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So I'm guessing five is most likely, six is a stretch but not impossible, and anything after seven is out?

For the record, the CMC were apparently intended to be seven in the original concept. I read somewhere that someone said they're nine in Crusaders of the Lost Mark, but that's just what I've heard...

Puppy's age is never really stated, early five is a possible age, but the truth is that she is younger than the CMCs in the show. On the other hoof, we are talking about a cartoon character, so it would be more correct to say that she is a pre-schooler cartoon kid.

Just out of curiosity, how old is Puppysmiles? We get a brief mention of "When I was five" in Chapter 1 but that's about it. Also, does she have a birthday?

Can I have Puppysmiles show up in my story? It's called "Fallout: Equestria - The Happy Moon Chronicles." I have permission from Kkat to use Littlepip, and I have permission from Somber to use Blackjack, so can I please use Puppysmiles?

  • Viewing 65 - 69 of 69
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