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Story With a Friend · 6:53am Sep 23rd, 2013

So a friend and I are thinking up a story. Well, he's thought it all up. I'm just his writer. Anyway, point is, I'm actually doing something for once. And this thing is gonna be massive(if it ever gets done). Like, Fallout Equestria massive. And I just wanted to show you guys the little prologue/prelude thing I have written. (It's supposed to be skimpy on description and names, I wanted everyone to remain anonymous for plot reasons.) Just tell me what y'all think.

The air up that high was cold. Icy and frigid. But he didn’t really mind it. Steam rolled off his fur and left his mouth with every breath, a small trail being formed behind him in the air. Shakily he flew through the air, dropping and gaining altitude constantly. A surprise updraft caused him to spin wildly out of control, but he righted himself after a few seconds. Shaking his head and coughing a little fire, he continuing to fly in the direction he was heading.

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