throats, the red hive is not far off.

Check source for art. This person has an amazing art style and coloring methodology.

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This story is a sequel to Rumors held too high

The changeling queen Pronotum, after learning about Chrysalis' reckless exposing of changeling kind from an adventurous pony, sends her brood to find her and bring her to the hive.

Pronotum is not happy about this outcome. Millennia of hiding ruined by a single changeling with aspirations too great for her and her hive. Now it comes to what will be decided, and what news the scouts bring about the fallen queen's former brood. Perhaps more broods will come if they are discovered in the mean time.

Pray that the red hive doesn't appear.

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This story is a sequel to They were MY changelings!

Not truly necessary to read the first story.

Ever since a creature entered a bar in the arid south, rumors have started growing about the existence of broods other than Chrysalis'. Several hopefuls proving it and cynics disproving it have created somewhat of a division between the small groups that have heard of the rumors and cared enough.

While not that prominent, the rumors still reached the more adventurous of ponies, and one mare decides to look for a brood in the dry, dark base of a mountain range. All that's left is to figure out if they were never found because they don't exist, were skilled enough to hide themselves in plain sight, or because those who found them were never allowed to leave.

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In a dusty town within the desert plateau to the far south, a person sits, complaining about the changelings' fate. He mentions many things, and the barkeep is stuck listening until closing hour. While most things this traveler says sounds ridiculous, his words don't come off as drunken stupor and some things ring true in a very strange and distant way.

His attachments to the now-reformed changeling hive comes off as someone mourning a great loss, and he speak of his tales with that brood...while also inferring something more disturbing in the process.

Art is 'Night Mountain' by Novum1

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Warning: Do not read unless you've read Lovie Dovie. Unless you don't care about spoilers, then feel free to read away.
This is a prequel. Not a sequel.

The Red Sun: A group and then a single entity. During its discovery and confrontation, it alluded to a troubled past with their parents having been victims of their love for it. Like a coin, it had two sides, but both rejected it and the coin had to stay upon its side, never straying too close to either.

In its attempt to belong and find a family once more, its flight brings it to someone that the dragons of old would never have considered a caring being.

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Youtube read by ScarlettBlade. (I love this one)

Enuvva by Winged T. Spears.(Dis one is more serious, bruddas)

Knuckles teaches da princesses da weh. *clickclickclickclick*

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This story is a sequel to A million tries and a million more

(Not necessary to read the prequel. It's more like flavor text.)

He is older than many stars in the galaxy, and yet he endures the torture. Many times he has tried, and every time he has failed. Every timeline he visited suffered the same fate under different circumstances. All to help 'his' kind defeat the one enemy nopony has managed thus far in any timeline. With technology that seemingly defies the laws of physics and resembles magic to many, the Weary Traveler is determined to help 'his kind' push forward.

In the wake of this, the princesses and the Elements of Harmony are thrust between two worlds completely alien to them and have to make a decision on how to carefully approach this...pony. His offers are confusing, leaving Celestia as the sole decider for the potential future of not just her ponies, but the rest of the world. How is a pony to decide for the whims of what could be seen as a god by many?

This is his fifty-eighth try.

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