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Ice Star

I'm asexual. I literally don't give any fucks.

Writing In Process

Curious about how major projects are going? Look no further than this thing! It's complete with smaller things to let you know how the progress in the bigger horseword things (as a whole, not by chapter) are going, so you can guess how soon I'll be hitting the publish thing that brings my major stuff closer to the complete label thing.

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Welcome to my Life

Probably About Icy, resident eldritch demon of Fimfiction

"I'm starting to seriously wonder if you're omniscient." -NorrisThePony

"...You adorable freaky transcendental deity." -NorrisThePony

"You're like a demon in a bunny costume. Adorable, but still a demon."-DerpyMuffin7


Welcome friend (i.e. potential reader) to my page and gaze upon the many, many stories that I have written! Do you see them all, and do they stir a primal fear in your soul? Apparently, despite how clearly I've marked things like sequels and side stories, that's still the case. While I don't mind answering questions about the way things should be read, I've gone to multiple lengths to make everything clear.

So, as you browse my word vomit be sure to keep in mind the following things and you'll seriously, totally, 100% be fine, I promise:

1) A direct sequel is always marked. They cannot be read as stand-alone works and that's probably why they're marked as sequels in the first place, dangus.
2) If it as marked as a direct sequel and there's a note in the description saying it is in some way stand-alone or can be read as such, then that's what it is. Duh.
3) Following the descriptions is always your friend.
4) While not all my stories are connected, many are. You absolutely don't have to read all of them (I'd like it if you could, hehe) but bear in mind that if you didn't get a smidge of worldbuilding, it's probably just from another story. Feel free to ask anyway! That's what comments are for!
5) Optimal starting points are given below this module.
6) If you're one of those people who is super nutty about the timeline of the connected stories (called the Iceverse) then please refer to this post, because it should solve all your problems.
7) If one lacks the common sense to understand these, a modest blood sacrifice is in order.

Mandatory Ego Wall

Hi, I'm called Icy (and sometimes Ixu) and I'm a Sombra-obsessed entity that phases in and out of existence at a rapid pace. I live somewhere, and sometimes I even sleep when I'm not writing! It's a real miracle! My actual occupations are a mystery. I have an alt, too, but it just posts very lackluster bits and scraps and things that aren't porn. This account also has no porn. I like world-building, shipping, and lots of other things - you may notice I tend to read what I write. I hope you like some of the stories on my page! I also really like the princesses~! (Well, not Twilight as much. She's just okay to me.)

I am an INTJ (A-) with more snark than most can handle, and a lot of it is crammed into my writing. I'm also quite impish and shitpost a whole dang lot despite everything I write being mostly serious. I will respond to PMs and comments regularly, so please do not refrain from story feedback, pointing out some random mistake somewhere, reminding me how cute spiders are, etc.

Some Stuff:

Zodiac: Sagittarius
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Pronouns: She/her or He/him. I don't care which one, just not They/them.
Gender: Non-binary
Age: It changes every year.

Fanfic & Pony Stuff:

Favorite Authors On Fimfiction: Autumnschild, OnionPie, bookplayer, NorrisTheFaget, Monochromatic, Regidar, Skywriter, horizon, and Cynewulf
Retired/quit: Cerulean Voice, Bad_Seed_72, and Ponydora Prancypants
Favorite Pony: Princess Luna and King Sombra (They're tied!)
Favorite Filly: Flurry Heart or Sweetie Belle
Worst Pony (In My Opinion): Starlight Glimmer and Tempest Shadow. Mostly Tempest.
Other Awesome Characters In No Specific Order: Celestia, Cadance, Spike, Sunset Shimmer, Applejack, Maud Pie, The Dazzlings, Rarity, Pear Butter, and Shining Armor.
Favorite Genre Tags: Adventure, Drama, Romance, and Dark.
Genres I Don't Really Like: Anthro, Random, Crossover, 2nd Person, and Comedy, but mostly Porn.

Misc. Corner:

Ships I'll Sail: LunBra, DisLestia, Twijack, RariJack, TwiLestia, LunDance, SomDance, ShiningDance, ShiningSombra, SunLight, SciSet, RariLight, RaraJack, CheesePie, BrightButter, BlueJoe, FlutterMac, FancyFleur, StarTrix, RariBlood, and that's about it... anything else, I'm impartial to.

Ships I Won't Sail: TwiLuna, LunaCord, FlutterCord, MarcbleMac, SombraShy, LunaMac, SugarMac, FlutterDash, Omniship, TwiLunEstia, and anything that's incest or foalcon. Also, like, harem stuff. Yeesh. Occasionally, I'll read a couple of ships on here, but there's some I'll never touch.

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A selection of translations, readings, art, and reviews of some of my stories. PM me with a link if you made me shit or want to, pretty please.

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