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Early one night, Sunset Shimmer meets a man called The Doctor when he literally crashes into her life. While she is wary of him at first, she soon comes to trust him, as he convinces her that he is not a threat, and that they may need each others help, especially when an ancient and terrifying enemy from The Doctor's past is discovered to be terrorising the students of Canterlot High School.

Can this odd duo combine forces in order to defeat this threat before it's too late?

A/N: This is the beginning of my own take on season 11 of Doctor Who, which I'm hoping will grow into a long saga.

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Wow, I was thinking of a Doctor Who series too.

I am more of a David Tennet fan my self but Matt Smith is cool too

Doctor crashes. Weeping Angels.

That is how 'Doctor Whooves Adventures' started.

Yeah your right, I only just remembered that myself. Honestly I was just trying to think of a monster to put in there to finish off the chapter. Now I feel like a fool. What do you think I should have used instead?

I love season 11 and I congratulate you on making an excellent chapter.

together the reason why I like season 11 and 12 was because I was new to that series

Thanks, glad you enjoyed the chapter. If you actually enjoyed season 11 then good on you. After episode 6 I just couldn’t take anymore, it was so boring!

And don’t get me started on season 12, that just made things so much worse.

Yeah my favourite new series Doctor will always be David Tennant.

Oh, it's ok.
It was the combo of TARDIS crash and Weeping Angel that jogged my memory.

So, just make sure the story you have planned doesn't borrow much more from DWA. It's ok to be similar. It's not ok to be an edited copy.

Sunset was no stranger to the unusual and then a madman in a magic blue box crashed landed on her car. Also don't blink.

So... Based on Series 11... Does that mean you chunked out Jodie and am keeping Peter Capaldie/or a new male doctor altogether?

I want this story to be as far removed from season 11 and 12 as possible, so yes I’m sticking with my own Doctor for this. No mention of Jodie whatsoever.

Instantly 1000% times better. Gonna give this a read!

Domhnall Gleeson

Rebecca Shoichet

Doctor Who
- The New Adventures -

The Man Who Fell At Sunset
Written by Solar Force

Wow! Thank you so much for this! This is awesome! Now I’m thinking I should do something like this in future chapters.

Thanks. I got the choice of Gleeson as the Doctor from YouTuber B-WHERE. He's planning an Audio Drama series to completely replace Chris Chibnall's era; new Doctor, new Sonic, new TARDIS, new companion, new everything:

Wow! That's fantastic! I hope it goes well! Thanks for the heads up.

Outside the apartment, on a rooftop on the opposite side of the street, stood a tall statue, in the shape of a woman, wearing a long flowing dress, and with large wings, like an angel. She had her hands over her eyes, like she was weeping.


Here ya had me worried we were actually gonna get the actual 13th doctor. And weir starting of with a classic doctor who monster? Can't wait to see what happens next.

So when’s more of this happening

I'm actually in the process of writing the next chapter of this so hopefully soon.

For Sunset's sake, I hope her element doesn't ever go off while touching him. At lest not unless she has some wings. Getting into his head is going to be very bad while still mortal!

So, a cockatrice from Equestria and a Weeping Angel? One you can't look at, and the other you can't look away from.


Interesting. If I am honest, I had completely forgotten this existed, much less it being on my tracking. This was rather intriguing, and while Sunset felt a little out of character, it was certainly a good read. I look forward to what cones next.

Glad you enjoyed it. You say Sunset was out of character? How? Did I make her too angry or something? I don’t mind the criticism. I’m just curious.

Actually there’s going to be a bit of a twist with this Weeping Angel. One I hope you will find interesting.

Oh, a new power of the Weeping Angel?

Well I don't want to give to much away but I've got something interesting planned for this Weeping Angel.

Fantastic! The quote of the Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston.

Poor Trixie, going into alleyways and getting stoned...

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