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Sea Otter Druid-Bard that enjoys gaming, writing, commissioning artwork for her (his) stories. Currently floating somewhere on the Northwest coast contemplating the stars.


The Progress Report (Updated April 24th, '17) · 4:46pm Aug 13th, 2013


Myths Book Two:
Chapter 5: Editing
Chapter 6: Editing

The Rariad:
Part 2: Editing
Part 3 to Part 7 Plotted

Young Luna: Tamashi (One-shot): Back in progress! (Nope, it's not...)

None Commissioned.

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Updated Notes on Alicorns · 11:57pm Tuesday

As promised in the comments of Myths' latest chapter, here are the latest, most up-to-date author's notes and information on the alicorns. Some of the notes have been mentioned or shown before, such as the stuff about death and how it works. I'm including it again for completeness sake.

The Alicorns:
Alicorns (originally the Aethyr) are one of the original four races of creation, and are beings of Order. Each takes a domain, serving as a conduit and avatar for the concept or object. An alicorn can represent almost anything, except pure chaos, it being anathema to the underlying nature of the alicorns.
Following the dissolution of the First Realm and the creation of the myriad worlds, the alicorns broke apart into various pantheons. Most chose like-minded alicorns, or those they’d fought beside against the Quus.

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2436059 No worries. :D I was pretty sure there wasn't, but I thought I would ask. There is one for a few other stories I read, though I don't visit them.


What is Discord?

Edit; Sorry, I'm being a bit facetious. I'm aware of the existence Discord, but hadn't thought of making one, or what it would entail.

Is there a Discord chat for the Myths Universe?


Thank you! I only ever think of myself as a passable writer though. :twilightsmile: I have a lot of help in the editing department.

Such an amazing writer, hah! It would be a sin if I didn't follow!

Keep on writing, mon ami!

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