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Sea Otter Druid-Bard that enjoys gaming, writing, commissioning artwork for her (his) stories. Currently floating somewhere on the Northwest coast contemplating the stars.


The Progress Report (Updated July 4th, '17) · 4:46pm Aug 13th, 2013


Myths Book Two:
Chapter 7: Editing
Chapter 8: Writing

The Rariad:
Part 2: Editing (On Hold)
Part 3 to Part 7 Plotted

Nothing at the moment of note

Velvet Sparkle (Sorceress, During time in the Taiga)
Bellerophon piece being contemplated.

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New Years '18 Blog · 11:23pm January 1st

So.... I got nothing this year. Was seriously considering not even doing an update.

2017 was a decent year. I wish I had gotten more done on the Rariad. Rather upset with myself that the second chapter has languished in editorial limbo for seven months. Myths has been right where I hoped, baring the break for the trip. Goal is to stay the course with Myths. On that front, the next chapter is in the final stages of editing.

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Apologies for the delayed response, I'm very lax when it comes to checking my main pages comments as they are so infrequent.

I started a response, and have found it will work better as a blog so more people can see it. Should be up later today. I hope.

Comment posted by Shodowpony deleted Jul 26th, 2017

What is the general geopolitical structure of Myths Equestria?

2436059 No worries. :D I was pretty sure there wasn't, but I thought I would ask. There is one for a few other stories I read, though I don't visit them.


What is Discord?

Edit; Sorry, I'm being a bit facetious. I'm aware of the existence Discord, but hadn't thought of making one, or what it would entail.

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