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Sea Otter Druid-Bard that enjoys gaming, writing, commissioning artwork for her (his) stories. Currently floating somewhere on the Northwest coast contemplating the stars.


The Progress Report (Updated March 5th, '08) · 4:46pm Aug 13th, 2013


Myths Book Two:
Chapter 13: Final touches in progress before editing (8.5k words)
Chapter 14: Scenes plotted and in various states of completion (3k words)

The Rariad:
Part 3: Finishing 3rd draft...
Parts 4 to 8 in various stages of completion.

Ponies of the Red Shadows: First draft written on paper, waiting to be put on PC
The Ship's Belle: Reworking this old story started in 2014-15.

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A tiny preview (It is a song) · 5:39am March 6th

I know I said I would never attempt to write another song and/or poem in Myths again. I am terrible at them, relying heavily on using an existing song or poem as a framework for tempo, patterning, and pretty much everything. But I can't seem to help myself. While working on Chapter 13 a song just naturally popped into the story organically. And then it happened again with Chapter 14...

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Apologies for the delayed response, I'm very lax when it comes to checking my main pages comments as they are so infrequent.

I started a response, and have found it will work better as a blog so more people can see it. Should be up later today. I hope.

Comment posted by Shodowpony deleted Jul 26th, 2017

What is the general geopolitical structure of Myths Equestria?

2436059 No worries. :D I was pretty sure there wasn't, but I thought I would ask. There is one for a few other stories I read, though I don't visit them.


What is Discord?

Edit; Sorry, I'm being a bit facetious. I'm aware of the existence Discord, but hadn't thought of making one, or what it would entail.

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