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“Hey, Rainbow?”


“Are we gay?”


Written on a whim after a weird dream and a bout of insomnia. I am not sorry.

Now with a reading.

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They are friends and they are happy. A nice neat fiction.

Applejack groaned in frustration before driving her hoof into Rainbow’s belly.

Didn't this happen in Smile HD

God I loved this so much. So cute. This ship has so much fun chemistry, and you did really well with it.

Simple, cute and gay. Kudos.

Mpony1 #6 · Jun 3rd, 2022 · · 2 ·

Are we gay?

With that said. Yes, yes you are!

This is kinda gay ngl


Drinking game: take a shot every time someone in the comments says "gay" :rainbowlaugh:

I'm not even close to being old enough to drink :rainbowlaugh:

I'll take "unusual suicide methods" for a thousand, Alex!

They are so gay, good for them.

Are we sure they're not just European?

Hmm, I’d say results are inconclusive

Applejack is way too Southerner for that to be plausible. Just look at her hat!

with a sound reminiscent of sexually confused potatoes.

Best. Metaphor. Ever.

That was a cute story, thanks for sharing it.

This is gay as shit.

Good job!

This comment section makes me smile.

This story was as gay as it was awkward, and I loved every word of it. Also, we must add "darned rainbow peacock" and "sexually confused potatoes" to our lexicons at once!

I like it. also, just to get it over with: why are you gae?

I don´t like appledash, but this is funny, nice job.

appledash is as canon as hasbro will allow them to make it. In case you're wondering, yes two single women with seemingly no romantic relationships that entire time living together is mad sus

mission accomplished

You have to be 18 to post on this site

“Hey, Rainbow?”
“Are we gay?”

My first thought:

I said I didn't like it, I didn't say they weren't canon. Since at this point we already know that they are 100% lesbians

If they didn't make an romantic development, nor explicitly say so, they aren't.

This seems pretty gay, I think

So then it's not cannon. Nothing confirmed

Still not cannon lol

am I not allowed to laugh at someone anymore?

If you're laughing at how that ship is not cannon sure



Okay, guys. Stop blowing up my inbox with this chain.

I'm just pointing and laughing at the guy that thinks the worst ship is cannon lol

Meanwhile, the chicken:


Just gonna say, really glad they left this ambiguous in the show.

On the one hand I don't have a problem with gay characters, provided it's handle well and they don't treat it like the biggest thing in the world. Though frankly AJ and Rarity always made more sense to me.

That being said I do have a few major problems with the idea of these two. The first is that they are the two tomboys of the group, effectively playing into the stereotype that if a girl acts masculine then odds are they are likely gay in some capacity, even though that's obviously not the case. Women can like or act more masculine and still be straight. The second problem is that...well the story already pointed it out. Oh so it's the Rainbow Haired, Sports fanatic that turns out to be gay out of the six of them. I mean seriously, that's just I mean I don't think I need to explain why that's a problem or atleast cliche.

Most importantly the biggest issue I have beyond that is simply it seems to suggest two individuals can't have a close relationship and yet it be completely platonic. I frankly like the idea these two have a fun rivalry with each other and are otherwise really close friends who are comfortable around each other but that's how far it goes. People can be really close without romance being involved.

Regardless I don't have an issue with this story, it's simple and harmless, just figured I'd throw my two cents on this. You wanna argue with me, atleast keep it simple and don't downvote me just out of spite. Let's be mature about this.

I don't know, go talk with your girlfriend Rarity, AJ.

It is the most mature comment I have read on this subject and I agree 100% with what you say, I also like that it remains ambiguous (Although I would like to know your opinion regarding what was said in the Gameloft game).

It may be that the G5 finally confirm what happened to all the characters including RD and AJ, they may tell us if they are a couple or not, although my opinion is better left to the opinion of the audience.

Ever heard of the country known as the United States?

Since I made it the fuck up

Well... if you go to the main page, at the bottom there is a big RTA with the words "Restricted to adults" under it.

It's not always there, but there you go

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