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2431503 it's been 5 years... the content is mostly Hasbro and Bethesda propriety, i don't think i'll complain but thank you for letting me know about this sad guy. I mostly pity him

You've probably been told this already....

but https://www.wattpad.com/user/MetaphorLayer <-- this guy is stealing your story. He's on wattpad claiming to be the author. He's also stolen a LOT of other stories. I was trying to report it for copyright, but one of the stipulations is that I am either the original owner of the copyright, or am acting on your behalf with authorisation. and as its a legal claim and under penalty of perjury... well I ain't gonna do that. But you can. And you probably should this guy is scum for doing this.

2337714 nothing special, just lurking in the fandom and chilling

2241270 So what do plan to do now?:rainbowhuh:

Where can I buy a psyiscal copy of Fallout Equestria Pink Eyes please?

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