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Staff Reminder: Roleplaying on Fimfiction itself is banned, so while this group may exist to organize Roleplaying that takes place on another site, roleplaying within the group itself/on Fimfiction in general is not allowed. This warning to be ignored at your own peril.

This is a role play for Equestria High, the newest high school in Equestria. Students can come from anywhere in Equestria, just as long as they are the right age. You can be an OC, or a canon character. Canon characters are first come first serve. To have a character please fill out the form:
Pic (optional)
Mane Color(s)
Body Color
Cutie Mark
Eye Color
Extra Description
Personality (please use paragraphs)
Town that they lived in
Year (Freshmen=Filly/Colt age, Sophmore=ages 12-14, Juniors=15-16, Seniors=16,18)
Job (if old enough)
Extra Courses (list below)
Courted/Being Courted by/Dating

When you RP, please use 4+ sentences. Each pony will be played, and you have to RP, once a week. You can submit your pony in the forums below.

Extra Courses List (choose 0-3):
Track and Field
Costume Design

When you RP, you may have romance, but please keep in PG 13, and no clop. Thank you!

In the forums, will be rules, character sign ups and RPs. If you have a character sign up, put a reply in the forum and do not make a new thread. For roleplays, create a new one (new thread) or role play on a new one.

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So... you're okay with being banned for this group? k

362900 Look first of all, not my group. Second of all, Don't worry about it if your not joining:twilightsmile:

Joining what, your roleplaying group which is banned?

362898 Well are you joining this?

I don't think you understand. RP is banned completely, regardless of how many comments you have.

362861 We could just keep a low number of comments on the thread and once we reach that number we move the RP on a another thread.

Comment posted by Bad Dragon deleted May 31st, 2014
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