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While traveling through the magic mirror between worlds, Sunset Shimmer touched upon the realm of Chaos, her course diverted. Rescued by unknown forces, Sunset awoke on a world besieged by daemonic incursions. While running from a daemon, Sunset comes across a dying member of the Order of the Cerulean Chalice, an Ordo Minorus of the Adepta Sororitas. Entrusted with a holy relic, Sunset is given the choice of taking it to the other members of the order, or dying on the doomed planet.

Suspicions surround Sunset on reaching the order, many questioning her nature and whether or not she was sent by their God-Emperor. Some loath her, seeing her as a xenos at worst, or a tainted mutant experiment of the planet's deceased lord at best. Others believe her sent by a Saint, or claim she is merely some form of abhuman. But none of them fully trust Sunset.

To prove herself, Sunset is placed among the scholla within the convent, all while coping with the loss of her magic, and in a new body. There she'll make friends and rivals, and either prove her worth to the Emperor, or die.

Burn the Heretic. Kill the Mutant. Purge the Unclean.

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Comments ( 38 )

Intriguing. i do enjoy a good Sunset isekai story. (No, not the bar. Though that's good too.) Looking forward to seeing where you go with this.


Thanks! Hopefully it will have some staying power and not just sort of fade away as a lot of these types of stories seem to do. :3

I advise less usage of "totally" in conversations.


There is, like, so totally a reason they talk that way.

... As in it is a vestigial relic of when I attempted having them talk like Valley Girls... :rainbowlaugh: One of my experiments that was less than successful.

Edit: I've gone in and removed the remaining 'totally'ies. :pinkiehappy:

Reaching out she touched one.

Now why would you think that's a good a idea missy? Didn't you learn anything about wild magic at CSGU?

Primal energies bit into her flesh like ten thousand teeth, and Sunset screamed. Her skin felt like it was being torn into a million shreds. Fear replaced wonder and she curled in on herself as she continued to plummet through storms of eldritch power.

Sure learned something now...

Only a few impressions remained.

lucky you, that'll learn you to mess around with unstable magical phenomena.

Almost as if hearing her, a trio of angular, arrow shaped Valkyries roared over the courtyard, came about on long jets of flame, and sprayed the complex with weapons Sunset had no words to describe.

Then how did she know that they're valkyries? She's never seen anything more advanced than an airship before,,,

An interesting start you've got going here, let's see where it goes.


Curiosity mixed with wonder, and being a child prone to silly decisions that she should know better. In my head she's the equivalent of 12 or 13-ish at this point.

As for the Valkyries; she doesn't know. By the time I reached them I'd concluded that dancing around narrating only what she knew wouldn't work. Hence why Sister Superior Helen is referred to as a 'woman' right away, rather than 'mare'. I should have done the same with the bolters, auto-stubbers, and other things she doesn't know about. Or, maybe I'm wrong and should have described the valkyries. Hard to say for certain except I didn't want to bog things down and simply 'Get on with it', as it were.


Thanks! Hopefully I can keep it up. :derpytongue2:

Very promising start sunset being an Aeldari is fascinating and joining a custom order is interesting I cant wait to see more in the future
The Emperor protects

When in doubt fix bayonets. That is all I can say so far. I have not fixed mine yet.


*raises shovel*

*happy gasmask noises*


Thank you. I just found it an interesting idea, and a little bit unique of an angle. I'll probably mess up a ton of established Warhammer lore, mind you, as I am not the most well versed. I feel confident that no order would actually take in an aeldari even if she were a child.

Also, unsurprisingly, I can't find anything on how long it takes for aeldari to reach maturity. It's almost like Imperial records don't bother with that sort of thing... :twilightangry2: This may or may not become an issue for Sunset... :twilightoops:

Looking good so far except the shift in narration motioned by others. This will maybe be my second favourite Sunset Isekai ever.

Now to the maturity thing. In the novels Path of Eldar the main hero is around 40-60 when he joins the "army" and his childhood friend is referred "child" several time by the council of seers... from that I gathered that they are just considered adults by their Craftworld standards.
About the physical maturity? Do not have a clue... It probably depends if the eldar is natural or "tube" born. But probably it would not be a stretch if you made it somewhere around 30. There is new "bestiary" coming out this year that should have all xenos physiology in it.


Hmmm, would it be worthwhile to 'fix' the narrative perspective? I think the smoothest fix would be to describe the valkyries rather than just name them. The follow-up chapter I've been working on tonight I've been describing the Mars-class cruiser rather than just name-drop it. Not sure I should use a Mars though or go with a Lunar.

Interesting news on the bestiary. I'll have to get that as a gift for my brother. He is far more into Warhammer than I am and got me into the hobby. Having Sunset age at half the speed of her classmates could be an interesting angle for a chapter or story arc. Thank you for the bit of info!

Depends on the audience. The safe way would be to describe everything so non 40k fans could enjoy this story... But who clicks on a Warhammer crossover without knowing what 40K is, right?
The question of the ship class... mmm... depends on how important you want to make the specific order of these sisters. But Lunar-class would fit better in my opinion for a minor order flagship. Maybe even downgrade to a light cruiser.

haha, i was wondering about that.
because that way of speaking was honestly kinda jarring. was fearing to hear "tremendous, big league" and other trumpisms next, but i guess we'll hear more "awesome, sweet!, okidoki" and "dagnabit" next.

I'll stay to find out. :pinkiehappy:

I wonder if sunset will be able to figure out how to make wraithbone? Cause if she can fuse imperium tech with eldar tech then...

So, we have Sunset encounter grandpappy Nurgle only to be saved by some sort of radiance (I'm only peripherally familiar with WH4K), and get caught up in a raid on a chaos stronghold.

Consider my interest caught.


Lunar's are the more common class, and it is certainly big enough to fit my needs. I'll go with it.

Cross-overs are always weird beasts to write and read. How much do you take for granted of your audiences awareness of the crossed over material? Assume nothing and you can end up bogging the narrative down with exposition and descriptions. Well versed, and the uninitiated will have no idea what things you name drop are or look like, how they operate, etc. It's a balancing act.


No, no 'Trumpisms'. There is a vast difference between 'Valley Girl' and 'Trumpian'. Would have been/was a lot of 'like', 'totally', 'I mean, honestly, Stacey--', and so on. Was more about comma placement and filler words, but it made the reading extremely clunky. Works for the snarky queen bee girls in a teen movie set in an Californian high school, not a Warhammer story. :derpytongue2:


Wraithbone.... Hmmmm.....

*Furiously scribbles notes*


Thanks! I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to Warhammer lore, so I'll probably make mistakes. Especially on how the cosmological entities operate or act.

Typically Eldar live for well over a thousand years by human standards so given that i probably guesstimate that Eldar reach maturity in a little over 400 years or more of course then theres the Farseers who live for several thousand more than a normal Eldar and much like what AdaaaM said when hitting 30 they could still be referred to as "children"

I thought that some eldar are millions of years old (alive when the war in heaven was going on) aren't they immortal?

I guess by some accounts they can be immortal (see wraithguards and wraithlords) but the official wiki stats they can be couple thousand or several thousand (several thousand if they are Farseers) though to be alive when the war in heaven started they would had to have survived the birth of She who thirsts (slaanesh) which devastated the Aeldari Empire at the end of the War in Heaven and dont get me started on the Drukhari (Dark Eldar) who probably prolong their lifespan by using drugs and other methods


I also blame you in part for this story! :rainbowwild: You and my brother and his friends and your Warhammering! :yay:


I believe that the War in Heaven was millions of years before humanity even formed its first settlements on Holy Terra, where as the birth of Slaanesh was around 25k-ish. Basically right when mankind was starting to recover from their war with the AIs.

Oh yeah I guess my info was a bit off

Nice. I have been watching a lot of lore videos of WH40K and reading some of the fanfic here as of late, but you're the first whose story focus on the Sisters of Battle.

Sunset being an Eldar, or at least perceived as one, will surely bring a lot of hardship during her indoctrination. Though do be honest, the adepta Sororitas would never accept a Xenos. I not even sure, knowing how zealous they are, they would accept an abhuman.

But in all fairness, we are talking here about an Order Minoris and it's not like hypocrisy doesn't go hand in hand in the Imperium of Man.

Anyway good start, I'll be waiting for the next chapter.

Here, some inspiring music and imagery.

The Necrons waking up in 40k have slept for 60 million and went to sleep immedeately after the WiH.

As for eldar ages, it is comlicated, they used to be either immortal or close to it before the fall but the birth of Slaanesh and its universal iou on all Eldar souls put an end to it.
At the time of 40k the oldest Eldar are Eldrad Ulthran(~10000 years old when he died in the 13th black crusade), the Phoenix Lords(for a certain definition of alive as they possess the next wearer of their armor when killed but the souls are pre-fall) and maybe vect(he claims to have been around to witness the birth of Slaanesh but his claim is the only source so he might be lying).

Normal eldar seem live a long but finite live which seems to be extended for active and powerful psykers like Eldrad, though farseers tend to crystalize with age until they turn into statues upon (natural) death.
Though there should be a few older ones in the various craftworlds infinity circuits.

Drukhari(Dark eldar) on the other hand, can in theory live indefinitely as long as they offer up sufficient amounts of pain and suffering from their victims, but are at constant risk of having their souls slurped up by Slaanesh.
No psykery for them because opening themselves to the Warp to the required degree means instant suicide.


Thank you, that is some good info. :twilightsmile:


Oh, yeah, if we're going by the lore as written, they'd have just left Sunset to survive or die on the planet as the absolute extent of their generosity to her. More likely instant purging because a filthy xenos touched the box holding their holy relic.

At the same time, 40k is just full of contradictions and inconsistencies.

I she actually an Eldar or does she just look like it?
Because they are very different from humans under the Hood(Skin).


She is, and she isn't. My idea is that to cleanse Nurgle's curse/infections, Isha transformed Sunset physically into something close to an aelf. It was done hurriedly and on a spur of the moment. Something that could be done from her cage for Sunset. Sunset's soul is still that of a unicorn, so She Who Thirsts has no claim over Sunset. I haven't settled on how 'elfy' Sunset is quite yet, if I am being honest.


Because her soul is that of a unicorn can she "evolve" and gain wings like an alicorn? Thus making her an aldari with wings! And boosting her phsycic powers!

So I went and double checked Path of the Warrior... because I have nothing better to do... And Alaitoc Eldar reach sociological maturity around 20 passes. And also have a puberty ekvivalent. It is implied in the 3rd book that the pass vs. standard Terra year is somewhere between 1,5 to 2 years for 1 pass. So my 30 years was pretty close. Also 500 passes old warrior is considered retirement worthy.
As for the power level. In the novels light Eldar infantry (around 100) moped the floor with the Guard (not even implied but greater several times) with taking single digit losses. Got rekt by 30 space marines in return.


Oooh! That's some very good info! Thank you!


Well, would certainly be useful as a Seraphim or Zeraphim... :yay:

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