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Happy Hearth's Warming! · 3:34am Dec 26th, 2017

Wow, it certainly hasn't felt like a year since my last public blog. I'm still here, although I'm unable to put forth as much energy to do much these days. Regardless, happy Hearth's Warming, everypony!

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Hes not dead, just not writing, Sadly

is this guy dead or what havent uploadet sins 2016?

Hope to see you online soon. Gonna be Christmas in two weeks or so, and I figure, if there's ever a time to come back, it'll be then. Gotta enter with style, yeah?

Hey Kiro! Been a long time since I commented on your fics! I've not gotten around to finished Forgiveness Pending yet, and a friend just reminded me I had to! I'll get to it soon, hope to see you back here sooner!

I have no idea who you are, but I hope you're doing okay.

  • Viewing 198 - 202 of 202
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