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Revising Rariad: Part 13. · 9:46pm October 12th

I never thought I'd do this, but I've made a moderately substantial alteration to a published chapter. In the originally posted version, Rarity indicates that she learned from Nyx how to affect the strands of Beauty, and use it to make Dido release Trixie and the other Benevolencians.

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Not at the moment, My focus is on Rariad for the foreseeable future. Without a really good hook, I doubt I'll do anything with Celestia and Luna's father.

Are you still working on that story about Celestia and Luna's father?

Comment posted by Altair the Dragon Horse deleted July 4th


Just cleaned it up a bit. I've been rather bad at updating the 'in progress' blurb, so thought it was time for it to go.

Well, this page got emptier.

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