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Some history is lost through negligence or the whims of fate. Some is obfuscated on purpose, the terrible events kept from the lessons taught to young ponies. Daring Do knows perhaps better than most that much of what Equestrians are taught in school is a carefully tailored half-truth, key facts and events shrouded by the passage of time and Celestia's loving hoof, leaving many more questions then there are answers. When Daring Do receives an odd package, one such question will be answered. A question asked many times over the years: Why do unicorns dream but once a year?

A Myths and Birthrights prequel.

Edited by Honey Mead, Willsons
Cover art by Saint-Juniper

Chapters (4)
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Looks to be off to an interesting start, I've been curious about the backstory behind Myths and I'm glad you've started this to explain some more of it.

reaching majority

Did you mean maturity?

Also, nice to see Iridia (so far) seems to have never been very sentimental towards family , despite her domain being, quite literally, family and sping if I remember correctly

Dictionary.com (near the bottom)
4. the time of reaching or state of having reached full legal age, when a person is held competent to manage his own affairs, exercise civil rights and duties, etc

Oh, this looks familiar. Man, this is so full of dark potential... I'm getting major deja vu here :derpyderp2:
Definitely keen for more.
Sombra the Kirin? Great concept! Your portrayal of Daring feels just like Indy, too.

There were a couple of instances where you used "it's" instead of "its," and an instance of "Star Swirls" without an apostrophe.

had helped guide the young priestess rise rapidly through the sisterhood.

Um, this doesn't look right: should it say "the young priestess' rapid rise through the sisterhood"?

Anyway, I'll be keeping my attention on this :twilightsmile:

I love back story. Now this should be good!

Namyra is so eager to go fight demons. :facehoof:


Ah, the exuberance and innocence of fillies... :facehoof:


I love backstory too! :twilightsmile:


Gah, really? I'll have to quadruple check those apostrophies. :facehoof:


I found it fun writing the younger versions of all the characters. Luna being quick to judge, Celestia more uncertain of herself, and so on.


This story wont explain everything, but it covers a fair bit. :twilightsmile:

4275501 it's funny you mention characters changing, because the only two that don't seem to have changed much are Iridia and Faust. Granted Iridia would probably be the one who would drastically change given it is her foal...

But seriously, Iridia (also granted this is only her first scene and one event does not a statistic make) seems to be just as rude and aloof as she is in the future, and Faust is still kinda a bitch about fate and all that BS she thinks she knows things. Not a bad mother, but pretentious as fuck


Iridia is tricky because her starting point in Myths is very close to who she was at the starting point her. She almost goes full circle by that point. There are differences, naturally. But they are fairly close.

Oh, this is going to be insanely good! Let's do this! :pinkiehappy:

Okay, got a bit more writing done, wasted some time in Beat Hazard, and finished your first entry into M&B prequel-ness.


Witch Mountain - Never Know

Wow, what's with the dislike spamming from people? This is not a terrible story by any means.

Hmm... This should prove to be an interesting read for sure.

Yes, this. Oh how I remember this, certainly it has changed in the time since I last saw it. All for the better though, all these little things make this so much more.

So, the griffins there are like the Romans, only instead of being from Rome they are from somewhere in the counterpart of Africa?

That coverart is amazing.


Indeed, it is. The artist put a lot of time and effort into it. :twilightsmile:


Yes and No. They have some traits and history lifted from Rome, but so do the ponies. Which will be shown in the next part of this story at the Second Battle of Airegos. Pony tactics, and even the names of their units, are derived from the Roman Legions, with cohorts, centurions, and so-forth. While griffons have cataphracts (Byzantine heavy cavalry). No one group is a direct copy of an real-world equivalent, drawing on sources throughout history with various twists and alterations. :twilightsmile:

4275617 We can be thankful that at least Faust is able to mellow out a little after getting her plot whooped by Zeus, then, eh?

4280179 It looks great!

For more relatedness, I'm wondering just what the first sin has to do with this so far. I doubt that it reflects on something in this chapter specifically, since nothing really spoke to me as someone lusting after what another has.

Or perhaps Tundara's just listing each sin at the top. It's only the first chapter, so we'll have to see.:twilightsmile:


The Sins are simply in the order of their importance within the Book of Sol. :twilightsmile: They go Lust, Pride, Avarice, Gluttony, Anger, Sloth, and Envy. I'm actually having a problem with there being more scenes in the story then there are sins to quote. :facehoof::trollestia: What I may have to do is sneak in and stealthily change the quotes around. :rainbowdetermined2::trollestia::moustache: :raritywink:

oh no namyra is cute
too cute

That... is some spectacular cover art. Gonna red the story now.

Daring and Yearling as two separate but related mares? Interesting, so which did we see in the show?

Ooooooo, so the events that happened involving Namyra date to the age of Star Swirl, Clover, Hurricane, etc? I love this story already.

And Sombra too? Neat.

A number of other things I'd comment on, but I'm always a little uncomfortable leaving too detailed of a comment when the story as a whole has less than 50.


Awww... But.. detailed comments! :duck:

As for which Daring is in the show; I haven't seen the latest season yet... So, any similarities will be coincidental. Daring is the Indiana Jones inspired version of season 2. :twilightsmile:

4290358 The one in season four is similar, she just also went by Yearling as a pen-name. It work well enough to imagine that we saw this older version with the details regarding who actually writes the books down left intentionally vague, though when I made the previous comment I had forgotten than S4 and beyond is out of scope for this story 'verse

So how old are Luna and Celestia supposed to be here? Luna at first seems to be playing like a filly with "stubby wings," but later is discussing military strategy with Celestia, for example, "Her Valla" like she's already an adult. Adolescence perhaps? Or is it something else like outrageous maturity for the age, although if they are still in filly bodies, that term is still a bit hard to accept.


The 'stubby wings' belonged to Namyra. Luna is just shy of her second centennial at this point, as is Celestia. :twilightblush:

Well that's interesting, the whole sleeping renewal thing that is... have to wonder now if Iridia's bullshit wasn't at least in part a product of being unrested...


Intense chapter, liking the worldbuilding of Equestria's history. Now I'm curious if it's the same Sombra from the show.

Also error, "Trained since birth for warefare", should remove the extra "E" to make it "Warfare".


Thanks! Corrected. :twilightsmile: And yes, and no. It is Sombra, but since there isn't a Crystal Empire, his backstory (such as there was) is rather different. :twilightblush:


Go a few thousand years with only cat-naps and you'd probably get cranky too. :trollestia:

Bracing herself, Celestia brought his sword up in a precise guard. The steel blade hummed as it accepted Amon’s blow, holding for a precarious moment before pushing the demonic lord back.

One glaring error I noticed.

Still loving this juicy backstory exploration as a whole.


Gah! Stuff always slips through, no matter how many times you re-read. :facehoof: Correction made. Thanks. :twilightsmile:


How well I know that. An author is their own worst editor, no matter how perfect they try to be. Too many cooks may spoil the broth, but a few extra pairs of eyes can find details others missed.

I'm having similar issues with my own epic-in-progress, primarily slipping between past and present tense that I can never seem to catch while writing or rereading before posting.

Third among the Great Sins is Anger. For she whom clouds her judgement with wrathful thoughts will be easily lead astray.


Think of the ponies who wrote and transcribed those books! think of how painstakingly they wrote them with the intention of the second sin being read after the first! You've thrown it all out of balance!

The unicorn legion was a modern marvel of military tactics and engineering, easily the rival for the pegasi clans or the griffon cataphracts. The pegasi, impressed with the unity and solidarity showed among the unicorn infantry, had even started to refer to themselves as legions, taking such names as the Stormthunder Legion or Bladewind Legion, based on their old clan names.

firstly, I'm surprised they would care. Though it makes sense that they'd appreciate such things.

Secondly, cataphracts? you're just making up words, aren't you, Tundy?:trixieshiftleft:

The joint unicorn-pegasus army was the first of its kind, combining the martial might of the Pegasus Empire with the magical prowess of Unicornia. It was truly a force to be reckoned with, grinding the shocked griffon watch-posts beneath a relentless march and, for the first time in recorded history, defeating the griffons in open battle, reclaiming land thought lost.

Score one for teamwork.

Archers and wizards kept one eye skyward, waiting for any griffon foolish enough to draw near, while the balistea had been fitted with what their crews referred to as ‘bird shot’, with predictable grim smiles. The skies above her army would be a decidedly deadly place for any griffon—or pony—to find themselves.

I swear "bird shot" sounds like a pun or something on bird shit. Honestly, it does.

“I…” Celestia glanced back at the faces of the Solar Cabal, all friends and confidants. She’d known them all since they were apprentices, often helping their masters teach them, and then helping them teach their own successors. The idea of letting any one of them face a demon lord filled her with a terrible dread, her jaw tensing and wings extending.

Each looked at her with stern and grim determination. They knew what they’d face down below, and, though each was afraid, every wizard present would mirror their leader’s sentiments if asked.

“Go,” Celestia said, a terrible weight pressing down on her heart.

She knew that she would not see most of them again.

The relief in most of the wizards’ eyes did little to assuage the guilt.

It hurts, doesn't it, Celestia?

I haven't (yet) gotten to why they insist on that, but at least feel satisfied that it's for a good cause. Just don't let it get to you, okay?

“Commander, I leave this to you,” she said as she launched herself skyward in a burning tempest of golden flames.

Arching back to the disc, Celestia conjured a series of solar orbs, shards of Sol’s might and flame.

Alright, Celestia's coming! Now he'll get--

Then the sky was sundered.

And Celestia fell


Fourth among the Great Sins is Avarice. For true wealth is not found in gold or silver, but in the herd

Hmmm...Did you perhaps put the 2nd sin on the first chapter, Tundara? Hmmmmmm?

Daring gave the student—Lyre Heartstrong, if Daring remembered correctly

Related to our fair Lyra, perhaps?

“Only that Hurricane, as a pegasus, wouldn’t have been able to command the Solar Legions, as they were a unicorn army dedicated solely to Celestia, and answering only to her.” With what was supposed to be a triumphant flourish, Daring snatched up her chalk-stick, and wrote in bold letters, ‘History is a tailored lie’, underlining the words for emphasis.

Um, Daring? I'm all for fixing the history books (and I do wonder if striking Celly's fall was her choice or the choice of those below her, but...There's a time and place for it.

Judging by the student, this is a tangent.

“Aren’t we supposed to teach our students the truth, Peri?”

Periwinkle seemed to shrink, the bluster fading from his face. He grew very old within a few moments. Old, and tired. Wandering over to a window placed in the door to Daring’s classroom, Periwinkle stared at the students as they milled around and waited for their professor to return.

“I’m not sure, to be honest, my friend.”

That's not encouraging, Periwinkle! Not encouraging at all!

Okay, finishing this Daring Do bit, and then I'm going to bed...


None of the qoutes of the Great Sins have been skipped. Lust, Pride, Anger, Avarice, and Gluttony have so far been mentioned, with Sloth and Envy still to come. :twilightsmile:

Cataphracts were heavily armoured cavalry of the ancient world. The word is not made up. :twilightblush:

A few moments after being called Lyre, the student says under her breath that her name is Lyra. :moustache:

well away that the game had been lost

Should be "well aware," yes?

Slowly, she realised the spell was having to regrow the tissue, that Celestia’s wing had been severed through means Namyra couldn’t guess.

Ouch...Amon did a good number on her...

“Amon tried to take my sister’s wing. I took his leg.”

Just as I thought when I read that. Good one, Luna!

Shame you couldn't kill him.

We are nothing to them. Ants to be crushed beneath their hooves at a whim. They hold so much power. The ability to reshape the disc to their will. And what do they use it for? Bickering like common foals. One of them is a foal! They squander their might… It isn’t right, Star Swirl.” Sombra began to pace as he spoke, shooting dark, envious looks towards Namyra whenever he passed her cushion.

Hey, there, mister. I know you get all megalomanic later on and subsume the Crystal Empire, but don't you start taking your frustrations out on Namyra!

(5-1 says Sombra instigated the filly's death)

“I do not know, old one. In all honesty, I do not know. She wasn’t always so distant and ‘mysterious’,” Iridia used her wings to make quotation marks even as she sneered the word. “I fear she’s fallen prey to her age and needs to sleep again. I believe I may need to as well, soon. Rest for a few hundred years or more, and awaken new and refreshed in spirit, if not in form.” Iridia gave her head a shake, took a deep breath, and then marched for the door. “But this day, I have a Marquis of the Blighted Host to hunt.”

sleep again? This is what Faust was doing when Twilight and the ship found her, right?

Maybe I need to re-read this story (again), cuz that's the only other time I remember that being mentioned.

Now, a few quick rules, okay?” Luna didn’t wait for Namyra to respond before saying, “Rule number one; Don’t try to touch anything. Especially Sol. Second rule; Don’t attempt to wander off and explore. And lastly; Don’t panic. Understand?”

Fourth rule: Enjoy your surroundings!

I personally think that being able to do that would be pretty cool. 'Specially if I could speak to the stars like Luna can and Twi will.

“It is alright, I understand, love,” Celestia replied, her voice strained and weak. “That would have been far, far worse. Remember Tenochdeerlan, love. We—”

I did that, not you. Sol gave a sheepish huff. Besides… they were at least as brutal as the griffons, if not more so. Why they thought I wanted living sacrifices…

Their version of Tenoctitchlan (spelling)? Yeah, I can see how the ponyfied Aztecs (Azdeer?; in any case, both them and our counterparts) would not be taken kindly to by Celestia and Sol.

Let them panic, and let her wake! My love is wounded, and I wont leave her. Sol grew from the dull, burnished orange back into her blazing form for a few moment, only to wilt and release a great yawn and burst of fire.

Stubborn indeed. Celly'll be fine, don't you worry!

None of them noticed Ioka crack open a mammoth eye and smile up at them before smacking her beak a couple times, stretch her colossal flippers, and then fall back asleep, content that all would be right on her disc.


Okay, now I'm done. I suppose the last chapter will be telling us how Iridia fell, or something along those lines.

I feel a little sorry for Ioka for that last line, considering what'll happen to Namyra. It's the kind of thing you wish would be true but have the unfortunate irony of knowing that it's not.

4320372 Not yet, anyways?

And that's why you sleep more, silly!

None of the qoutes of the Great Sins have been skipped. Lust, Pride, Anger, Avarice, and Gluttony have so far been mentioned, with Sloth and Envy still to come. :twilightsmile:


I'll take your word for it, mister.

Cataphracts were heavily armoured cavalry of the ancient world. The word is not made up. :twilightblush:

That's just...really weird for a word....

A few moments after being called Lyre, the student says under her breath that her name is Lyra. :moustache:

Meanwhile, in Ponyville, Lyra sneezes and wonders who mentioned her.:twilightblush:

Where is your mother that I may tear her filthy, treacherous tongue from her mouth?

Im pretty sure im lacking a interesting story here


All words are made up:trollestia:

What is a quoute, pray tell? :trollestia:

So far so good, although the jump between past and present seems abrupt at times.

I gotta say, letting the Solar Cabal head of to face a demon in a fight that will almost certainly kill most of them seems like a terrible use of resources is Celestia is capable of facing it herself, regardless of the issue of her wanting to protect her friends.

Okay, so much for my previous comment if that is all it took for her to jump in.

And so much for it again if it turns out she wasn't capable of facing it.

That establishes the timing of the framing story if the class would be surprised to hear about Luna and Lyra was a student in the room. Pre-show, but probably only a few years to a decade or so at the most.

Daring didn’t say anything as the door snapped shut at Periwinkle’s hooves. She just took a deep breath, went to her desk, and brushed a wing against the golden cloth. Warmth and life radiated from the cotton strands, tingling along sore muscle and sinew, and allowing Daring to stretch her wing just a little more, her breaths coming a little easier.

That cloth must be pretty important since the main story established that they wouldn't have any major healing magic at this point in the timeline (unless that changed in the rewritten chapters I haven't gotten to yet?). I'm imagining it as a Shroud of Turin or similar artifact. Celestia's swaddling cloth? Or maybe Luna or Namyra's given the issue Daring's boss had with the suggestion of missing alicorns?

Oooo, or maybe the bandages they used on Celestia after the battle. And no wonder the sisterhood rewrote the history of the battle if she was that badly wounded.

“Your Grace,” Star Swirl called after Luna. “What in all that is holy, is that?”
Luna paused, looking over her withers at the group.
“Amon tried to take my sister’s wing. I took his leg.”

Very nice, Luna.

I think we're seeing the seeds of Sombra's discontent there. And I am loving how Clover earned her title, that is excellent.

It's interesting that in 1500 years these demons don't really appear to be a problem.

Yikes, so much for the deer civilization.

Sun hugs, very dangerous.

4326214 Of course, of course. How could I forget.:ajsleepy:

4322005 Cataphracts were the heavily-armoured knights in Byzanthium, which was a re-named East Roman Empire during the Medieval times.

Ok...well, that was... interesting. But now I just really want Namyra to end up okay at the end of this series. It won't happen,because I've learned most authors on this site are jerks, but I'm holding out for a miracle.

Also, Sirius needs a reality check if she's willing to commit basically a crime against nature to help her friend, but refuses to do anything to help her other half (or whatever I can really call her in a situation like this)

So Luna's wish was granted by turning Namyra into the nightmare? :rainbowhuh: And meanwhile her power was turned into something something sombra and the elements of harmony?


The Elements of Harmony were mentioned in the first chapter and already exist in-setting. :twilightsmile: What Sombra took wasn't an Element of Harmony. Couldn't be further from it, in a sense.

The scarf around Daring’s neck blazed with a comforting warmth at the filly’s presence, receded a little as she scampered back to Celestia jubilantly holding her freshly signed autograph book. The warmth began to grow again as Celestia approached and took a seat, summoning her own cup.

Oh yeah, whatever is up with that cloth, it is definitely connected to the goddesses.

There we go, I think I guessed last chapter that the effect on the cloth is from Celestia's blood. And it makes sense that she would just want the Dos to hold off for a few years, if Twilight is a gangly teenager then the thousand year timer is almost done ticking. Ponies may have a right to know, but it is far more important that the stage be properly set to forestall eternal night.

Star Swirl! :raritydespair:

I'm guessing Sombra must have been playing everyone the entire time, it's a bit hard to believe that he's some good guy who just randomly went evil based on nothing more than the predictions of a few gypsies.

Seven crystals, with one dark one being taken by Sombra... Did they just make the Elements? Ooooo, and there go the unicorn dreams. Pretty unfairly too, in my opinion.

All of this just convinces me even more than binding Tyr in the main story was the correct choice.

Brushing aside the burnt remnants of Clover’s mane revealed the filly’s eyeless gaze. Blackened holes were all that remained of her inquisitive eyes, the last fading tendrils of the magic that had struck her still smoldering within the sockets. Luna’s gorge rose at the sight, even with all the horrors she’d seen and battled over her two centuries of life.

Dang, poor Clover.

Crap, and now Luna is up to some craziness too. This is a bad week for the royal family.

Well, we all knew that this was going to end in tears.

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