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There is no spoon.

My OC: Thunder Bolt

Name: Thunder Bolt

Age: 28

Race: Pegasus

Occupation: Wonderbolt

Mental Description: Does not talk a whole lot. He prefers to either have a one-on-one conversation with somepony, or simply be alone with his thoughts. Doesn't like conflict, but when crap hits the fan, he'll fight with the ferocity of a griffon. When he starts something, he finishes it. Always

Physical Description: Grey coat. Tall. Brown, wind-blown mane with natural yellow highlights on the sides. Brown tail with yellow stripe going down the center of it. Brown eyes.

Quirks: Doesn't like being told to do something he already knows to do. Whenever he's lost in his thoughts, and somepony asks him a question or tells him to do something, he'll have to ask what they said to hear it. Doesn't happen all the time, but it does happen

My Stories 'n' stuff


So... about Sunset Over The Wasteland... · 4:34am March 11th

I really have no idea if I really want to finish it. I promised myself that it wouldn't become another unfinished thing that had potential but ultimately flopped. I hate the thought of that. But on the other hand, it was based on a fleeting interest i had in Mad Max.

Plus, I'm not really sure if anyone would care if I finished it.

I dunno, I'm just asking myself that stuff since it's been almost a year since I last updated it.

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This what happens when I'm on MS Paint for too long.

Why yes, I am a Walking Dead fan!

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