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Coco Candy

Hi, my name is Coco Candy! You may know my cousin, Discord... I heard he caused a bit of trouble here. Sorry about that.. actually no. Bwhahahahaha!!! I shall run this world in his place!

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  • Today
    Should I do something new?

    I was thinking, should I post a pony matchup of who would win every day?

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  • Wednesday
    My best friend is leaving me

    I’m so sad right now. My best friend and I live so close to each other that I can simply ride my bike to her house. But, in a few months, she is moving so far away that it takes 30 minutes to get there BY CAR. Imagine how long it would take on a bike! Not only that, she is moving schools. So, not only will she be able to come over whenever she wants, I won’t even see her at school! I guess the best thing I can do is spend as much time as I can with her. But I can’t help but get mad at her! She

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  • Monday
    This Fandom Is Confusing

    Now, I love the MLP fandom as much as anyone on this site but, I'm extremely confused. Now we all know (or at least most of us), there are two main Discord ships: Fluttercord (Fluttershy x Discord) and Dislestia (Celestia x Discord). There are others but these are the main two I see arguing which is better. Now, if we go back to Tirek's episode in season 4:

    1. When Twilight tells her friends that Discord is going to be catching Tirek, Fluttershy is the only one not surprised.

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  • Saturday
    Happy Hearts and Hooves Day!

    Sorry, i'm a bit late. anyway? How's everyone's day been? Mines great. I'm a single pringle and I sat around eating nothing but chocolate and Fun Dip my friends gave me.

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  • 1 week
    I need help. Again.

    Don't worry, I just need some help deciding a name for my oc:

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Should I do something new? · 5:58am 5 hours ago

I was thinking, should I post a pony matchup of who would win every day?

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17. (Don't worry, this is just how I show my appreciation for people. I would do this to everyone, trust me.)

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