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New mlp episode opinion VIX · 4:26pm Sep 3rd, 2016

Well another Saturday meaning another mlp episode
1: plot is interesting
2: Rainbow Dash really doesn't now a game she's seems good at and yet she's a wonderful
3: Buckball must an Apple family game for many to not know about it
4: For first timers Fluttershy and pinkie pie are the best and Snails too it seems he's gotten better with magic sense Season 1
5: Pinkie pie has a unicorn costume that's weird

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Thank you, I loved it here, lol. xDD

2398048 I have a blog that will tell you what happened on my user page

But how did that happen

Unforgivably my story Mane 7 reacts to RWBY got revoked so sorry about the trouble

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