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EQD failed us. · 11:47am Aug 14th, 2012

So we wont be featured on EQD. While this saddens us greatly, we will continue the story. The hardest part was that the pre-reader enjoyed it, and still failed us. Well, if anything all this means is that everyone who subscribes will have to spread this story word of mouth. We will not let this little set back deter us from making the greatest story of Brony kind. We will make EQD wish they did pass us.

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First of all, thank you for answering and for offering your help. If you accept the "job" you'd be working as a pre-reader pointing things out before the chapter is published, which means you get to read them before everyone else!

Next chapter should be up in about 2 weeks, right after, if you choose to do so, you point out the small mistakes in it.

If you have an Skype account please add me, I go by the name of Shadowher1202.

Again thanks you for reading and offering help, have a nice day.


98844 :derpytongue2: Yup! Only I have a question. Do I look over the chapters posted or will I be a pre-reader and point out things in advance? Also, when will the next chapter be out!? I love Dinky! She is one of my favourite characters. (Apart from her mom, of course.) :derpytongue2:

73109 Oh gee I'm sorry for taking so long to answer! None of us had noticed the post, again I'm very sorry.

Anyway, are you still up for it? Cause we don't have one and we would really apreciate it. If you can't we'd understand so there is no pressure. Thank you for going through our comment and for leaving a comment. Looking forward to your reply.


Hi! I noticed you posted a request for an editor on the Looking For Editors group. FlowerGirl3765, at your service! :twilightsmile:

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