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Engineered, to a degree! · 4:53pm Jul 8th, 2014

Hi again, everyone!

University for me is finally over! I graduated Friday before last from the University of Cambridge with a Master's in Manufacturing Engineering, and wow, was that ever an experience. Kind of hard to believe that I was fretting over my first year exams when I joined this fandom! Now to find a job...

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Just wanna say I love your work!

Just found this and have to say I love the Deus Ex: Equine Revolution story. I hope that it will be continued.

Glad to hear you're gainfully employed again.

Heya Melon Hunter! Just figured I'd stop by and say hi. I love your work. ^_^

Love your Deux Ex story

1745857 Yes, it's still in the works! Unfortunately, I had a long period of job-hunting that really killed my motivation to write any fiction, but rest assured that I'm getting back in the swing of things now I'm gainfully employed! Thanks for your comment in the meanwhile.

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