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Ice Star

🖤 i eat children 🖤

Extended Bio

I'm asexual. I literally don't give any fucks.

Okay, but really: who am I? I'm Ice Star, a writer of many words, semi-professional dudebro, avid reader, and G1/G4 horse fan. I sometimes review things (from stories to printed editions) in my blog. I'll even edit and pre-read. Most of my blogs are lazy trash made to keep you updated on random story things in between actual coherent posts, such as the aforementioned reviews and afterthoughts on my latest word behemoth. There are way more helpful links and info scattered throughout the rest of this page that you can find in the module below this one. The bottom of my page has a FAQ for reviewers, fan artists, audio readers, and anyone with general questions about things like story order.

Avatar was drawn by: MayhemMoth. Schadenfreude art by Eonlonic can be seen on my alt account. Gamma and Schadenfreude by GoGoGojirin on Twitter.

Site Bucket List

[x] Iceverse TVTropes page NOW
[x] pls put/rate stuff here also
[ ] 100 updoots for each story here because they all mean so much to me and I love these wordbabbus (2/5)
[ ] Finish all the main stories I have left (0/5)
[ ] Make sweet printed hard copies of Iceverse stories
[x] Get one piece of Iceverse fan art (See bottom of the page for a complete fan art index)
[ ] RCL feature I guess (It was retired before I got one)
[x] SA feature (See bottom of page)
[x] Feature box'd at least once
[x] Badger EQD into accepting at least one of my story-things (See bottom of page)
[x] Get a review of my stuff (See bottom of page)
[x] Senpai noticed me





Shit People Say About Me

"Your prose is outstanding, like the kind of prose I would sell a testicle to be able to come up with. " --Jack of a Few Trades

"I'm starting to seriously wonder if you're omniscient." --NorrisThePony

"...belligerent in a charming sort of way..." --Arddun

"...you are a figment of my imagination sent by satan to torture me for my wrongdoings." --Regidar

"yer gud, scrub :V" --PresentPerfect

"You're like a demon in a bunny costume. Adorable, but still a demon."--Nagiros

"Okay, I swear you either don't sleep or just respond to everything automatically." --CambriaClopped

Latest Updates

Welcome friend (i.e. potential reader) to my page! Hopefully, you have gotten a chance to gaze upon the many, many stories that I have written! Do you see them all, and do they stir a primal fear in your soul? Apparently, despite how clearly I've marked things like sequels and side stories, that's still the case. While I don't mind answering questions about the way things should be read, I've gone to multiple lengths to make everything clear. This is the space where I can further clarify that for anyone who was still confused and needed to scroll to the bottom of my page.

So, as you browse my word vomit be sure to keep in mind the following things and you'll seriously, totally, 100% be fine, I promise:

1) A direct sequel is always linked using the sequel feature. They cannot be read as stand-alone works and that's probably why they're marked as sequels in the first place, dangus.
2) Stand-alone stories and side stories that don't require you to read previous stories are the exceptions, not the rule. These are always noted in the description, just so you don't have to ask.
3) Following the descriptions is always your friend. Main arcs have bolded credits in the description and other stories have plain italics.
4) While not all my stories are connected, many are. You absolutely don't have to read all of them (I'd like it if you could). Bear in mind that if you didn't get a smidge of worldbuilding, it's probably just from another story and that stories in my main continuity have the TVTropes page in the description. Feel free to ask anyway! That's what comments are for!
5) Optimal starting points are given at the top of my page.
6) If you're one of those people who is super nutty about the timeline of the connected stories (called the Iceverse) then please refer to this post, because it should solve all your problems.
7) If one lacks the common sense to understand these even after scrolling through my whole page, a modest blood sacrifice is in order.
8) Mature stories generally have a teen version linked as the 'sequel' and you can check the short description to find this status and the mod to annoy regarding this site rule.

Stuff You Don't Have to Ask Anymore:

Can I make an audio reading/drama of one of your stories?

Literally nothing is stopping you, so yes, of course, you may. Just please be sure to tell me that you are and link the reading in the description of the story you have done, or PM it to me. I will give it a blog shout-out and link it in my story properly. However, I ask that you reconsider reading some of my poetry because it often relies heavily on visual elements that don't translate in readings that well. If you think that you can do something to get around this, well, sure.

Can I translate one of your stories into another language?

Of course! Please just PM me. I'd like to be able to give a shout-out via my blog and link your translation to the story's page.

Can I draw fan art for one of your stories, or based on them?

Yes! Absolutely! Please, just tell me about your art piece so I can link it in blogs and story notes, post it everywhere screaming, etc. If you're asking because you would like references to a certain character, I might be able to provide them. As a doodler myself, I have drawings of most of the original characters, alternate character designs, and anything else that tends to appear in my stories. That, or I can provide notes of some kind if you really want those. Just please don't draw inflammatory, pornographic, fetishistic, or abusive content (rape, incest, and pedo shit) and expect me to appreciate it.

Can I review one of your stories?

Yeah, just ask? I mean, do you really need to ask for this one?

Can I write something based on one of your stories/a spinoff/fan installment thingo?

Yeppers. There's even a folder in my group for that. Like basically everything else here, you don't really technically have to ask to do most of these things. Just please don't write anything that I wouldn't want to see in a fan drawing based on my content, since I won't add it to my group or associate with it.

Mandatory Ego Box

A selection of translations, readings, art, and reviews of some of my stories. PM me with a link if you made me shit or want to, pretty please. Some reviews may currently be outdated and reliant on previous versions of my stories. Read the story before the review! All fan art contains possible spoilers for stories too.

Favorable Alignment:
Sombra fan art by dragonofruin!
Luna/Sombra fan art by dragonofruin!
The original version was rated Pretty Good in this extremely spoiler-heavy review by PaulAsaran!

Enemy of Mine:
Luna fan art by Buttonous!

The Care and Keeping of Hidden Castles:
The original version of this story scored Highly Recommended in PresentPerfect's spoiler-filled review!

Frozen One:
A reading of this story by StraightToThePointStudios is available!

Song of Myself:
The third place winner of the Right Back At It Again contest.
Fan art by MayhemMoth!
Highly Recommended in PresentPerfect's spoiler-filled review!

Through the Snow:
Fan art of Onyx by MayhemMoth!

On Deaf Ears:
Listen to the reading by AnEpicContrarian!
Reccommended by PresentPerfect!

Reccommended by TCC56!

Breathtaking Banality:
Featured on Equestria Daily!
Recommended by The Red Parade in his spoiler-filled review!
Reccomended in a spoiler-filled review by PresentPerfect!

Euphoria, Robbed:
Given a spoiler-filled review and recommendation by PresentPerfect.
There is a reading by ObabScribbler which you can check out here!

Stardust Bridge:
Spoiler-filled review by Lumina Faith of My Little Reviews & Feedback.

The Symphony of Dawn:
The current version is Highly Recommended by PresentPerfect!
Spoiler-filled review of the old version from PaulAsaran you can check out here.

Wishing Werelights:
Now has a fantastic full-cast audio reading by Obabscribbler that you can read right here!
Recommended in this spoiler-y review by PresentPerfect!

All That Lingers:
Selected as one of 40+ stories to read for 2019 Shiny + Cadance day on Equestria Daily!
Reccomended by PresentPerfect in his spoiler-filled review!
Accepted by the Reviewers Cafe (Review has massive spoilers for the story)
Featured on Equestria Daily!
Honorable Mention in Jake The Army Guy's Horse Words Extravaganza
Reading by Lotus Moon
Reviewed by PaulAsaran, though that review contains spoilers.
Spoiler-filled review by Stinium_Ruide of the My Little Reviews & Feedback group!

Scrambled Serenity:
'Never the Final Word' entry by Georg
Recommended by PresentPerfect!
Featured on Equestria Daily!
Reading of the old version by Lotus Moon!
Reading of the new version by Fire Hearth Studios!

No Surprises, Please:
Reading of the old version by Lotus Moon.
Recommended by PresentPerfect!

Recommended by PresentPerfect in his spoiler-filled review!
Reading by Lotus Moon

Accepted into the Reviewer's Cafe (Review obviously has spoilers)

Scribblefest '16 Finalist

Review from the Reviewer's Cafe (with spoilers)
Reviewed and recommended by PresentPerfect (also with spoilers)
Reading of the old version by Swift Blade
Reading of the old version by GutiuSerenade
Russian translations by Doof Ex Machina
Reading of the old version by Pushi.
Reading of the old version by Lotus Moon.

Reviewed and recommended by PresentPerfect (mega-spoilers)
Available on Equestria Daily
PaulAsaran thought 'hey, this story was pretty good' in his in-depth and super spoiler-y review!
Seattle's Angels thought this was rad and sad in their review (contains many spoilers)
A multi-part audio reading by Lotus Moon is available, click to listen to part one and part two here!

Morning Masterpiece:
Reviewed and recommended by PresentPerfect
Reading here done by Lotus Moon!

Forever Mare:
'Never the Final Word' entry by videomaster21XX
Reviewed and recommended by PresentPerfect! (The review contains spoilers!)

Bat Ponies Aren't Real:
Given a spoiler-filled review and recommendation by PresentPerfect.

There is an interesting, but spoiler-filled review of this by PaulAsaran you can read here!
Here is the audio reading by Lotus Moon.
Recommended by PresentPerfect.

Tear the Sky Asunder:
Check out PaulAsaran's spoiler-filled review if you want! This story fared 'pretty good'.

Fear No Evil:
Has a reading from Illya Leonov that you can listen to here.
Recommended by PresentPerfect.

Defining Features
Review by PaulAsaran with unmarked spoilers.

Distance Beyond Any Measure
Featured on Equestria Daily!
Selected as one of 30+ picks to read for Celestia Day 2020 on Equestria Daily!
Spoiler-filled review by The Red Parade of the My Little Reviews & Feedback group!
Mike Cartoon Pony gave this a 'Pretty Good' in his spoiler-heavy review that you can find here.

Begin Again:
This story now has a reading by Lotus Moon, which you can find right here!

Mares, Metaphors, and Maybes:
Honorable Mention in Secret Moon's Self Isolation. Read the spoiler-filled results here.

Reading by Agent Fluffy.
Reading of the old version by Lotus Moon!
Recommended by PresentPerfect!

Discord Pokes Fluttershy's Tits:
Recommended by PresentPerfect!
Reading by TheLostNarrator!

Recommended by PresentPerfect in this spoiler-filled review!

Chipping Away Dusk:
Reading by Thedarkhive42.

The Sun Comes Out:
This story now has a audio reading done by Lotus Moon!

Reading by Lotus Moon
Highly Recommended by PresentPerfect.
Selected as one of the Top Ten stories she reviewed in 2023.

Sweet Sleepy Sunshine:
Available in Russian here and here thanks to the work of NovemberDragon, Randy1974, and Nuclear-Pony-Jack.

The L Word:
Reading by Lotus Moon!

The Plainest Principle:
Reading by Lotus Moon.

Dressed to Impress:
Reading of the old version by Lotus Moon!
Recommended by PresentPerfect!

Think Pink (Probably):
Reading by Lotus Moon!
Recommended by PresentPerfect.

Audio reading by Obabscribbler!
Highly Recommended by PresentPerfect!

For the Filly I've Never Met:
Recommended by TCC56!