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In Equestria, everypony views heroes as stories for fillies and not to be taken seriously. However, in another reality, heroes do exist. When a dimensional transport portal goes awry, a certain vigilante finds himself in a colorful land full of ponies. And he isn't happy. Will Batman have to fight his way out of Equestria? Or can even the most dark hearts find peace?

Batman will be based off the arkham city batman universe with a few villians thrown in.
other heroes will be mentioned or have a minor role.


Please comment and/or critque

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read this later
*Batman beats my head for doing so.

well, that was... kind of unexpected, yet unsurprising... this story is not bad, thought, it's a bit rushed.

Upvoted just for

Looking quickly at the rest of his body, he realized he was a small horse.

"No," he muttered. "NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"


Love the idea just be sure not to go against batman's ethics or the flame war will cause the apocalypse

Disregarding other critique.
Twilight and her friends are essentially super powered heroes and 4 of them wore tights at one point.
Why are the guards trying to arrest Batman? He just saved a foal, also ponies are used to multiple other intelligent species. If it was a teenage dragon or actual giant bat that did that there wouldn't have been an issue.
Why is Batman bothering to fight a group of police who don't have guns or the means to follow him?

to answer your question the best i can, the book Spike was reading is meant for foals, essintially a kids story, so Twilight doesn't take it to seriously.
Second the guards were unsure with how to handle Batman so they went back on how they were trained and tried to subdue him.Batman in his early days battled police officers as well as criminals, because he could not afford to be captured. Also he's in a strange land with new creatures, and even though it's happened before, being chased by ponies in armor isn't exactly going to get on his good side.
Thanks for your input, he won't battle every pony he comes into contact with.

I thought Batman was turned into a horse?

God knows what kind of shit will go down once he gets to Ponyville, MOAR PLEASE! I meanif that's okay with you......eep:fluttershyouch:

I did that as a dream gag, had to put in b-man reaction.

well... they're fucked if they cant get his armor off

1529383 OHHHHH, but anyway keep it up! Huge fan of both Batman and MLP :pinkiehappy:

Really interesting fic so far.

Typical. Someone's a good samaritan and the cops try to arrest them.
Buck the Police.

The jokes on Celestia..... Batman/Bruce doesn't have any super powers so to speak aside from his detectiveness......

I think this is very good and all, but I think everyone is acting a bit violent. The guards immediately tried to attack batman, and the way batman retorted made him seem a bit evil.

"I was station at Manehatten. My partner and I were just finishing up our patrol when we heard another guard unit call for back-up.

add ed to station.

Thank god I thought you were taking it there.

I'm liking this. It could have used a little bit more work, but didn't fall into clich├ęs... yet.


Cliches? and what else needs work i'd like to know.

1542559 Yeah I notice that in a lot of stories the Ponies are automatically aggressive to anything that is not a Pony am I right?

since when was there magic in batman?


Since Morgain Le Fay started causing trouble. (Justice League.)

don't take this seriously, i have the games soo.. don't mind me I'll be putting these game over quotes.

Morgan: Ponies and Bats.. hah you're all the same, weak and pathetic.
Morgan: Don't worry Batman, i make sure the demons make it quick for them.
Trixie: Come on, come all. The Great and Powerful Trixie has slain the Bat creature!
Trixie: Nothing can stop Trixie in having her Revenge! You are next, Twilight Sparkle!!

Celestia: *trots over the camera/batman* is this all you can do? *starts walking away* I'm disappointed..


I like it. But who says the any of those three could beat Batman?

1557448 true, but hey i seen the game over scenes myself.. cause when i'm bored i let batman die :3

CMC batman Sidekicks YAY

Morgan: the great batman falls, now.. this world and any will bow down before me. Mwahahahahaahaa!!
Morgan: its not like to be sleeping on the job.. *smiles then evil chuckle* enjoy your meal boys.. *a few demon appears*

Oh sweet lord yes, a thousand times yes.

You captured Bruce's feelings perfectly here man, Had me teary eyed at one point. Amazing chapter this story is absolutely fantastic!

Cant wait for the next update :twilightsmile:

This story gets Spikes badass seal of approval ------> :moustache:


Thanks. Batman has a history of helping orphaned children, so I figured why not orphaned ponies as well. :scootangel:


Keeeeeep going.......... :scootangel:

Ohoho moar please muthafucka!

well... the bat glare beat the stare, that's quite an achievement

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