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EFNW 2022! · 11:50pm July 26th

A little late on getting the word out this year, but I just wanted to let you all know, I'll be there!

Mostly gonna be hanging around the writer track, doing writer things. Also will be doing at least one panel, on how to be a Dungeon Master (it was my roommate's panel idea, and I said I'd help with it, since I've DM'd before for a solid year-long campaign and got pretty good at it). Might also jump in on helping with other writing track panels if they need people, don't know yet.

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Important Announcement! · 9:36pm Jun 6th, 2021

Regarding Everfree Northwest 2021:

:raritystarry: It. Is. ON!!! :raritystarry:

I'll be there. Catch me if you can. I hope I catch you there if you're going too.

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Thanks for the Watch!

Thank you for the follow! Don’t know why, but I appreciate it none the less

Thanks for the watch!

And now I feel like; somebody’s watching me XD. But seriously though, thanks for the follow.

I appreciate having you Watch me.

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