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Mild Insanity Aside.... · 2:13am May 30th, 2012

What I've got in the works:

A Luna/Fluttershy shipfic. Yep. LuShy. - Dreaming of Paradise

Brainstorming a Fallout: Equestria Side Fic - Old Dog, New Tricks

All while listening to:


EDIT: Actually, scratch that shipping. I really need to think things through...

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Thank you for both the watch and the favorite on Address Unknown! I appreciate your interest very much and hope I can keep you coming back for more! :twilightsmile: :pinkiehappy:

Thanks so much for the fav! :pinkiehappy:

I realize you've been here for a while, but have a welcome anyways!

Welcome welcome welcome! A fine welcome to you!
Welcome welcome welcome! I say, how do you do?
Welcome welcome welcome to a choice you won't regret!
Welcome welcome welcome to FIMFiction.net!
Thanks for following me! :yay:It means a lot to me and I hope my stories continue to entertain you in some way. :twilightsmile:

Thank you very much for Faving my story The Shipping Games, knowing somepony is enjoying my story enough to click that Fav button really helps keep me going. :twilightsmile:

Thank you for the Fave of Shine!:twilightsmile:

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