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I care deeply about Equestria; in my stories I help their world. So when your writing about all the villains coming to harm the Mane 6; remember this, they...are...defended.

Different Realities across the Adamverse.

Earth 1:

  • Infinity War
  • The Last Stone

Earth 4:

  • Order 66

Earth 9:

  • Noir Spiderman: a Van Helsing story

Earth 16:

  • Spiderman; Equestria's Hero,
  • Spiderman; EH season 2,
  • Spiderman; EH Rise of the Insidious Six
  • Cupcakes: Jason Lives
  • Spiderman Equestria's hero season 3

Earth 18:

  • Power Rangers Harmony Force

Side notes:

  1. Remember that the Adam on Earth 16 is from Earth 1.
  2. The Earths were a duo idea with me a SoundWave3456, so you'll see his stories here too.

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Pet Peeves. · 6:20pm May 19th

I assume it's an America phrase, and since I'm British, I wouldn't know. But the music video is one of the best I've ever seen.

Dude Perfect are the greatest youtubers ever. By the way, number one pet peeve is my brother putting ketchup on dinners it doesn't go with.

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Sorry, mate I didn't notice your comment, what's the thread?

Hey Adam. We got a thread we could use your input in.

Remember how I asked you if you can do more of the music scenes like you did with Give Them a Show?

I might be a bit late, but what can I do for you?

Hey Adam, got a second?

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