Oh yeah, I have a Discord Server. · 6:36am Oct 5th, 2018

So, I have a Discord Server. You can click this text to see it if you would like.

It is mostly for people to keep track of and discuss my fanfiction readings, but a lot of totally unrelated discussions happen there all the time, too. Feel free to hop in and chat.

The author of the Change Series, Tom117z is a member of the server as well. :P

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So, as one fine commenter pointed out, there was a plot-hole in the most recent chapter of Little Memories - namely, Rainbow's wing being busted. I forgot about that detail, and so just spent the last little while adjusting the chapter to fix up that mistake.

If you have read the chapter, and Rainbow flew up to check their position in it, go back and re-read it. Details have changed so that the plot hole is filled.

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Other Stories that I have written.

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That means I mean to check it out at some point. My curiosity bin is basically a 'read it later' box with email notifications.

Thanks for adding Fluttershy's Foal to your 'Curiosity Bin'. I hope that's a good thing! :rainbowlaugh:

Thanks for adding my story to Curiosity Bin. :twistnerd:

Mr tone how was your day

I love the Little Flashes series. The relation ships with Rainbows Dash and Princess Celestia are truly emotional. The relationship with Rainbow Dash ant Twilight Sparkle, from there first meeting, the beginning of their friendship, being sibling figures, to their temporary fallout, to their romantic relationship is absolutely amazing. It's sad that their's a pause in the romance, but it's totally understandable. It'll be great if she gets her memories again, so here's hoping. The relationship wire Rainbow Dash and Princess Luna is really wonderful. Rainbow Dash's character arc throughout the series is brilliant and her life is a roller coaster ride of emotional amazement. I love Rainbow Dash and I love TwiDash/Rainbow Sparkle fits. Anyway keep up the good work. P.S. If you have time, can you help me with on how to insert an image that is next to my username like an image of Rainbow Dash or her wearing reading glasses I would appreciate it very much. Please and thank you.

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