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I have been known to smack 'em.


The Avengers: Infinity War/Avengers 4 crossover, Infinity Era, is now posted!

Check it out!

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Somehow...I knew Bay would do this eventually.

You know you like it you perverted freaks.

Twilight's such a great teacher.

She wants upsies. You can't resist. You can try but... it's gonna happen.

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Me too!

And question: do you read Marvel comics online? Cuz I just read the new 2018 Thor comic and it was a great fresh start for the Thunder God, since this one too, he lost Mjolnir after the whole Mangog soiree with his girlfriend Jane Foster holding his title.

My body might not be ready for DD S3 XD

2645421 Very excited! :yay:

Season 3 is on the way!

Out of topic but, I think somebody should replace Roger Craig Smith as Captain America, to me his voice doesn't fit well with his patriotic abilities and his nativity, Disney just stupidly, poorly or randomly chose the wrong voices for the superheroes I mean come on, Iron Man, middle aged but sounding like a man in his 20s, so Adrian Pasdar is replaced with Wingert, I'm okay with Thor voiced by Willingham and Hulk by Fred, but come on, a patriotic supersoldier voiced by a Californian dude who voices a superfast hedgehog, that's way off, consider bringing Brian Bloom back to voice Steve, cuz his voice kinda fits his patriotism. As for Rocket though, I prefer Bradley Cooper's voice than Trevor's, who quite frankly was also an MLP cast member, cuz the Brooklyn accent kinda fits his character than a standard American accent by Devall, so he should change his voice to a Brooklyn one or bring back Seth Green (who voiced Howard the Duck with a Brooklyn accent) as his voice.

  • Viewing 1,128 - 1,132 of 1,132
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