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This story is a sequel to Mothers like Medea

Diamond Tiara writes a poem about her family.

This is the pony version of the story. To find the Equestria Girls version (which has differing content and characterizations) please click the sequel link. Posting permission granted by Majin Syeekoh. Contribute to the TVTropes page!

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I can't get enough of your poetry and this is some really powerful stuff!

I can't say I've ever been abused directly but this really struck me because my dad did that kind of phycological manipulation to my mom. It boggles my mind that people can act this way and not think that what they're doing is wrong. And then they had the audacity to spin it back on you and make you look like the bad guy.

That always pisses me off. I have zero tolerance for gaslighting.

Ice Star #2 · May 29th · · 2 ·

Thank you so much.

I wish I could say that I don't understand it too, but considering what I grew up with... eh, I know it too well. What I don't get is how other people won't step in and help.

I think it's especially difficult with women and mothers in particular because I believe society has a bias in favor of women in that role. Phrases like "mother knows best" come to mind.

Ice Star #4 · May 29th · · 2 ·

Literally though.

Yeah just look at custody battles in court. You basically have to be an addict, commit crimes, and be physically violent to lose your kids as a mother.

Ice Star #6 · May 29th · · 2 ·

That’s actually a major reason behind how I ended up with the abuser that I did.

Oh my...
I'm so sorry.

I apologize for bringing up bad memories.
You were not kidding with that "literally though"

Ice Star #8 · May 29th · · 1 ·

You didn’t bring up anything bad, it’s more that those circumstances and the societal elements that lead to them are a continuing point of frustration and I want to see them change.

Okay I can understand that. At least there is some movement on it though. I don't know where you're at but at least in the US there is the Americans for Equal Shared Parenting who are advocating for legislatures to pass 50/50 custody bills. They've had some success too! It's still slow but hopefully sometime in the future it will be most of the us that adopts this.

Edit: Missouri SB35 seems to be their most recent success.

Ice Star #10 · May 29th · · 2 ·

That’s interesting. Unfortunately, my father wasn’t a remotely good parent until I was 18-19, and he still has a lot of work to do. I’ve had enough therapists, psychiatrists, doctors, and social workers (along with other people) tell me that the best outcome for me as a child would have been being adopted by a remotely normal foster family and completely separated from my sibling. Though, the heartbreaking part of all that is that I would have never gotten to have any of my beloved cats, or even met all of them. And I’d never give them up. 🐱🖤

Well, At least something positive came of it. I haven't seen my father in probably 10+ years at this point (not that I'd want to) and I hope that your relationship with him continues to improve.

I definitely like cats more than most other animals, though I don't think I'm as much a cat person as you are.

Ice Star #12 · May 29th · · 2 ·

I hope for the best for you too.

Yo what's with all the dislikes on the story?

I have no idea. If I had a negative comment, it would be easy to understand why.

how is this the sequel of the sequel to this

I wish I could like this story again, it deserves more likes.

If you read the description, it explains why they are marked as such.
Thank you very much. It's quite personal and I'm honestly wincing at all the downvotes each time I look at it. I expected it to do so much better, or at the very least, not have such a hostile reception. I think the only way for it to get more likes is if you (and others) were to recommend it to people. I can't seem to get people to try it with what I do. I dunno. It's sad, honestly.

I literally have never attempted to analyze a poetry work before because I’m a coward, but I don’t think I could overlook this. As someone who can relate to personal works one pours their heart into not getting the attention it rightfully deserves, I could tell this was special. Still, for any flawed opinion presented here, forgive me. I’m just killing the author here.

Feels written by a filly, but skillfully so, with the emotional maturity that, at the end of the day, characterizes diamond Tiara. Doesn’t try to use big words, it’s raw in its purest, unadulterated form. The symbolism and allegories are not too complicated yet emotionally accurate and perfectly encapsulates the mood. Feels vent-y, directly addressing her own mother. For someone like me who has never dabbled in poetry, I cannot fathom how hard it must be to make a poem be in character. Now I think I know what something like that looks like.

I haven’t read nearly enough poetry on this site to properly address what I’m about to say next, but this structure is substantially different from what I’m used to reading, which for many I suppose was an instant turn off. That, I take, must be because they didn’t stick to the end. It follows a consistent rhythm for each of its parts, the three of them eliciting a distinct feeling reflecting her emotional state and progression. I am not arrogant enough to assume the author’s intention on this choice of structure, but I like to think of it as similar to crying, which is very much fitting here. Let me explain myself.

The first one resembles the stuttering of words, sobbing even, due to how abrupt some of the verses are and how punchy each one is, yet how they flow into one another gives this feeling that each line is physically spit from the very bottom of her heart, but hurting all the way out. Like trying to take breaths trying not to drown, if that makes sense. 

There is a slight change in the second part. Well, not slightly exactly. Full on bawling, following the aforementioned theme. At first it looked to me as if DT lost the composure she was working hard to maintain during the first half, with barely restrained rage, ultimately breaking into a full on tirade against her mother, a mental breakdown if you may. But then I realized they were not from her perspective, but as the ending implied, they were at the same time from her perspective, and it was closer to my original point that I thought, judging by how careless the grammar got here, a deliberate decision I suppose. 

Finally, the calm after the storm. This section sounds more calmed thanks to its composition, but with an unsubtle hint of sorrow within. She twists and uses the meaning of female anger, that up to this point she used to describe her mother, then to express how she felt. She grabs the product of her mother’s treatment and makes it her own. Like she owned it all and she came out on top, stronger as a result, but ultimately unable to directly confront her as seen how she wouldn’t let her mom read it.

A lifetime story of motherly abuse and repressed anger told in a three act poem. I feel for those who couldn’t enjoy this, but you should feel for those whom this poem resonated with, for I feel, it could truly hit them home, more than any surface level mild enjoyment a normal story could have achieved. I’m sure it was a huge load DT took off her chest, and I hope, for you, it was too. And for that, you should be proud. :twilightsmile:

You have no idea how happy this comment makes me. You read deeply into things that I didn't intend to come across a certain way, but make total sense when I go back and read them myself with your mindset. I hope you enjoy the Equestria Girls version too, since they share a parallel existence, though each has different verses, quirks, and characterization here and there. I hope this was worth recommending to people; it got a lot of downvotes so I'm hoping eventually it will get more readers to offset the downvotes on both versions. If you're looking for more pony poetry, I can't recommend the poetry group on this site enough. I've found many amazing stories through it and I routinely add more when I find them. Some of my favorite poetry on the site includes:

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      paperhearts · 3k words  ·  17  1 · 208 views

      I'm happy to serve. Will have to check the alternative version too, now that I know there will be substantial differences. And rest assured I will be recommending this to fellow fans of pony poetry :twilightsmile:

      Thanks for the recommendations too! To my RiL they go.

      Thank you kindly.

      Much the same as I said for "Mothers Like Medea", this poem works extremely well in regard to telling of abuse and how it can affect someone. The memories are visceral, the statements against Diamond Tiara are a painful memory that'll stick forever.

      I have equally noticed the strangely high dislike ratio, very confusing because the poem is incredible. Haters are weird people, a part of me feels like they didn't even read the poem and just downvoted for their own spiteful reasons. They should touch grass if that is the case.


      the statements against Diamond Tiara are a painful memory that'll stick forever.


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