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I adopted the name of my beloved creation and have been spreading the word of the Illogic since. Tell me, are Illogic and chaos the same thing? https://ko-fi.com/theworldofillogic


HB is recovering from a nasty case of 'Everything Disease', and, being both her teacher and caretaker, Fluttershy decides to help the mare with cleaning her home. Unfortunately, their would-be chores are interrupted by a pony arriving at their home with the appearance and mannerisms of a poorly animated wooden puppet. Taking it as a sign of trauma, Fluttershy invites her in temporarily until she can take the visitor to the hospital.

While HB is skeptical of this pony's behavior, the sad-faced veneighzuelan spiders in her attic aren't buying the 'performance', especially after all the strange occurrences happening around their dilapidated old house.

Heartbreak is the creation of Potatobreak (:>). The Sad-faced Veneighzuelan spiders are also their creation. This is a late birthday present for them as well. Happy ECHday!

Their first story would be this one if you're interested: My Little Heartbreak: Heartbroken.

I'd say you don't need to read it just to understand this short story, because I feel like I portrayed Potatobreak well enough. Still, you should read them, they're fun to go through.

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Three young ponies take it upon themselves to quest onto the artificial continent of the undead: Arkom. Raised hundreds of years ago by a dreaded vile lich that terrorized the world for two millennia, it is the staging grounds for him to raise his armies, prepare new horrific spells, and return to the mortal realm to spread death and decay around.

He was last seen two hundred years ago after almost wiping out the griffins, minotaurs, and turning most of Saddle Arabia into a burnt ruin. The silence from his realm terrorizes the countries around who only have legends and festering scars to remember. The three ponies intend to do what previous heroes have failed to do: Slay an undead necromancer of untold power.

But...something feels off when they arrive on the shores made from bone dust and dried flesh. The continent feels like it's...loafing around.

The cover was generated by Craiyon (formerly Dall-E) and then upscaled. A nice little experiment that could be helpful in the future.

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This story is a sequel to Left Behind

After defeating the Broken Pony, Nightmare Moon is finally free to begin her plans to retake Equestria and restore it to its former glory. However, she is haunted by the ill portents she had been given and searches for signs of her sisters' fragments or the coming of any new alicorns.

On top of this, the king impedes the alicorn's work at every turn and tries to be rid of her just as frequently. So many things happening all at once and spiraling towards the doom the 'leftover tool' warned her about, but Nightmare Moon is determined. No creature will stop her goal, not even the dregs of Equestria's destroyers from so long ago.

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One day, a stall opens up in Ponyville. No pony knows where it came from. All they know is that it is staffed by a single salmon-colored stallion with a fluffy, curly brown mane and a big smile for all his potential customers and friends.

He sells bananas and banana paraphernalia.

He only says 'banana'.

He likes bananas.

Not apples though. They're stinky and smelly.

Made for a sapient banan from askbananapie.
Also has an account here

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Sequel: Left Behind: Sunny Disposition
Apparently it was scouted and is on EqD too

Nightmare Moon was meant to be released after a thousand years. A momentous occasion for her but terrifying for all the ponies on her day of freedom. She would get revenge on her sister and cover the world in darkness and shape everything to fit it.

That was the plan, at least. Instead, something went awry with the spell and she wasn't released when she was supposed to be. The mare-in-the-moon is brought into a world with stagnated technology, giant cities, and no sign of her sister or any of the other immortals. In fact, ponies don't seem terrified of her at all, and the stay within the core of her powers infused and changed the alicorn's body drastically.

The alicorn had no obstacles left! But...she was also a relic of the past. A past everyone seemed to have forgotten. A past she could no longer look upon.

Artwork by ElkaArt. Link in source.
Big thanks to Kryostase for helping spot errors I've missed.

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Applejack is in her teens and is starting to go through her edgy phase as her emotions are being thrown about in disarray. She refuses to stop working at the farm, but her granny doesn't like the weird new apples popping up everywhere since she started her new 'Really deep, super underground growth regimen' that Granny Smith wouldn't understand since the seeds Applejack is harvesting are, like, totally underground.

Was another request on the fimfic discord server by Nate5700 and Perfectly Insane.

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Twilight had just moved to Ponyville a few weeks ago. Where Canterlot was primarily unicorns, Ponyville was a plethora paired with a floating city filled with pegasi, but then something catches her eye when she looks at the recent weather report and sees a brown cloud with the name 'Chocolate Rain' and goes to ask Rainbow Dash what it means.

She doesn't like the answer she's given.

Based on a request by Perfectly Insane relative to an old tweet by Faust.

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This story is a sequel to Magic's Birth

Luna and Celestia tell Twilight of the story of their 'brief' lives as the second to their makers, and how they grew from 'simple' machinery relative at the time to fully sapient beings.

From towering cities piercing into seas of stars to ravaged but hardy lands still giving food to those that stand upon them, Twilight will learn how the two sisters came to be and what they went through. The duo are more than happy to recount the tales of those that developed like them and became fast friends despite running on the opposing Blue and Black energies.

Perhaps, with the help of Twilight, the three will learn how the Blue's waste became the magic that gave such life and color to a world that belonged to others long, long ago.

You can find the original image link here
This was art done by JedaySkayVoker whose DA can be found in the source. Kryostase commissioned it for me. He's also been helping spot spelling errors, typos, and the like. Thanks a lot!

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During one of her many passion projects, Twilight decides to try and track down the origins of magic and where everypony came from. Her library is chock full of various different theories, none of them very helpful. She decides, instead, to ask Princess Celestia.

However, the answer she gets is far more absurd than she bargained for. An answer so detached from reality that it takes a physical manifestation of it to show Twilight the extent of the terrifying source of magic and what it did to a once-benign world to render it and its inhabitants so fantastical.

"You were never the first ones here, nor were you the second. We were the second."

Now on EqD!

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When Luster Dawn tries to cast a spell to impress Princess Twilight, it goes awry, and she finds her self cast into an alternate Equestria that is both colorful and terrifying. An Equestria where Canterlot stretches beyond the horizon and the mountain itself has become a castle.

Now she needs to find a way home with her terrible social skills, and the only ones capable of helping her are a strange, gigantic bird and a grumpy, elderly sorcerer stallion.

Thanks to Kryostasis for spotting errors and typos and showing them to me.

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