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This story is a sequel to Cinematic Adventures: The Conjuring

So far the Mane Six and Spike have been in many strange and exciting adventures. From the land of Oz, to the shores of Spooky Island. They’ve helped a little sea sponge save his town, and they’ve rescued a helpless family from a demonic spirit. Now they will find themselves facing their biggest challenge to date. Watch as they journey to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to join Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger on the adventure of a lifetime. They will cast spells, fly broomsticks, and craft potions, all while trying to trying to stop the most dark Wizard that has ever existed in the Wizarding World, Lord Voldemort.

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*Raise my glass* To Harry Potter...the boy who lived...!

Hagrid gave one last sniff, nodding with a half-hearted smirk. The group turns back for one more look at the small bundle, just lying motionless along the doorstep. The final thing Dumbledore leaves behind, as he leans upon the bundle is a single letter addressed to the masters of this house.

“Good luck… Harry Potter.”

And now a moment with Discord

This has been a moment with Discord

Yeah And this is gonna be fun

Oh yeah, this oughta be good. Are you going to put in stuff from the books?

11 years? So Princess Twilight will be sole princess by then, and Luster Dawn would still be a young filly... oh maybe Luster can be a Hufflepuff?

No you don’t get it. This starts just after the first episode of FIM

Yay! it's has arrive!!!

Hmm, intriguing set up.

I think this’ll wind up being my favorite story(and series within a series) of the CA by far.

Great start! I can't wait to see how this goes!

This will be interesting

Hold on a sec! Celestia, Luna, and Dumbledore know each other?!

ah that answers that. I still find '11' years to be abit of a stretch. But thats just me being nitpicky. Can't wait for more

And so it all begins, at the cusp of the one year anniversary since the series' creation, we proceed with the start of one of the most famous franchises not just in the cinematic line-up but an adaptation of one of the greatest literary series of all time. And we begin just the way as we might expect: A dark cold night, a reunion between friends old and new. While we already know how this movie begins, what the fans have just witnessed is foreshadow of something bigger that ultimately drives the series. For up till now, the most plot development we've had is the release of the 'Legion of Doom' under the command of a mysterious 'Benefactor' with even stranger tides to the television, the central part of this series as a whole.

The meeting between Equestria's heroes and 'The Boy Who Lived' is guaranteed to leave fans excited for what we have in mind. It'll be our biggest project we've ever tackled yet, but we are confident the fans will most surely enjoy what we have in mind.

Hey, the next time you can do one adventure with the Young six?

Oh man guess twilight is going to freak out when see magic,book spell and lots of crazy stuff

Nice start. Though, I'm kinda worried to see the scene involving the... Unicorn Blood.

To that we say cheers. This is sure to be an adventure the fans will most surely never forget.

Ah yes, P-D. Just wait till we get our girls into the realm of Hogwarts. The commentary established for this movie should be highly promising.

That's the idea. Fun for two major audiences: The MLP fans and the Harry Potter fans.

The last thing we want is to make this a shot-by-shot remake. There's tons of details Mr. Enigma and I want to include. But we'll know for sure once I get the good word from the boss man.

If we're talking Equestria's 'present' situation. But as Mr. Enigma explained more clearly, the Princesses that visited Hogwarts during the time Harry is left on his relatives porch come from the time frame of the first season. This is before the girls major confrontation with the villains known collectively as the 'Legion of Doom' and this time is just before Twilight eventually assumes the position of Ruler of Equestria. This foreshadow is meant to established this has all been planned out from the beginning, demonstrating that the events that came prior to the 'Cinematic Adventures' was by no means an accident in some way.

Thank you very much, Mr. Ribbert.

While we understand certain elements of this movie were glossed over, specifically the abuse situation, there's only so much we can really acknowledge. I'm sure Mr. Enigma and I will come up with something.

And it's only just beginning my friend.

We shall see. We still have a long ways to go and this is our longest project to date.

Neither can I. Mr. Enigma and I have been planning this project for months.

Indeed. This will be a magical adventure.

And promising. We cannot forget that.

We'll keep those concerns in mind. If Mr. Enigma has a project in mind involving the Young Six, I'd be the first to know personally.

The bigger question is: How can Twilight 'not' freak out over this?

Well, I love it already

Well we're not quite there just yet. But your concerns are duly noted. We're still going over it anyway, but we acknowledge just the same.

Your story has an interesting start and has a lot of promise. I will be interested in reading future chapters. That being said, a few notes:
1) The Dursley's live on Privet Drive, not Private Drive.
2) The pacing was way too fast. Having just reread HP&SS, JK Rowling took her time with the first chapter. She didn't rush it.
3) The grammar needs some work. For instance, the tense shifts between present and past for no reason.


'Kay. I was asking because there are stuff from the first book that wasn't included in the first movie, like Snape's grudge towards Harry's father for saving his life, the Potions and troll part of the obstacles towards the Sorcerer's Stone, and of course Peeves himself (who wasn't even seen in all the movies).

1. Easy mistake. It was an unwanted grammar fix.

2. We're not Rowling, but your concerns are noted.

3. Obviously. Easy fixes.

If it's too much for you, you may take your leave if you wish.

But you let me know too, okay?

Aw yeah! I may not be a mega fan of the series, but still a fan of Harry Potter! Can’t wait for what’s to happen

And just like that, everything went back to being family friendly (for now).

We're very busy people. Mr. Enigma and I have so much to do. So try not to keep your hopes too high if we don't respond right away.

Well if you're this excited with the prologue, we're confident you'll like what we have in mind for the rest of the story.

Well of course it's family friendly. It is the first movie after all. We haven't even tackled the more adult themes of the series just yet. That's when we 'really' go all out.

Sorry, because i have a obsession with they

I don’t doubt that. This is a long movie. And a meaty one at that.

Wasn't the owl on the sign an eagle owl?

Wow and i thought my reaction to the spongebob movie was going to be the most excitement i would expiriece with this series. I can't wait for this since i love both the movies and books! Super cool that your letting the princesses have a connection to the wizzarding world! That's really cool, also I'm Sorry about putting that pressure on you when i was asking about the conjuring chapter. No need to rush, that was never my intention

It was either an Eagle Owl or just a regular barn owl.

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