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Confound these ponies. They drive me to write.

Coming Next:

Human Nature - Act II: Party Foul
Side Chapter: Pony Paradigms

Their Very Own Suns - Chapter 11 - Calamitous Dragon

In Other News:

I always did hate rewriting stuff.

I'm slowly getting officially addicted to energy drinks, and I swear I can see sounds now

Too jolly for my own good

Coming Eventually

The Patchwork Pony - [Adventure] [Tragedy] [Drama]

  • Given the gift of life and newfound freedom, a patchwork doll will go to the ends of Equestria to find her long-lost owner.

When You Wish Upon a Star - [Slice of Life] [Drama] [Alternate Universe]

  • A young filly gets more than she wished for when she prays upon a star for a friend.

Andante's Inferno - [Mystery] [Adventure] [Dark]

  • A stallion braves the depths of Hades to uncover the mystery of his own death and searches for a way back.

Morning Glory - [Dark] [Horror] [Tragedy]

  • A horrible infection spreads across Meadow Grove, and its citizens seek the truth. Fear the night.

Schizo - [Human] [Alternate Universe] [Mystery]

  • I swear, I'm not crazy. These voices... they're real. Something's coming; something horrible. And I fear I'm part of it.

Bucket List

[ ] Finish a story of each type

[ ] Adventure
[ ] Human
[ ] Alternate Universe
[ ] Dark
[✔] Comedy
[ ] Tragedy
[ ] Romance (God help me)
[ ] 2nd Person
[✔] Crossover
[ ] Random
[ ] Slice of Life
[ ] Science Fiction
[ ] Thriller
[ ] Mystery
[ ] Horror
[ ] Drama
[ ] Sad

[ ] Finish a multi-chapter story

[ ] Write a story series

[✔] Reach 100 likes on a story

[✔] Reach 1000 likes on a story

[✔] Reach 100 followers

[ ] Write a story involving taboo cliches

[ ] Alicorn OC/Protagonist
[ ] (Update as I remember them)

[ ] Don't let the existential dread set in



The Part Where I Apologize Again · 2:26am Sep 25th, 2018

Oh man, I wonder when the last time I logged in was-- July 22nd

Actual footage of me coming back from the dead for the third time.

Well, it looks like I may have accidentally slipped off the face of the earth again... But I'm back! That's all that matters, right? :twilightsheepish:

Guys? Wh-What're you doing with those pitchforks?

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Well, that does sound tricky. I'm not sure if I'm the best person to help with that, but if you really want my two cents on this, go ahead and send me a private message so we can hash out what you have.

It really depends on what you need help with :twilightblush:
What do you need?

Yeah... I've noticed, but it's good to see you still alive.

Sorry, I've been very... distracted. Going to be a while before I can respond to things. Lost a lot of motivation, but I'm still here, kinda

  • Viewing 219 - 223 of 223
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