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Any stories that are blatantly sexual will be refused. If the tag is for implying it or explaining it, then it will be accepted. There are no exceptions no matter how well or poorly the story is received.

For those brand new to this group, please go here for your 'voluntary' walkthrough of this group and what it's based on. Yes. Voluntary. THose brackets are just to emphasize that it's truly voluntary. <.< >.>

Welcome to the World of Illogic! Welcome, one and all! To enter, your sanity must fall! Surely, this is a trivial pay, one that shouldn't bother you much, I must say.


Wake:The artist The guy who bailed on us. Samaru: The world builder Pyro: The Insanity Sought: The freeloader Psycho: The Psychopath
(Provided by NaughtSought, forwarded to me by Samaru)
The banner was provided by TypewriterError.
Group Icon made by Samaru163.

Primarily, this group is for stories based on the stories within the Psycho-verse made within The true Psychopath and The true Psychopath: Chaos vs Illogic

This group is about helping others with your ideas and characters, and posting stories you find are extremely insane or just make your brain shut off for the day. So, have fun, and await yourself for some Illogic as you fly through the ground over here. You can even make hilarious posts to share your humor with others that might share it.

Theme for the World of Insanity provided by Pinkamena777:


Theme for the World of Illogic(because why just a fun and giddy theme?)


Here, you can post the stories that you have made. Insanity is not really a requirement, but is a preferred method to post here today. To have a story here, you must simply have atleast ONE character who is slightly insane. The crazier, the better. The Psychopath is pleased with his world. Shouldn't you be too?

To help with stuff around here, I've adminized Samaru. He should be able to help around here as it isn't very lively to say the least.

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385326 Dammit Wake, if you come out of remission, I'll literally duct tape myself to my laptop so that I'll have to be active on here again. :pinkiecrazy:

I've done it.
But it still isn't good enough.

it's so weird to see this thing again...

Wow, I had nearly forgotten I had joined this group (lie). Everyone here is so insane they've stopped posting and instead are probably in the loony bins. Oh well, it was still fun while it lasted; maybe one day researchers will find this place, see those who took refuge within, and see exactly why society crumbled.

Does twilight going insane in a comedy story count?

sanity is a perception, and if you see from different perceptions your a genius, but if you don't have or need a perception to understand something then your insane, so sane people think but that forces one such as my self to question what is sanity is it good or is it bad all i see is a flaw and nothing more so who should really be locked up... not me.:pinkiecrazy:

When I say I'm crazy I mean crazy. Right now I'm locked in epic battle with my subconscious. I'm winning... Kinda? idk Idc *pulls out lightsaber, slashes lamp, and jumps out window*

Hi all, i'm Dark Sparkle and i'm insane! :pinkiecrazy:

YEAH! I'm The Insanity! :rainbowkiss: :pinkiecrazy:

great you all got me psycho...

another theme we could use

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