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Ever feel out of place? Like no one understands you. Like your all alone? Wouldn't you like a friend? After all, this is Friendship is Magic. So, come on right over if you want to boost your social life, find new friends of course, or even get help with stories. this is where people meet up.

This is a group for finding a friend to talk with, check out stories, give advice, or just hang out.


1. Please be kind to everyone. No hating.

2. no inappropriate stuff/mature

3. Please put discussions in new forums/threads, and stories on friendship in correct folder.

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Just joined!

No problem! Always here to help!:twilightsmile:

okay, thanks so much you two! its a lot clearer now. I tried looking it up and google used words I don't understand XD


yeah, that would be a great idea

admin is the like where you are still a member, but also are in authority now. You can do more, but people also might look up to you as well

That's fine...any amount of help is appreciated:twilightsmile:

okay, thanks for the explanation! I suppose I could try.....I'm just not sure how much of a help I'd be :twilightsmile:

Well, an administrator is in charge of this group. We can choose who to ban and we make the rules. Since Lunestia is the founder, if any of the administrators misbehave, she can just delet the group or us with a few quick taps on the computer keys. Basically, we are leaders here and we can choose who gets to be a member, administrator, or contributer. If it's alright with Lunestia, you can be an administrator of Sky Harmony

um...........i'm sorry.......could you refresh my memory and tell me what an admin is? :twilightblush: this is my first social site, so......yeah. sorry.

I would love to be an administrator! Making friends is what I do!


Hello, and welcome to the group. hope you can both be admins

Hello everypony! I'm new to this group and to FiMfiction and to any social site in general.:twilightblush: I want to thank Lunestia Storyhart for suggesting this group and for being sweet and helpful!

Hi, Lunestia StoryHart! Thanks for inviting me here! How are you?

not even DISCORD Chat?

Right here on fimfiction. This is my only social media. Mlp related

where could u be found?

Hi wanna be my homie?

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