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A group for Bronies and Pegasisters who are fans of the late great King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

There didn't seem to be a group like this yet, so I made one. :yay:

Here, you can chat, discuss and mingle with other MJ fans as you see fit. Topics can be about anything MJ related, or better yet, anything MJ/MLP crossover related. His albums and songs, his music videos, his concerts, his movie roles, his music styles, his celebrity buddies, his charity work, and yes, even his controversies are allowed topics here.


1 -- General site rules apply

2 -- Maintain courtesy in the forum. Treat others with dignity and decency.

3 -- No general bashing of any kind. That will be warned, and another incident will ban you. Specifically, no bashing Michael. Yes, his past troubles can be discussed, but any posts/threads outright calling him a freak/loser/criminal/pedophile/psycho will be deleted, and you will be banned. This group is for appreciating MJ and his memory. Keep it that way.

I really have nothing beyond that, so I'll keep it there until something else comes up.

Anyway, come by, chat, have a good time, and let me know if you find any stories on the site related to MJ. I'll put them in the folder immediately.

And remember, guys--love and tolerate. Shamone!

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Comment posted by insolentboi deleted May 23rd, 2015

393547 believe it or not... the 'Beat It' pmv and Weird Al's 'Eat it' were what got me to look up his music, and, man, I am glad I did :yay:

393543 I felt the same way when "The Proud Family" (on the Disney Channel) covered "Enjoy Yourself". That's how I discovered the Jacksons. :pinkiesmile:

393542 I know, right? Imagine my surprise when I discovered this-
Was the same song as this-

393540 Glee . . . . yeesh. :twilightoops: You're lucky you discovered MJ when you did. :rainbowlaugh:

393539 :twilightsheepish: Thanks. I just feel so weird now, because I'm like, a huge fan(girl) of his, so looking back, i feel so dumb for saying ' who cares' whenever the topic came up at school.

(I blame my mom. She played Glee Cds in the car)

393520 Same here. I saw the "Thriller" video when I was 4, and ever since, I've wanted to be like Mike. :twilightsmile:

393538 I remember having to hide my love for his music in school because of all the things they said about him. :twilightsheepish: Don't feel bad.

I remember the first time I heard of Michael was when he died. I feel so ashamed to admit it now, but i didn't even care. I had no idea who he was, and I certainly didn't know why my parents were making a big deal about it. A little while later, I looked up his music....and jeez, you people have know idea how guilty I felt. I remember literally.....LAUGHING when someone told me that he once got set on fire during a Pepsi commercial. I don't know why I'm posting this now......but I just needed to get this off my chest :ajsleepy::fluttercry::fluttershysad::heart:

MJ was literally the first artist I had ever listened to! I started listening to him when I was a toddler, and never stopped.
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