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Confound these ponies. They drive me to write.

Coming Next:

Human Nature - Act II: Spellbreaker

Their Very Own Suns - Chapter 14 - Phantoms of the Past

In Other News:

Need any help with Dark Souls or just want to play? Just click on the homeward bone to be teleported to the bonfire on my Discord server, Our Very Own Suns. I'm always down for some Jolly Cooperation.
Praise on, Sunbros! \ [T]'/

I always did hate rewriting stuff.

I'm slowly getting officially addicted to energy drinks, and I swear I can see sounds now

Coming Eventually

The Patchwork Pony - [Adventure] [Tragedy] [Drama]

  • Given the gift of life and newfound freedom, a patchwork doll will go to the ends of Equestria to find her long-lost owner.

When You Wish Upon a Star - [Slice of Life] [Drama] [Alternate Universe]

  • A young filly gets more than she wished for when she prays upon a star for a friend.

Andante's Inferno - [Mystery] [Adventure] [Dark]

  • A stallion braves the depths of Hades to uncover the mystery of his own death and searches for a way back.

Morning Glory - [Dark] [Horror] [Tragedy]

  • A horrible infection spreads across Meadow Grove, and its citizens seek the truth. Fear the night.

Ex Ponies - [Crossover] [Adventure] [Dark]

  • Heroes and villains defend Maretropolis from a deadly infection sweeping Equestria.
  • [Crossover with theme of Ex Heroes]

Bucket List

[ ] Finish a story of each type

[ ] Adventure
[ ] Human
[ ] Alternate Universe
[ ] Dark
[✔] Comedy
[ ] Tragedy
[ ] Romance (God help me)
[ ] 2nd Person
[✔] Crossover
[ ] Random
[ ] Slice of Life
[ ] Science Fiction
[ ] Thriller
[ ] Mystery
[ ] Horror
[ ] Drama
[ ] Sad
[ ] Anthology

[ ] Finish a multi-chapter story

[ ] Write a story series

[✔] Reach 100 likes on a story

[✔] Reach 1000 likes on a story

[✔] Reach 100 followers

[ ] Write a story involving taboo cliches

[ ] Alicorn OC/Protagonist
[ ] (Update as I remember them)

[ ] Don't let the existential dread set in



10,000 YEARS- will give you such a crick in the neck! · 5:31pm Sep 27th, 2019

Starting to feel like a one-trick pony here, but with said trick being coming back to life every now and then, is it really so bad? :twilightblush:

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Also to everyone new here this man does come back to his stories. He has to take time to do life stuff which is much more important than writing because if you life is not stable how will you have any time to write? So instead of being rude and impatient how about you be kind and understanding? Just wait and be understanding because writing is not easy and takes a lot of time to do and get right. So give him or her time.

Where’d you go, I miss your stories

Haha, no problem. Your cover also attracted my attention.

Hey, no problem! And thank you for the follow :twilightsmile:
I know what they say about judging books by their covers, but the artwork for it really grabbed my attention. Looks good so far; can't wait to get to the rest of it!

Thanks for taking a liking to Flame of Disparity! I hope the remainder of it pleases!

Yeah, it gives me a good smile every time I log on :twilightsmile:

I just realized Lyra’s using magic to give herself hands:rainbowlaugh:

Use them well. I hope you enjoy them :rainbowlaugh:
Thanks for the follow, too!

  • Viewing 127 - 136 of 136
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