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I care deeply about Equestria; in my stories I help their world. So when your writing about all the villains coming to harm the Mane 6; remember this, they...are...defended.


Villain Medley · 5:01pm June 27th

A Medley of villains chosen by me, with music and sing from the Villain Medley video by Peter Hollens and Whitney Avalon.

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OMG · 6:37am April 14th

Heys guys, been a while.

Just thought I'd let you all know... I'm going for my first proper driving lesson today and I'm a little nervous.

Wish me some luck, I could really use it.

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Happy Halloween · 6:06pm Oct 31st, 2021

This year... didn't go as planned as I thought it would.

Considering the fact that it rained most of the time, and I had to stop early; it wasn't one of my best years. But I did get to scare a few people in my Jason Voorhees costume, and my mum let me keep what was left of the sweets.

And on the subject of good things; tomorrow when I get home from work, I'll upload the next Spiderman chapter. And next week, my friend, Merc_with_the_Mouth upload his Deadpool story.

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People, readers, and the rest of you..... · 6:58pm Sep 15th, 2021

I seem to be suffering a little bit of writers-block, and the stress from my new job isn't making it any easier.

So if it's alright, I'll be taking a little vacation. By which I mean, a long break from Fimfiction; I probably won't be back until after Halloween. Also, my friend Merc_with_the_Mouth will be joining me, so we can brainstorm ideas for his Deadpool story.

Before I go, I just want to say, you were all fantastic.... and do you know what, so was I.


Im moving · 9:50am Aug 4th, 2021

Hey guys.

Long story short, I'm moving house.

Meaning that I might not get any new chapters to you for the next few weeks. Hope you guys can understand and be patient.

Thanks guys.

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Some time off · 6:07pm Jul 5th, 2021

Dear people that have been reading my Spiderman stories.

Because of some stuf that's been happening IRL, I'm gonna need some time off the writing. The final chapter of turf wars with be out in two weeks.

Until then, make sure to like and follow me. See you soon.

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Pet Peeves. · 6:20pm May 19th, 2021

I assume it's an America phrase, and since I'm British, I wouldn't know. But the music video is one of the best I've ever seen.

Dude Perfect are the greatest youtubers ever. By the way, number one pet peeve is my brother putting ketchup on dinners it doesn't go with.


18 years old, woah. · 4:23am Apr 30th, 2021

Hey guys, it's my birthday. I'm 18 now, officially an adult.

You know what's weird, I didn't feel that long ago, I posted the blog about my 17th. But I suppose this last year will make you feel like that.

Since most things are still where I live, I can't go out with my friends or do anything special; but at least I have you guys.

Have a cool day, and my the magic be with.

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Spiderman Equestria's Hero: the musical · 12:08pm Feb 6th, 2021

Fluttershy was looking out her window, the night was peaceful, not a sound in the world. But all that changed when she saw Adam in his spider man suit; he was crawling along the wall in the darkness.

Fluttershy: You’re so hypnotizing

Could you be the devil?

Could you be an angel?

The spider-man turned around and noticed her watching him.

Different DNA

They don’t understand you

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Yippee!! · 10:00am Jan 14th, 2021

Maths and English, go eat your hearts out.

I finally passed my exams and got higher than my predicted grades.

Just putting it out there.

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