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Ever feel out of place? Like no one understands you. Like your all alone? Wouldn't you like a friend? After all, this is Friendship is Magic. So, come on right over if you want to boost your social life, find new friends of course, or even get help with stories.

No matter the struggle, we all know that having good friends can be the difference between making or breaking who we are.

This is where people meet up to get to know other people. This is where you are no longer lonely. This is a place to find friendships that last. This is a group for finding a friend to talk with, check out stories, give advice, or just hang out. Plus so much more.


1. Please be kind to everyone. No hating.

2. no inappropriate stuff/mature

3. Please put discussions in new forums/threads, and stories on friendship in correct folder.

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thanks, nice to hear!

Well, I would say that good:twilightsmile:.

heya! I'm Cedar, how are you!

Greetings, I'm CedarCreek, but you can call me Cedar, I'm quite new here, well i just found this today, i figured since im new here, i thought, i say hello and see how things work here! I've been a Author since 2018, and i been a Artist for longer. I hope to make new friends!!

Hello everyone, I hope you are well. I joined this group hoping to find someone to talk to, as sometimes I feel like I don't belong in this fandom:ajsleepy: ... although they surely are paranoia of mine ... PM me:twilightsmile:.

Hello there. I'm new and I never been good at introducing myself so all I'll say; I hope you are doing well and we can talk sometime. Feel free to message me anytime.

Um... hiya.

I actually helped another friend with a story on the site, and decided to do something similar myself. And, well... uh, I guess what I'm putting out is good, so far - so I hope to keep doing as I'm doing, and reach folks to entertain them. That's my ultimate goal, anyway - to entertain others.

And of course, have a little fun doing so. Because in my opinion, bringing a character to life, be it yours or someone else's, can be an absolute blast. We should all hope that every story is like that for everyone else, and look forward to the next person who finds enjoyment from our hard work.

Umm... yeah. I guess I, uh, s-said the thing.

If you wanna talk directly to me (even if for no good reason), feel free to PM me; I don't bite, and I'm (mostly) housetrained!

Just joined myself, though I don't know what I expect to find. Just hoping, really.

Just for the sake of openness, my only current story is mature but I will not be posting anything from it. That's not why I'm here.

I hope you all have a good day/night.

Howdy. I just joined. A little about me: I'm currently rewriting the entire series in my own version, adding my ocs, the ocs of a dear friend of mine, and changing adding my own twists to the series. And not only has this gotten to the point where not only is this fanon series all I think about, but I've created 105 Ocs for this series. 55 of which are Changelings.

My favorite MLP Species are in fact, Changelings.

And I talk and write as if I'm writing for a fandom of my own. I'm 19 about to be 20, and I have tons of imagination. And would love to talk about my ideas, if I can get over my social awkwardness in time.

I join I did

Just joined

Comment posted by Berseker deleted March 2nd

I have joined the group!

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