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Confound these ponies. They drive me to write.

Coming Next:

Human Nature - Act III: Visiting Hours

Their Very Own Suns - Chapter 16 - Soul of a Crestfallen Knight

In Other News:

Actual footage of me writing the next chapter of my stories! I'm sure it'll come to me... eventually.

I'm officially addicted to energy drinks, and I swear I can see sounds now told coffee is healthier for me, but now I'm just tired and have a funny aftertaste in my mouth.

"Hey, Blank, what's taking so long with the next chapter? Why do you keep disappearing?" Me:

Coming Eventually

The Patchwork Pony - [Adventure] [Tragedy] [Drama]

  • Given the gift of life and newfound freedom, a patchwork doll will go to the ends of Equestria to find her long-lost owner.

When You Wish Upon a Star - [Slice of Life] [Drama] [Alternate Universe]

  • A young filly gets more than she wished for when she prays upon a star for a friend.

All a Mere Bad Dream [M] - [Dark] [Horror] [Adventure] [Crossover]

  • [Bloodborne]
  • Searching for a rogue fragment of the Tantabus, Princess Luna finds herself in a dream of an unfamiliar land.

Morning Glory - [Dark] [Horror] [Tragedy]

  • A horrible infection spreads across Meadow Grove, and its citizens seek the truth. Fear the night.

Bucket List

[ ] Finish a story of each type

[ ] Adventure
[ ] Human
[ ] Alternate Universe
[ ] Dark
[✔] Comedy
[ ] Tragedy
[ ] Romance (God help me)
[✔] Crossover
[ ] Random
[ ] Slice of Life
[ ] Science Fiction
[ ] Thriller
[ ] Mystery
[ ] Horror
[ ] Drama
[ ] Sad
[ ] Anthology

[ ] Finish a multi-chapter story

[ ] Write a story series

[✔] Reach 100 likes on a story

[✔] Reach 1000 likes on a story

[✔] Reach 100 followers

[ ] Write a story with a fully original cast

[ ] Don't let the existential dread set in



Their Very Own Suns: Next Chapter Update · 12:26am Aug 30th, 2022

Hey there, Sunbros! It sure has been a long time, about... Let me see here... yeesh, over two years?

Kudos to those of you who have stuck around. I left the story off at a major cliffhanger, and I can't apologize enough for leaving you all hanging :twilightsheepish: I've had it happen to me, and I'm all too familiar with how much it sucks.

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Hey when do you think The next Chapter From Human Nature come out ??🤔

Oh thank God and you for bringing back the story,Their own suns it deserves a proper ending so thank you

Absolutely! My last couple blog posts go more into detail about it, but I've been making good progress on it since I "came back from the dead". Thank you for checking :raritywink:

Awesome stories my guy but I have to ask are you going to continue there very own suns

Well fuck he been gone for years

Can’t wait to see you back. Well I mean I can wait I just look forward to seeing more to your story. Good luck with life my friend!

Ahhhhhh that makes sense lets hope he's okay and that he comes back soon.

  • Viewing 137 - 146 of 146
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