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The original Sunburst!

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New story from Grand Moff Pony! · 12:29am October 10th

Spreading the word about some horsewords real quick here: Grand Moff Pony just published about 2k of 'em that I think went pretty well According to Plan.

A bit on the fluffy side, but it's quick, it's cute, and I pre-read it... so now that it's published, you should go read it too!

I mean... if you want... :yay:

Contains spoilers for s9e23, so fair warning there, but nothing major.

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Thank you for reading 'The first time ever'.
I hope you liked it! Hopefully more stories will follow soon.

Thanks for the follow, Winston! Can I ask how I earned it?

Yes it is! Also welcome to discord! I'm streaming now so can't talk much.

Why am I the original Sunburst? Oh, haha, well, it's a... actually, a pretty short story.
Sunburst is the name of the protagonist in my stories Seashell and Ghost Lights. She's a pegasus mare. These stories were also written well before the canonical Sunburst of the show ever appeared, and it was pretty amusing to me that the canonical character she name-collided with turned out to be a unicorn stallion.
But I was first on the draw for that name, darnit, and there's a lot of myself in that character, so I maintain that I am the original Sunburst.
I mean, no, it doesn't matter and I don't think Hasbro really cares, but it's a great conversation starter of a tagline, right?

  • Viewing 137 - 141 of 141
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