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Rainbow Dash decides to shave herself nude to be more aerodynamic, much to the amusement of everyone around her.

She flies the whole Mustang Marathon that way, and beyond, all the while nervous about who will see her nude body. And it will be weeks before it finishes growing back, and that's only if she doesn't need to shave it again for another race.

Cover image was the inspiration for the fic, used with permission.

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Alright. First off, I like this story because finally I'm not the only one doing bald pony stuff.

Second, I don't want to be rude, but you need a proof reader. There's a lot of crossing between human ideas and pony ideas that hurt the overall execution of the story. If Rainbow Dash really did shave herself totally bald, how would she be recognized since she doesn't have her characteristic mane? How could the announcer not know something was up when her whole head and face was nothing but pink skin?

Thank you for the comment. I was wondering why the thumbs-down ratio. But I'm not sure I fully understand.

I'd figured she'd be completely wrapped up in the towel, Jedi-robe-style. And, of course, would be called in by the announcer as normal.
But this isn't a 'confusion of human ideas'. Are you talking about the basic idea of nudity? I figured the resulting accentuation of certain features like the plot would be found by some as sexy, while others would find a shaved dash as looking embarrassingly ridiculous, and then with the ridiculousness, the potential for mortification, of Dash not wanting to have the accentuation seen.

I can certainly add more clarification to the story if it would make the idea more digestable, or am I completely on the wrong track?

I'm not really sure how to explain what I'm trying to reference. Reading over the story, it feels like it was intended to feature anthros but was switched at the last moment to feature ponies instead.


I liked it too but I was more concerned about the flying if she was bold how does she have feathers

I wondered the same thing about flying, but the story said she left her primary feathers in place. I think the secondary and tertiary feathers would be necessary as well for flight, but it isn't my canon here.

Oh I guess I was enjoying the story I didn't noticed that

Seems legit, but the 'porn' and 'sex' and 'fetish' tags seem unnecessary since this is none of those things.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

This is so awesome :rainbowkiss: I can't wait to read more!

Unfortunately, there is no innuendo tag. Nor is there a "feeling humiliated" tag. So I'm filing the sexual and fetish warnings under 'better safe than sorry.' I don't want anyone to not realize the story is rated ' T '.

If there's no implied sex, there need not be a sex or fetish tag. Nudity is simply a teen-rated subject. Only if you're trying to sexualize it does it need those tags.

Spitfire you troll! You really should be ashamed of yourself.

:twilightsheepish: Furless Rainbow doesn't bother you?
:duck: Darling Twilight I spend a lot of time with Precious Scales
:rainbowderp: Oh , wow I just realized Spike has no fur
:twilightsmile: Not even a fuzzy tail like Smolder or Dragon Lord Ember
:moustache: I'm back!
:twilightblush: Now that Spike has wings he flies everywhere
:raritywink: Did you bring my supplies from Griphonstone?
:moustache: Yea got it all, I just got back and they say I broke some silly record
:rainbowhuh: WUT?!

This story is just getting sillier as it goes along. Not that that's a bad thing.

Why does this not have more likes? I approve of any story which digs into the fact that Ponies are naked all the time...

Okay i question why air resistance is even a thing. They have skin right uniform to deal with that.

It helps, but not enough :)

Shorn of her fiery red fur

Isn't Spitfire's fur yellow?

Have you seen the size of their tails and some of their manes? Wonderbolts are like peacocks.

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