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Still not dead! · 3:51pm May 5th, 2014

I just haven't been finding the time to write as much as i would want, but i am devoting more time to it now and hopefully there should be something maybe by the end of this month? The infamous chapter 15 is going to probably the longest I've ever written to date full of all sorts of emotional stuff and whatnot so I'm taking my time with it and also gotta make sure everything meshes with all the subplots going in the background. So thank you all for your patience I know it's not easy and i have

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Dude you need to continue gathering darkness

Hey Aeron just wanted to so I am loving Gathering Darkness and can't wait till chapter 15

Ooh, a zebra fic? Nice! Not a lot of stories detailing the zebras, sadly. Which is why my own story takes place in the zebra capital.

I think I'm-a read yours, so's I can see what it's about.:pinkiehappy:

Yep just been busy. Also summer makes me lazy. :twilightblush:

Dude, you alive?

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