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This story is a sequel to Little Consequences

When Twilight Sparkle woke up from a coma, she had amnesia and was unable to remember anything save for her name. She couldn't even recall Rainbow Dash, who was the first pony to welcome her back to the world. While upset by Twilight's inability to remember her, Rainbow Dash made an oath; to help Twilight move on from her shattered past and look forward to the future, and make the most of their situation.

Now back in Ponyville, and with the knowledge that they were once very close, Twilight is trusting Rainbow Dash to be her guide as they begin their life in Ponyville anew. The road won't be easy, but with friends like this, what does Twilight have to fear?

Edited by Chromio.

Cover art is by Novaintellus. Go and show them some love.

Beware spoilers in the comments!

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And a new story begins. Can't wait to see how Twilight navigates her life with no memories. Wonder how Shining Armor and her parents will react?

Considering this is called the amnesia arc, I'm guessing Twilight's not getting any memories back until..... I'm estimating Chapter 20-25. Even then, I feel like it's only going to be one or two memories, and not the whole kit and kaboodle. It'll be really interesting to see this new Twilight be developed. How much of her character before is simply ingrained into her and what parts of her only exist because of her experiences?

Amnesia's not the easiest thing to handle in fiction (looking at you, Captain Marvel), but if anyone can do it, you can. Here's to another great entry into this amazing series.


So excited it's finally here. Rainbow's got a really long road ahead as she tries to help Twilight without overwhelming her. Too bad everything about this story is pain, though, including the description. "They were close, once" just hurts after everything they went through last story.


You are having way too much fun with this

Very little I can say beyond really good start on this story. Love the detail that went into Twilight's nightmare. Certainly a bittersweet situation to have to get to know your closest friends all over again. Still, the exchange between Twilight and Rainbow as Spike was getting breakfast ready was great, as was Twilight's reflections on Rainbow and Spike's descriptions of some of her favorite things. Anyway, really good job on the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up in all the right places.

As is already pointed out in the previous reviews, amnesia is not an easy thing to handle correctly in fiction and, indeed, Rainbow and Twilight have a really long, really hard road ahead of them. But, glass half-full, they WILL eventually get close AGAIN. It will just take a while. A LONG while.

Countdown to TwiDash Part 2 begins NOW.

Good start, looking forward to more. I wonder how her friendship with Starlight specifically will develop from here on too.

Starlight's not gonna be in this story. She's off on a personal mission of self-re-evaluation and reconnection with Sunburst.

How often is gonna be updates? :twilightblush:

Well, I already have the next three chapters written and ready to go. Once I finish the current plot arc I'm working on in Little Fragments I can devote a lot more time to this, and I will alternate between this story and The Bug in The Basement.

And so the next arc begins....
While Twilight has managed to recover physically, mentally her mind is fragmented. Memories of past events flit away, like dragonflies over a lake. Only time shall tell if she will fully regain her memories.... but she's lucky to have Rainbow by her side to guide her every step of the way...

In other words, she's in a spinoff fic.

Well good luck to Rainbow rekindling her romance then.

You ever read something- even just a sentence or two- and think hey, that could be a good story?

When Twilight Sparkle woke up from a coma, she had amnesia and was unable to remember anything save for her own name.

I read this and thought of a good premise for one. What if, during Twilight's fight with Starlight, one of the times, the unicorn blasts her out of the air before she can be returned to an alternate future? Maybe Spike gets sucked in while Twilight plummets to the ground, so when Twilight wakes up, still in the past, she's all alone save the ponies who'd inadvertently help her. Now, throw in the amnesia from hitting her head, and just imagine the chaos and confusion on all sides when some random alicorn falls from the sky.
It could be an interesting story as Celestia puzzles over a new alicorn she's never met and the amnesiac Twilight is trying to piece together her memory.


Hmmm...yeah, makes sense that Ponyville's residents would be a little confused to see Twilight coming back with wings. And I'm starting to get worried that Twilight is going to try and force things.

You and me both....
But hopefully they can keep her from doing that

REALLY good job on this next chapter. Loved Twi's reaction to Spike's breakfast, further thoughts on Rainbow and re-introduction to her and Rainbow's friends. I especially liked Pinkie's reaction to Twilight's comment concerning the laws of physics and how quickly Spike cut Twilight off when she was about to spill the beans concerning his insultingly obvious crush on Rarity. Definitely good ways to work in some appropriate humor while still keeping the tone appropriately emotional.

So, yeah, really good job on the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up.


A perfect nightmare for Twilight.

Books she can't reach and books with nothing in them.
Even excluding the symbolism Twilight would freak out.

Pinkie's opening lines. :rainbowlaugh:

And we slowly start inching along.

Should be interesting to see how Twilight takes everything. I'm worried that everyone's expectations of who she was before is going to lead her to want to leave in order to separate her new self from her old self.

However, her scenes with Rainbow are definitely an indicator that she still regards RD and Spike with fondness. THey're likely going to be her main confidants through this entire process.

Again though, Rarity's line is a huge indicator that A LOT of ponies will need to get used to the fact that Twilight is essentially a completely different mare than when she first arrived in Ponyville. It's going to be a long road ahead.

I'm crossing my fingers for Twi to get at least PART of her memory back.... but considering SKi's track record with ripping our hearts out, I don't know if that's the case.

Will Twi still experience Flashes like she did before?

But Rainbow Dash was anything but regal, from what Twilight had seen. For one thing, she was just a pegasus. She spoke casually and with a healthy dose of snark and sarcasm; she carried herself with an air of relaxation instead of authority. When around her, Twilight didn’t feel the need to be respectful or careful like she had with the other princesses. She just felt… calm.

This is honestly the most hopeful paragraph in the entire story thus far. Twilight IS in there somewhere, and it seems her relationship with Dash was such an integral part of her that she still feels a connection with her despite losing her memories.

Very good so far, looking forward to more.

“Sure I can!” she shot back. “It’s not my fault you all can’t understa- oh, woah!” she suddenly stopped mid-sentence to let out an exclamation of surprise. Her ears flopped down over her eyes, her eyes fluttered, and one of her knee’s twitched erratically as if someone had stuck it with a cattle prod. She looked down at herself, then back up at everypony else with a smile. “I think they’re here.”

This doesn’t work, sorry to say. The Pinkie Sense warns Pinkie Pie of potential threats to herself. Other ponies might get caught up in the fallout, but if Pinkie isn’t in danger the warning won’t sound. Otherwise she’d always be twitching in some manner.

Edit: A lot of commenters have pointed out instances I honestly should have remembered that both disprove what I said about danger, and call into question in many ways the validity of my proximity argument. I got way ahead of myself, sorry.

Twilight frowned at that, her eyes falling from the beautiful scenery. “That’s good, I suppose… but I can’t remember most of my spells. Just levitation…” she said with a certain melancholy in her tone.

Well, that explains why she almost never uses any spells post-alicornification.

Are you seriously trying to apply any form of logic or consistency to Pinkie Pie?

Also, your statement immediately falls flat because one, the combo of an alligator in the rub isn't a threat to anyone, herself included because Gummy is not a threat. She also had the twitchy tail in the tent when pretending to be a fortune teller, but the falling potted plant didn't just materialize out of thin air, it did so over Twilight's head exclusively. Ergo, not a threat to Pinkie, just a localized event.

Not related to this chapter, but I wonder if Discord is gonna appear again :rainbowderp:

Twilight stayed rooted in place for a few moments, watching the others go on ahead. She quickly recovered, shook her head and trotted to catch up. And all the while, she was absolutely transfixed by Pinkie Pie’s mane. “How do you function? I must know…” she whispered under her breath, determined to solve this mystery... someday.

Coming Soon: Feeling Pinkie Keen 2: The Sequel.

Probably not for a while - if at all. By the time Twilight regains enough of her memories to use the Elements again, the Plunder Vines will probably strike and she and the others will have to give up the Elements to save the Tree of Harmony. Meaning that Discord would STILL be a statue when Tirek's escape becomes known to the Princesses.

Loved how most of the rest of the Mane Six showed Twilight around some of their favorite spots and shared some of the stories of their past experiences. And, yeah, Rainbow's mentioning Twilight's probable abilities as an alicorn was a wonderful touch. Yes, Twilight admitting the only spell she remembers is levitation is a great point, but Rainbow ALSO had a point in that Twilight can regain the memories of most of the spells off enough reading.

So, yeah, really good job on the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up in all the right places.

I love it when Rainbow and Twi share a scene together.

“Yeah, it was just a bad dream. I’m okay.”

It's only PTSD, no biggie...

Your memories will come back sooner or later, I’m sure,”

I'm guessing 'later'.


“You don’t give up, that’s for sure,” Rainbow pointed out before nudging Twilight in the ribs with her elbow. “When you’re determined, you go for it…” her expression turned a touch more solemn. “And… you made sure I didn’t give up, either.”

Twilight paused and looked at Rainbow curiously. The look in the pegasus’ face and the tone of her voice were forlorn as if she wasn’t proud of what she was remembering. Before she could press the matter, though, Applejack’s voice cut through the air.

Yeah.....I think I know what Rainbow's thinking about here. The contract with Sombra, and her meltdown after telling everyone...that was a rough part in Consequences....

Rainbow blinked in surprise, then frowned. “Oh, right,” she gave a nod and looked around a little anxiously. “Uh… well… huh,” her brow furrowed and she shrugged her shoulders helplessly. “I don’t really have a favorite place in Ponyville. It’s more like…” she lifted her eyes skyward, then turned to Twilight.

Any place with Twilight there would be Rainbow's favorite, I guess. Back in Choices, it was Twilight's presence that was the most comforting to her, no matter what physical location they were at.

Well, I just thought, "Hay, maybe Tone's got some April Fool's stories," and looked for it. See what I have found instead!

Unconditioned upvote and being put into my 'Absolutely Awesome' bookshelf immediately.

Great Chapter Looking Fourword to more, But I do wonder, with Twilight being an Alicorn, and her parents not visiting her, does that mean they dont know she is now Royalty?

She isn't royalty. She was turned into an alicorn to save her life, but she has not been coronated as a princess. That won't happen for a good long time yet, if at all.

Twilight’s brow furrowed in confusion. “Changelings…?”

I doubt Twilight was saying it any louder than Rarity earlier how come they looked at them then?

Sooo.... Are the elements of harmony not an option of returning her memories, because she might still be connected to them despite dying


Kinda surprised Twilight didn't stop to question Rainbow about her first coma. Though I suppose that'll come in time with the explanation of the flashes they used to have.

REALLY good work on this latest chapter. The exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up in all the right places. Yeah, I really like how Twilight is liking making new memories, even if she hasn't regained her old ones. I also liked how Twilight reacted to Rainbow's quick-notes version of the stuff that happened to them (REALLY good detail to be fair, but it IS extremely hard to explain almost a decade worth of memories in a single day). As well as Spike explaining further details of his and Twilight's relationship. All in all, a really busy day with quite a few more most likely on the way. And, yeah, I AM going to be looking forward to Twilight (re-)meeting her parents.

I am VERY much going to be looking forward to the next chapter of this arc.

This time, the word count of chapter titles is increasing with a notable pace. I wonder whether this is another metaphor or a change in title names?

No, I'm just experimenting with longer chapters in this story.

My bad.

This time, the word count of chapter titles is increasing with a notable faster pace.

Yeah, I also abandoned the old chapter title naming convention from the last few stories. As clever as it might have been, it became a nightmare to manage with later chapters. I remember having to abandon a few cool chapter names in Consequences because they had the wrong number of words.

Oh! Yep, it is difficult to manage. I am struggling to come up with a proper translation for the chapter names.

“I never got to tell them that I loved them one more time. Or thank them for taking care of me, or for being my parents. There were so many things that, looking back, I wish I had told them while I had the chance…” her voice grew a bit more despondent, and she gave a low sigh. She then let off a humorless chuckle and shook her head. “But before I knew it, it was too late. They were gone…”

You’ve done it, you’ve got tears from me, congrats!

Just checked, and this is your second story to get the honour of being in my ‘made me tear up at some point’ bookshelf. The other one was Glimpses.

Oh? Which scene in that one got you?

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