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Confound these ponies. They drive me to write.

Coming Next:

Human Nature - Act II: Whose Bite is Worse Than His Bark

Their Very Own Suns - Chapter 11 - Calamitous Dragon

In Other News:

I always did hate rewriting stuff.

I'm slowly getting officially addicted to energy drinks, and I swear I can see sounds now

Too jolly for my own good

Coming Eventually

The Patchwork Pony - [Adventure] [Tragedy] [Drama]

  • Given the gift of life and newfound freedom, a patchwork doll will go to the ends of Equestria to find her long-lost owner.

When You Wish Upon a Star - [Slice of Life] [Drama] [Alternate Universe]

  • A young filly gets more than she wished for when she prays upon a star for a friend.

Andante's Inferno - [Mystery] [Adventure] [Dark]

  • A stallion braves the depths of Hades to uncover the mystery of his own death and searches for a way back.

Morning Glory - [Dark] [Horror] [Tragedy]

  • A horrible infection spreads across Meadow Grove, and its citizens seek the truth. Fear the night.

Ex Ponies - [Crossover] [Adventure] [Dark]

  • Heroes and villains defend Maretropolis from a deadly infection sweeping Equestria.
  • [Crossover with theme of Ex Heroes]

Bucket List

[ ] Finish a story of each type

[ ] Adventure
[ ] Human
[ ] Alternate Universe
[ ] Dark
[✔] Comedy
[ ] Tragedy
[ ] Romance (God help me)
[ ] 2nd Person
[✔] Crossover
[ ] Random
[ ] Slice of Life
[ ] Science Fiction
[ ] Thriller
[ ] Mystery
[ ] Horror
[ ] Drama
[ ] Sad

[ ] Finish a multi-chapter story

[ ] Write a story series

[✔] Reach 100 likes on a story

[✔] Reach 1000 likes on a story

[✔] Reach 100 followers

[ ] Write a story involving taboo cliches

[ ] Alicorn OC/Protagonist
[ ] (Update as I remember them)

[ ] Don't let the existential dread set in



10,000 YEARS- will give you such a crick in the neck! · 5:31pm September 27th

Starting to feel like a one-trick pony here, but with said trick being coming back to life every now and then, is it really so bad? :twilightblush:

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Hey, glad to be back! :twilightsmile:

Yooo, you ain't dead! :pinkiegasp:

Good to see ya back.

Hey there, twin!

Holy shit, you will not believe how hard it was to crawl back from there.

Only on the inside, my guy :ajsmug:
jk, I'm fine, don't take that seriously

Are you Dead? :pinkiesad2:

I know that you've not been on for a LONG time, but I love your page.
Maude and Havel ... awesome.
So much Dark Souls!

  • Viewing 121 - 125 of 125
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