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Sea Otter Druid-Bard that enjoys gaming, writing, commissioning artwork for her (his) stories. Currently floating somewhere on the Northwest coast contemplating the stars.


The Sisters of the Cerulean Chalice (Models!) Big Blog and Picture Dump Place! · 10:20pm April 2nd

Since there are people interested in my (Below average) painting skills for my Sisters of Battle army that I feature in my Sunset Shimmer/40k cross-over story, I figured I'd start posting some pictures. I'll be using this blog as a big ol' dumping ground.

First off: My Phone SUCKS at taking pictures. Or it is me. Either way, they always turn out blurry. :fluttercry:

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Super glad to hear that! :pinkiehappy:

You take good care of those plant babies! :rainbowkiss:


I've been smiling a lot more this week. Been working on some plants on the balcony to spruce things up. Painting, writing, cooking; everything is far less of a drag atm. :twilightsmile:

You deserve a smile, awesome possum!

Trying to spread more kindness around this site. Always here to bring the cheer. 😇💖

You're my friend-a-doodle now. Have a cookie! 🍪:rainbowkiss:

You ever need anything, I'm always around. 😌

Awww, thanks. :yay:

  • Viewing 121 - 125 of 125
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