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Oh yeah, I have a Discord Server. · 6:36am October 5th

So, I have a Discord Server. You can click this text to see it if you would like.

It is mostly for people to keep track of and discuss my fanfiction readings, but a lot of totally unrelated discussions happen there all the time, too. Feel free to hop in and chat.

The author of the Change Series, Tom117z is a member of the server as well. :P

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One-shots which I have done Readings of on my YouTube Channel

Multi-Chapter Stories I Have Done Readings Of


Untitled · 7:58am Yesterday

Other Stories that I have written.

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Oh boy!

Who knows what other unusual mishaps may come around when translating back into English with Google Translate. You have my permission. Go for it.

Greetings. My name is Accurate Balance. I am the guy who converted Twilight into the Princess of Evil Spirits and used transparent to describe the holes in changelings' hooves. [Insert sad pony's bitter smile]

The translation of Change written by tom117z is going to be completed before October 7th. As for the next translation, I hope to have the permission of translating Little Glimpses and its sequel(s) written by you.

Please reply soon.

Your faithful follower and reader,
Accurate Balance

I'd be interested to hear more, that's for sure.

Well, Amulet isn't done yet by a long ways, but my daughter and I have spoken about doing voices for the comic. (She is making a fantastic comic of the whole thing): Tillie-TMB. Someday down the line we'll need voice actors...

Readings are my job. :D

I haven't actually read it yet. 'The Curiosity Bin' is essentially just a read-it-later box with a fancy icon and email notifications turned on.

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