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I sometimes write for fun, but mostly I have a reputation on YouTube for Fanfiction readings and I am working on making a career out of voice acting.


Little Choices is now Officialy Longer than Little Glimpses · 4:00am Saturday

This is pleasing to me. it tells me that my ability to tell lengthy stories is getting better. :D

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Stories that I have written.

Stories which I have done Readings of on my YouTube Channel

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Ja, Herr.


I would prefer it if you kept your comments about my YT vids to the vids themselves. Nobody except me is really going to understand what you're talking about when you post those comments here.

Well, let me think about that for a moment.


Yes, actually, but I feel that its more fun talking to you this way:rainbowderp:

Also, I think I did comment on it.

I'm not being rude, just having a bit of fun with a friend.:twilightsmile:

Did you ever consider making your comments about my YouTube videos ON my youtube videos? Y'know, just a thought.

Sadly I can't be that one pony that could make your life a little more easier.

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