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I wrote a thing for a collaborative story! And it (my part) is about Best Former Villain! · 1:18am Nov 18th, 2017

Yes! First thing I've had published on FimFic in a while, though not for lack of trying – Sunrise is still incoming... someday...

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Omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omgggggeeeeeeeheeeheee... You replied!!!!! I was half expecting you to not see this at all. Thank you so much for responding! And sorry for the overreaction... sometimes, I'm still a kid at heart. 😁

Amazing to see you're still a part of the fandom and have been for so long!
Not so sure I can say the same about myself, haha. If I stick around long enough, I might see your newest work of art!

I'm glad to hear that things got better; makes my day :D

Also, I'm pretty sure I live quite far away from wherever you must be. Not so many people have heard about the area where I live and there certainly aren't any conventions here! I've also never been to one anyway. But, if I could, I totally would want to meet you in real life! You sound like a nice person to get to know.

All in all, I'd like to applaud you from all you've come through, your work here and what you do to give back to the community and even the world. Again, you're quite the talented person, and I'm happy you don't let that go to waste.

Sorry for the length of this, and do enjoy the rest of your day or night, and your life! (And thanks for responding, again!!)

Yes, it did come from me.
But that was a long time ago, in a very different place. Don't worry, things got a lot better. I'm a much happier person now.

I do still write, too. I have a story coming, in fact, it's just taking a while to finish. I've also been part of the writing track staff for Everfree Northwest for the last couple years, and I'll be on staff again at EFNW 2019. I know a lot of people aren't exactly into ponies enough to do the convention thing, but if you ever do happen to go, feel free to find me and say hi.

So long story short, yes, I'm still active in the fandom and I'm doing pretty good now. Thanks for reading.

Um, hi, er, Sir?

I know this is probably very random, and very strange...but, uh, if you do see this... I just wanted to ask you something.

Firstly, your work is VERY beautiful. I've never seen anything like it. Maybe you don't write anymore, but what you have, it's amazing. You are talented, whether you'll acknowledge that or not. :D

And I just wanted to know, well, there's one particular story of yours that always stuck with me. It's "Born in Equestria." I re-read in for the first time in what, one, two years? I had always told myself I had to go back and re-read that, because I still remember the first night I did. And if you really did write that... If it really came from YOU, well, I just wanted to know... If you're a happy person now, who loves life and everything?

Because I think if I don't put some closure on that, I'll be stuck lamenting how unfair life can be.

But I know it's been years since you wrote that.

I appreciate any feedback you have. I really want to improve my writing.


You're welcome. Been meaning to ever since EFNW, just had a lot in the way. Making more time for reading now, though! I was wondering if you'd like my thoughts / critical feedback on what I've read (via private message, of course - I definitely don't want to be posting criticisms in the public comments if an author's not comfortable with that).

  • Viewing 131 - 135 of 135
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