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Oh yeah, I have a Discord Server. · 6:36am Oct 5th, 2018

So, I have a Discord Server. You can click this text to see it if you would like.

It is mostly for people to keep track of and discuss my fanfiction readings, but a lot of totally unrelated discussions happen there all the time, too. Feel free to hop in and chat.

The author of the Change Series, Tom117z is a member of the server as well. :P

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One-shots which I have done Readings of on my YouTube Channel

Multi-Chapter Stories I Have Done Readings Of


For those of you interested in Worldbuilding · 9:40pm May 18th

So, for anyone who is interested in fantasy worldbuilding, I wrote up and then recorded a lore video discussing a fantasy setting that I have been building up and working on for some time, now. The lore is being explored from the perspective of a character who lives in said world.

I plan to do more of these in the future.

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Other Stories that I have written.

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The overwhelming majority of my stories are utterly standalone.

'The Bugs in Strange Places' series, which was started with Bug in The Herd, are all stand-alone stories as well that simply share a common theme. You don't have to read them in any particular order.

The Little Flashes series begins with Little Glimpses and is its own beast entirely, utterly unconnected to any of my other works.

Scarlet is a single standalone story with a canceled sequel.

The Idiocyverse is a series of stupid-as-hell crackfics and has no coherence to it whatsoever. There is no starting point for those. It's just madness.

There is no interconnected 'extended universe' for my stories. There may be vague references or allusions, but outside of my longer series, that's about it.

Can someone please put in order the skijarama extended universe. All I've read so far is "Abug in the herd" and the April fools chapter at the end seems to be a window into the rest of the interconnected universe this author has created, but it gives absolutely no hint as to a jumping-on point, or even if there is one. Even just skimming the descriptions of all the different stories leaves me vastly overwhelmed, even if it's easy to tell which ones are one shots and which ones are series, it's not a cohesive enough picture for me to figure out where to fucking start.
Pls help

Might as well be, aye.

Is the deadly dance of shadows cancelled?

I was wondering have you ever heard of a author called Lucar on this site if you haven't you might want to check his stuff out especially if you want to branch out into other franchises since the stories he has written tend to be crossover's. (Sweetie's Dreamland: Where after interrupting an experiment of Twilight Sweetie Belle accidentally gets teleported into dreamland right above Dedede's cake shortly after he lost to Kirby the first time. Takes place from nightmare in dreamland all the way to star allies.)
(Apple Bloom's mansion 1 to 4: Where Apple Bloom goes trough a similar journey as Luigi with some differences like the first mansion is real and she has to avoid her brainwashed friends while cleaning it and another thing is that compared to the spirit of death Tanatos King Boo is a saint. Ps there is an Apple Bloom's mansion 3.5 consist of the preparation Apple Bloom did before the assault on Thanatos's castle in Apple Bloom's mansion 4 the castle of death.)
(The Phantom Filly: After classic Eggman's defeat in Sonic Mania the phantom ruby opened a wormhole and dropped him in Equestria where he was found by Scootaloo who grabbed the phantom ruby while he was unconscious and when Eggman woke up he demanded her to return it but from the way he was talking Scootaloo understood that he was a bad guy and ran only to run into a tree when she was looking back and ended up swallowing the ruby.)

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