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More plush? More plush! · 6:00pm April 18th

Her name is Sea Spray.

All plain old solids and stock colors of minky, no custom dyes or gradients this time. The hard part of making this one was all the coat markings: socks, ear tips, and muzzle blaze, and all of them had to be hand-sewn. So did the yellow tips on the orange mane and tail. But even so, I wouldn't change anything, because it turned out pretty good.

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It's that time of the year again! · 12:44am Dec 3rd, 2020

It's the holiday season on FimFic, and you know what that--

Well. Some of you might remember this. For others, it might have been before your time on FimFic. I think I have a pretty wide "age demographic" of watchers.

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Ah, another user who's page I can use to spread my musical tastes

What kind of music you like?

You deserve a smile, friend! :rainbowkiss::heart::pinkiesmile:

Hey there, and thanks for the watch!

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