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No more lying to myself. I'm finally free.

Come check out my new e-book!

It's not pony-related, but if you have a Kindle, a couple of bucks, and some spare time, come check it out!

Donald Pelowski is a lonely nobody who is bullied often in school and desperately wants to catch the eye of his crush. Jessica Garrett, the love of his life, is harassed every day by her ex-boyfriend and his friends, and must come home to a drunken, abusive father. Despite their differing social classes, Donald and Jessica have more in common than they realize, and form a bond. They face hardships together and grow stronger, but can they find love? Only if they take a deeper look through one another's eyes.


Now available for Kindle devices at Amazon.com!

My non-pony-related writing

LATEST BLOG POST: "Disney Villain Rater -- Lady Tremaine"

Main page: jageorgeauthor.blogspot.com

^^NOTE: mature content above.^^

THROUGH MY EYES, an e-book for Kindle devices, now available on Amazon.com!

CAMP ACONYTE, my first novella, available on Barnes and Noble and Amazon.com!

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Looking for donations to help me get my career together.

The link is down below. Donate if you can. Thanks!

A word about me

I've been an uncloseted Brony since about July 2014. I'm also an amateur novelist who has an interest in messing around with other people's stuff.

And by that, I mean writing fanfics.

I've already done fanfics based on Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Rosario + Vampire, and I'm still working on a massive anime crossover, and I thought I'd try my hand at writing an MLP fanfic. I posted in a group on Facebook, and a few people liked it and said I should bring it here.

It didn't work out as well as I'd hoped. :'(

But I've written quite a few other stories since then, and they have all done much better. So much so that I've gotten numerous ideas for other stories that I'm just itchin' to try out!

As for the non-Pony side of me, I am basically a huge kid. I love video games, anime, and losing myself in great stories (whether they were written by me or not). I'm a huge Pokemon fan, I ritualistically follow the progress of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and I am obsessed with the music of Michael Jackson. Shamone!

And now, the more serious stuff. I'm 27 years old, and I found my knack for writing when I was a freshman/sophomore in high school. I wrote a short horror story as a class project that won over anyone who read it, and when I rediscovered the story as a senior, I cleaned it up, dusted it off, added to it, and it became my first published book, "Camp Aconyte". Now, I'm looking for an agent/publisher for my next novel, but the search isn't going too well . . .

Neither is my search for a girlfriend. Bummer. Anyway, depressing things aside . . .

I wasn't sure what to make of the whole "Brony" craze when I'd first heard about it. I admit, I was greatly confused at the number of grown men who enjoyed the show. So I decided to watch the pilot and see for myself. Before I knew it, I was halfway through the first season, and the more I watched, the more confused I got. But I also loved it more and more. At first, I was in denial, trying to swear off the stuff like an addict. A few episodes in, I just shrugged and said "Why not? Nobody has to know. Besides, it's not that interesting anyway" (oh, how I lied to myself!!). Finally, the episode "Dragonshy" won me over entirely, and I've been a full-fledged Brony ever since.

And in case I don't make it obvious later on: Fluttershy is my waifu. <3 <3 <3

I also do a little editing/proofreading on the side. Need a little work done on your story? No problem! I got an eye for these kinds of things.

Well, that's pretty much it about me. Thanks for going through this little pamphlet of my life. And thanks for reading! :D

The Steam Collection

  • Shy Girl She's cute, she's sweet, and she's very, very shy. But you still want to get to know her better. Of course, she could be a completely different person when she's comfortable . . . by LightningSword 4,549 words · 12,535 views · 537 likes · 42 dislikes
  • 'Cause I Like You, Silly! With all the attention she pays to you, it's clear that she likes you. But does she really? You're not sure. She's acting too weird! by LightningSword 4,074 words · 11,687 views · 568 likes · 45 dislikes
  • GOAL! You and Rainbow Dash have been playfully picking on each other for years. But once it goes too far, she'll make sure you either regret it, or never forget it . . . by LightningSword 5,124 words · 10,375 views · 416 likes · 44 dislikes
  • Farm Hand: Apply Within Your hard work on Sweet Apple Acres may cause heads to turn. You're hoping for just one . . . by LightningSword 7,931 words · 6,904 views · 319 likes · 28 dislikes

Best Works

  • Just a Bad Colt While sitting in the corner, in time-out, a young colt takes the time to self-reflect. by LightningSword 3,451 words · 2,428 views · 149 likes · 9 dislikes
  • Roaring and Screaming One would think a mean griffin and a timid pony meeting again would end in disaster. But this timid pony's not so timid anymore. by LightningSword 3,871 words · 3,519 views · 357 likes · 20 dislikes
  • Can Ya Fix Her? Rarity's latest customer has a bit of a problem. And it'll take more than a needle and thread to fix it . . . . by LightningSword 3,403 words · 3,707 views · 540 likes · 15 dislikes
  • One More Dance A troubled boy on the roof proves that Sunset Shimmer still has to account for her mistakes by LightningSword 21,976 words · 5,162 views · 254 likes · 23 dislikes
  • So Much Leg . . . Why do almost all the girls at Canterlot High wear short skirts!?! by LightningSword 3,619 words · 7,087 views · 296 likes · 46 dislikes

The Nocturne-verse

  • The Phantom Pony of Everfree Who is the Phantom Pony of Everfree? What is he? And can he be approached with anything but fear? by LightningSword 61,558 words · 1,937 views · 156 likes · 16 dislikes
  • Story of Our Lives Six original characters gather around to chat about life, and what it means to be an OC. by LightningSword 3,413 words · 605 views · 58 likes · 7 dislikes
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  • Hearts a-Flutter Nocturne, not a big fan of Hearts-and-Hooves Day, tries to celebrate it anyway . . . with Fluttershy. But they're not dating! They're not!! by LightningSword 4,763 words · 634 views · 58 likes · 20 dislikes
  • She Rocks My World A pony out on the town takes his friend through an encounter with gangsters, dancers, and the mare of his dreams. His life will never be the same . . . by LightningSword 10,259 words · 632 views · 53 likes · 20 dislikes

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Need some art · 6:56pm Last Wednesday

Writing from my phone, so have to keep this quick. First, internet's back! :yay: I'm at work now, though, so not near a computer.

Second, got two new Nocturne stories I need art for. If anyone's interested, message here or PM.

Thanks! :pinkiehappy:

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