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This group is still under construction, i apologize if lots of info is currently incomplete or messy.

Welcome to the group for the Wonderverse.

A non-canon mlp universe created and maintained by myself Calm Wind.

A world where ponies are capable of incredible things, specifically the Wonderbolts, whom I have tried to give great focus and personality. Come join us and follow your favorite ponies... with a little extra oomph in their lives. Living with enhanced natural abilities, and exploring romances both common and uncommon in the fandom.

By popular demand of my readers and followers. I am opening up my universe to those who have enjoyed my characters and wish to write fanworks with them.

See the forum posts for basic information on the workings of the universe and the characters within it.

If you wish to submit a fan work, BEFORE you write it, please run the idea by me first. i will accept nearly anything you show me, unless someone brings to me an idea or concept i've already planned to work on myself. Please put your works in the proper folders after submitted. (NSFW content is allowed to a certain extent. Again, run it by me first.)

Update on the submission process: PLEASE READ THIS!

I would also like to loosely discourage people from writing fanworks that take place after my current spot in the timeline. While i would enjoy them, i don't like shattering headcannons :twilightsheepish: So anything that happens before my current spot is fair game to be completely messed with or altered to your hearts content, let your ideas run wild :eeyup: To clarify: I'm NOT opposed to them, and will let them in, just be sure to make it clear they take place after to avoid people commenting about clashing events)

Just like i do with my fan art, i will post blogs featuring every story that gets submitted, so that all those who read my work can also enjoy the fanworks of my followers.

(The group is currently heavily unfinished. All info in the forums is in "draft" format just to get the information out there, i will be fixing it up and adding to it as time goes on.)

Have fun!

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HA as if im NOT going to join PFFT-

Say, what is the big difference between the normal Wonderverse & the EXPANDED UNIVERSE?

Well this looks like a fun group, I am happy I joined.

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This was the original concept:

but i was unaware there was no auto resize or that there was a required resolution. I tried shrinking it down but it looked so ugly :rainbowlaugh:

This idea, it intrigues me. It'll be interesting to see what forms from this.


You missed the first header I had up! :rainbowlaugh:

It was flattened distorted and mostly cut off. The one up now is the basic replacement until I can manage a better one

Enh, I've seen a lot worse headers. Will be sending in my two ideas through a PM sometime tomorrow afternoon.
EDIT: Also, what do you mean by "Stickied" in the forum rules? Is that the pin thingy or the lock thingy?

i guess i joined another group

You weren't joking on the header Sir Calm... I have a few story ideas... But my first week off is in July.

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