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I've written a few FoE fics, mostly to please myself and others and to practice my craft as a writer. Now for 4th-wall breaking. "Greetings! I am Delvius, chronicler of Roam and friend to Goldwreath."

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Honest report on the state of my stories and this account · 3:53pm July 29th

Hello, everyone! It's been far too long, and I apologize. Real life has a way of taking up your time, and to be honest this account has gone neglected. It and the stories within it. I'll admit, for a few years now I've had a reduced urge to write -- mostly because I had other things to write about. I should have informed you all sooner, but even approaching this account made me tense. I was afraid of what to say, or if anyone would care.

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1900955 Excellent! May our enemies cower before our radiance and glory!

Ah, but in all seriousness, that's nice to hear. :twilightsmile: Having common interests with others is always nice. And thanks for the follow.

I like Rome.:heart:

1552175 Did you really mention a good Japanese death with out plugging this song?

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