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The Pyropath

Help, I have too many ideas and I don't have the will to make them a reality. Every day of my life is agony.

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Regarding the End of an Era · 9:04pm Oct 15th, 2019

Everyone seems to be making blogs about FiM ending and what it could mean for the fandom, and for good reason. Will the fandom be able to survive now that its main wellspring for content is finished? I'm going to cheat a bit by reposting what I said on a friend's blog post, as it's what I believe:

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Biography and Other Information

If you've decided to come here, I guess I'm doing something right.

I'm just a 21-year-old who dreams. I've got so many ideas, but either due to procrastination or being unable to go through with them for one reason or another, don't do anything with them other than save em up.

From the main cast of the Elements of Harmony, I have to say that Princess Twilight Sparkle is my absolute favorite pony, with Fluttershy and Pinkamena Diane Pie following closely afterwards. Those three, along with Sunset Shimmer and Starlight Glimmer, posses attributes that I myself actually have. They all click with me the most.

That's pretty much it, anything else I might share with friends, and I think this bio has taken enough space for now. Whatever your reason for coming, hopefully it's something more than just thanking me for a follow, though I appreciate the gesture.

Спасибо за чтение, товарища. - The Pyropath

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I remembered you because there's a server I'm in on discord that I never remembered joining, then I saw you were in it and realized that you had invited me to it years ago.

I stay here because it's the only place I have. I've exhausted my list of agents and all I can do now is try to find publishers that take unsolicited queries.

I'm mostly dead! Gen 5 might bring me back into the fold, though, I'm looking forward to the movie!

I'm still here :>

Thanks for the watch!:pinkiehappy:

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