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Nopony in Particular

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640206 The clevererererest.

640185So you set ME up for that! How cleverererer of you!

640160 Set myself up? Rather, I was hoping you'd have something entertaining with which to jump on that invitation!

And that sounds quite suitably badass. Not sure if I can top that.

You set yourself up for that.

There is this one Halo fanfic I read called "The Enemy of My Enemy". It takes during the Great Schism out in the Outer Colonies. The Covenant Separatist end up fighting along side the humans against the Loyalist. There is this pair of bond-brothers who serve the Elite commander as his honor guard. This little girl takes a liking to them and calls them Jib and Jub. 'Jib' and 'Jub' take a liking to her.

Later in the story, she nearly gets killed by some Brutes and starts shrieking. The Brutes, who had stealth gear(including noise amplification) were stunned. The M'galekgolo managed to hear her and left their commander's side to go save her and the other children. Cue Dynamic Entry!

640108 They'll show up eventually. In a...how you say...smashing fashion.

  • Viewing 48 - 52 of 52
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