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After an massive space battle, Banner finds himself in a colorful land. A land where he doesn't need to be angry. Will he finally find a world where he has no need for rage? Or is the Hulk's wrath absolute?

Hulk will be Hulk, but Banner will be a lot more relaxed and in control of his rage. For a while.

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Let the hulking begin.


Someone makes Flutttershy cry.


I really hope Bruce out eggheads Twilight that would be hilarious.

i just have to say this before it becomes to apparent..the hulk is not just a mindless monster he's actually as smart as banner and hates killing or even hurting the innocent. i'm just saying it now so i won't have to rage later lol. and in my opinion banner is a giant pansy lol

And now, we wait to see what sort of chaos will commence. Also, Scientific rap battle for Banner and Twilight!

Oh, god... it has begun once more. You have written another Marvel character in Equestria story. I love it.:heart:

Actually, this is the first Marvel character I've done. Captain Marvel is actually DC, but most call him Shazam..

2797192 :ajbemused:.................really. Do you even know who the Hulk is. Banner can build a deathray if he whated to. Can the Hulk do that. Everypony knows that the Hulk can talk but, just being able to talk doesn't make him super smart like Banner. The Hulk is like a child, he doesn't know what he's doing most of the time BUT, he knows what is right and what is wrong.

Yes, Oh My God Yes.... Waiting for another Hulk crossover since the one I was reading stopped updating, and by Onomonopia no less, made my day.

Hahah! Nice! Hulk in Equestria! Been waiting for one that is actually good!

I can't foresee any possible entities that can actually put up a fight against the Hulk other than Gyro. But Gyro is scrap metal now... Isn't he?

Hmm. I wonder... The two strongest beings in the galaxy, Hulk and Doomsday (or maybe Darkseid or Galactus?) facing off... Man, who knows how many planets that'll destroy.

Let's see how Bruce looks at magical talking horses and Equestria through that scientific point-of-view, eh? Hopefully he won't freak out and have the ponies meet a premature end by the Hulk.

2797491 my only response to your blind ignorance is go read world war hulk then come talk to me.:eeyup:

2797529 Is that canon to the movies or the comic?:rainbowhuh:

2797595 canon to comics but they made it an animated movie in the form of planet hulk which would be easier to find being you could find it on the Internets lol but it proves my point. while the hulk is an ass and very angry its a cold rage that allows him to do rational things. while in the movies he's a silent giant bent on smashing everything.:moustache:

Should be "a space battle," not "an space battle."

2797614 I have seen planet Hulk but, if you ask me, he didn't seem all that smart to me, just the same old Hulk. You said the Hulk was as smart as Banner, I'm not saying the Hulk isn't a little smart just not as smart as Banner. I hope you understand where I'm coming form and don't think badly of me. I'm just puting my 2 bits in on how I see the Hulk.:pinkiehappy:

"GGGRRRRAAAAAAHHHHH!" Hulk roared, tossing his robot advisory through any trees left standing.

I think you got autocorrected. The word you meant was adversary

Otherwise, I am hoping this is as awesome as it sounds coming out of the gates.
Keep it strong

Hey! I'm in this chapter!
Why am I a robot?

2797666 to get home he builds an spacecraft by himself where he then systematically beats the fudge out of all the super heros who betrayed him even out thinking reed Richards tony stark and hank pym. there is his intellect for you. but my point is he's not so stupid that he talks like "hulk smash, hulk eat hulk sleep" you know like he's a three year old or something he shares a mind with a genius. it tends to rub off.

Just so the both of you know, this Hulk will be the WWH version. Will he have all of his traits? No, at that time Hulk was at his angriest (according to the comic) while as here he's calmed down. So if you want to see what Hulk will be like, try looking up that story. One of my favs.

2797678 if he's based on that hulk why does he seem a bit deadened in his intellect i mean i don't expect him to be the smartest creature ever to live but still. maybe i'm being a bit harsh this early in but it annoys me when people just assume he's a big dumb monster.

2797441Oh. Still though, can't wait for you to continue this.

I agree with the statement about how he can act like a child, but he can also be smart when he wants to. My theory is that his rage, just like with humans, can cloud his mind and prevent him from thinking in a smart manner. And since he's often angry, he often doesn't think. Just my two cents on the matter.

2797691 while i can see that then why when he went back during WWH did he seem smarter then he's even been as well. i mean he had a plan he was very thorough and well prepared. thats my only point its your story so do what you want i'll still read it i just wanted to get my peeves out of the way early so i din't eat you alive later lol.

2797678 As long as it is the same Hulk that is green and smashes shit I'm good.(for the love of god no grey Hulk. please. for Pinkie :pinkiehappy:) Like I sad to the both of you as long as a HULK SMASH is in there I don't care how smart he is, ok?:pinkiesad2:


you know that last part of your comment has Pinkie Pie written all over it

2797678 World War Hulk version? So is this before it happen because I doubt the avengers would help him since he curb stomp every hero except for sentry. What im gathering here is your going to base it off that version, rather than the cannon version.

"Or any other alien race we've had to battle so far. Jarvis, how many ships left?" Tony asked his A.I.

"Only the megaship, sir. But that one seems to have a case of gamma trouble."

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: you don't say?:trollestia:

loved this. liked, faved and followed to see where you take this.

oh I hope Rainbow leaves her attitude at home for once, that could get messy

Is this a continuation of the story you have with Captain Marvel?

If this is the WWH version of the Not-So-Jolly Green Giant, will we possibly be seeing the Hulk go Worldbreaker in this fic?

2797192>>2797666>> 2797678I have to agree withTheLastKnownSin in that in recent years, the Hulk has been made into a more intelligent figure depending on the portrayal. IIRC, he disarmed some kind of advanced bomb(I think it was a nuke but I'm not sure), heaks in proper sentences(again , iirc) and had an understanding with Banner. It all depends on the incarnation of the Hulk.

Yes, the most popular(and best known) is the Angry, Green Giant who speaks like a caveman.

As for this story, O don't really care as long as Hulk doesn't immediately want Friendship with the "funny, little, purple horn-horse" and company.

Well, this is a good premise, although you have wuite a few errors in syntax as well as word usage. For instance, an artificial life form like you describe would be more likely to say 'This unit's' instead of 'Mine.' Also, Banner uses quite... ignorant (for lack of a better term) words in this story than he would normally, especially since he is a theoretical physicist. But I fill fav and continue to read, at least until this becomes better or worse. No thumb yet, though.

World Breaker, or Green Scar? and im just guessing it's green scar. but if so, he needs to be smarter than you're making him now. he wasn't bruce, but he was pretty damn smart when he ruled sakaar, and took down black bolt. would have to be, to defeat a being that is able to battle galactus. or restore a barren planet.

and you bet your ass he was angry. his wife, kingdom, and unborn son where incinerated in front of him! (FYI, his son survived. look up the series: 'Son of Hulk')

2798078 why thank you kind sir. lol

2797691 2797702 I think how Hulk is characterized right here is pretty good. It shows the Smashing Machine we all love, but it also shows his inner turmoil with his two halves, and his willingness to be a hero even with people like Iron Man who have betrayed him in the past. You're right, Hulk is smarter than most give him credit for, but his rage can cloud his judgement, but the Hulk can feel other emotions. Planet Hulk and WWH showed us that, and one of my favorite quotes is when he says
"Stupid humans, first they call you monster, then they come crying for help...And then they call you monster again." Deep thoughts for the big guy right there

Even when he's been betrayed and forsaken by his so called allies, he always comes through and does the right thing in the end, being a hero.

I can't wait to see how both Hulk and Banner come to terms with Equestria :pinkiehappy:

2797818 Actually he did Curb Stomp the Sentry. Both of them kept fighting until both their energies wore off and they fought as their human counterparts. And after that, the Sentry passed out and the Hulk returned not a minute later because of Rick Jones being stabbed by Miek.

Will any of the Hulk's other persona;s appear? Like Grey or Professor Hulk, maybe Joe Fixit (grey Hulk in buisness suit? I would like to see a battle in Banner's mind by the Hulks, like in the awesome animated series. Also, if i remember correctly, World War Hulk in the movies was able to speak in comprehensive sentences and use "I" instead of "Hulk" though I may be wrong, been awhile since I've seen it. Also, if you take the Ultimate Avengers into account, could you have the Hulk and Banner merge, with the Hulk having Banner's intelligence?

Finally someone is doing this shit right. Bout fucking time. Think I have read at least 3 shit hulk crossovers, that I never got past the 1st chapter because it was so bad.

I've been waiting for this :pinkiehappy: !!! I absolutely loved your other two superhero cross overs (especially the Dark Knight In Equestria one). After reading those two, you quickly became my favorite writer on this site. I'm looking forward to this :twilightsmile:

2798193 <------ This guy knows what he is talking about.:moustache:

All in all, he's green, he's angry, he smashes, he's the mother fucking Hulk bitch. FUCK YEAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:derpytongue2: I just don't know what went wrong.

Heck yes.

Now we need a Thor and Spiderman crossover.

I find it sad that this was featured.

No, there will only be green. And he says Hulk smash or Hulk tired because that's the Hulk I love. I could have him say I but when he says Hulk it feels more like Hulk to me.

Everypony, this right here.....LET'S ROCK!

Who's Next?! *Following!*

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